Peacock Home Décor Painting Simphome com

Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. The reason is because they have pretty color combination which is very rare. That might also be the reason why people love to use peacock home décor inside their house. With this home accessory you can make your house more luxurious and elegant like the peacock itself. Surely you want to have this kind of atmosphere inside your own house. If you do then you should try to use several home decorations which inspired by peacock to beautify your house. Here are some things that you need to use.
Peacock Home Décor Inspiration to Create Glamorous Interior

1. Color

First thing that you must do if you want to use the peacock theme is to use peacock color scheme inside your room. That is because you need to have the perfect background for your peacock items so it could blend perfectly with its surrounding. The colors that you can use are peacock blues, turquoise green, purple, gold, and many other. You can apply one of the colors in your wall as the background, there are a lot of paint color brand who create peacock paint color scheme so you could easily choose one color to be used in any room that you want.

2. Fabric

Now to decorate your room, you can try to use several fabrics with peacock pattern. There are a lot of fabrics peacock home décor that you can use such as window treatment with peacock feather pattern, peacock bedding set with peacock image printed on it, peacock pillows, and of course peacock tapestry with very beautiful peacock image. You can use several items and put them all over the house so all of the rooms inside your house will represent the peacock elegance in the entire house.

3. Stained glass

If you want peacock home décor that can decorate both your interior and exterior at the same time, then you might want to use several peacock stained glasses all around the house. Try to use the glasses on the window near your garden so you will get peacock image with your garden background which will surely add the beauty of it. And if you have some glass doors inside your house, you can also use the stained glass to make your house structure more pretty.

4. Painting

To be able to get the full image of peacock or the peacock feature, then having a peacock painting or two is a must. The painting can be the center view of your room so people will notice right away that you are using peacock home décor as your house accessories and theme. That is why you must spread all of those peacock paintings all over the house as a statement and of course as decoration to make your home more beautiful. The painting could be in any size that you want, so if the room is small then you can opt for smaller peacock picture instead.

5. Furniture and accessories

To complete your house design, the important thing that you need to use in several furniture and accessories which shows the peacock design. There is a lot of peacock inspired furniture that you could find out there. Most of the time, they are ordinary furniture that painted with peacock blue color. But if you are lucky enough you will also able to find furniture with the real peacock image printed on the surface like this vintage chair.

Finding peacock inspired home accessories might be easier as the accessories are spread everywhere around the house. From small vase set which you can use in different rooms, to the cute bathroom set with peacock crafting. You can also found some mirrors or candle holder with peacock inspired shape as your peacock home décor.
Tips in Using Peacock Inspired Items inside Your House
You might be able a lot of peacock home décor to be used inside your house, however you should not use too much peacock items at once since it might be making the room too crowded. Use the items in moderate then for the other accessories you can use items that has peacock color scheme to complement your peacock items. By mix and match it with ordinary items that has peacock color you actually have make the peacock items more beautiful. That way when people lay their eyes over the items they will feel the surprise in finding that peacock item inside your room.
Designing your house with peacock as inspiration will really make your interior looks unique and appealing. The reason is because peacock itself is very gorgeous bird which very rare and beautiful to be seen. This is what we want to achieve by using peacock home décor inside your house so your home would be more gorgeous and beautiful to the eyes.