• How to Turn Plain Ikea Curtains Into White Columns of gorgeousness simphome featured

    How to Turn Plain IKEA Curtains Into White Columns of Gorgeousness

    My draperies looked like shower curtains. At least, that is what I thought. Until I decided I want to make this new change. Two months ago, I decided I would try purchasing ready-made drapes to replace the existing patterned fabric I had hanging in my living room. I wanted something […] More

  • How to make a mail center from Kvissle magazine rack via simphome featured

    DIY Projects: How to make a mail center from Kvissle magazine rack

    A little while ago I started a segment about containing our paper clutter. Avoiding piles of paper is one of the biggest challenges for me so I am determined to tackle it! Last time, I spoke about how I organize our receipts. Now, I’m tackling our mail. Shaun and I […] More

  • A WINDOW SEAT MADE FROM IKEA STOLMEN via Simphome 1 featured

    How to Build A Window Seat Made FROM IKEA STOLMEN

    Here’s a quick update on one of the projects we’ve recently completed in our California Cottage. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to have–definitely a must on my dream house list–a window seat! Before I tell you all about how we DIYed this window seat using components of the Ikea […] More

  • 10 Room Makeover Ideas for Cheap via simphome featured

    10 Room Makeover Ideas for Cheap

    When you think your home is getting bleak and boring, it means you need to overhaul it as soon as possible. Boring décor can lead to a bad mood which is not good for you and your family. However, freshening up the look of your home entails a lot of […] More

  • 20 Easy Interior Design Ideas for Small Apartments via simphome featured

    20 Easy Interior Design Ideas for Small Apartments

    Small apartments deserve the respect that any other interior design project would warrant, but many individuals don’t know where to begin the process. There are many different ways to go about improving upon the interior of your small apartment, but only a few of them are going to feel “perfect”. […] More

  • 10 Cheap Bedroom Design Ideas via simphome featured

    10 Cheap Bedroom Design Ideas

    If you can’t get enough sleep and begin to feel bored, you may need to refurbish your bedroom to maintain the positive vibes as soon as possible. However, a lot of makeover ideas entail much money which doesn’t suit you well. If you are going to overhaul your bedroom, hold […] More

  • 10 Home Decor Furniture Ideas for Anyone Living in A Small Space via simphome featured

    10 Home Decor Furniture Ideas for Anyone Living in A Small Space

    Some people have no choice but to live in a small apartment as it is more affordable than a bigger one. As a result, they have to put up with the limited space, which can be dismaying somehow. Don’t see small space as a big trouble. For creative people like […] More

  • 30 Cheap And Brilliant Dollar Store decor via simphomefeatured

    75 Cheap Dollar Store Decor ideas

    Many people don’t realize that sometimes they spend much money for small things that actually they can get it for free. 30+ tips below inform you about how to make things simpler and functional so you don’t have to spend money to make it more applicable. In the same time, […] More

  • 10 DIY Project Home Decorations via simphome featured

    30 DIY Project Home Decorations

    Speaking about DIY projects for home decoration, there should be plenty of them on the internet. However, these 10 DIY project home decorations are the chosen ones from many sources that you can try by yourself without concerning the cost. So, here are DIY projects that will make your house […] More

  • 31 Easy IKEA hacks for your Kid’s room via simphome

    31 Easy IKEA hacks for your Kid’s room

    Are you one of those people who can make anything? Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to spend weekends replacing your kitchen, building your own Olympic size swimming pool, or perhaps adding an entire wing to your house. You’re a person who can read blueprints, operate power tools, […] More

  • Wall decor for boring walls by simphome featured

    10 Wall Decor Ideas for Boring Walls

    If you think the interior of your home is a little bit mundane, maybe it’s time for you to transform the blank wall into a fabulous thing. I am not talking about repainting it. Well, it can add a nuance to the interior, though. But there are many wall décor […] More

  • Bedroom design ideas for kids by simphome featured

    10 Bedroom Design Ideas for Kids

    For some kids, sleeping by themselves in their own personal bedroom can be scary. They soak in their frightening imagination because their bedroom is not appealing to them. You can help them feel more comfortable by overhauling it. Don’t worry! I came up with 10 spectacular bedroom design ideas for […] More

  • how to build garden.simphome.com

    25 Ways How To Build Brilliant Garden Containers

    There are endless ways when it comes to choosing what to use as a garden container, as long as there is drainage and space for the soil. Although it may sound easier, buying cute planters from the store can cost you big bucks. Look around the house for things that […] More

  • clever closet system via simphome thumb

    10 Clever Closet Systems You Should At least Try Once

    How many times do you reorganize your closet in a month due to its messy look? If you’ve done it for countless time, it means you need to fix your closet system soon. Fixing your closet system is crucial because it can help you keep your clothes organized for a […] More

  • Fleur de lis home decor ideas by simphome featured

    Fleur De Lis Home Décor for Luxury House

    As the symbol of royalty, fleur de lis is considered as luxury home décor. That is why if you want to make your house appear more luxurious then you should use several fleur de lis home décor inside your home. Furthermore there are a lot of items which made using […] More

  • 10 Creative and Cheap Spice Storage and 5 from Recycled Stuff via simphome thumbnail

    10 Creative and Cheap Spice Storage and 5 from Recycled Stuff

    Everyone longs for an easy access to everything when cooking not to mention thing as simple as reaching for spices and herbs. Of course, you can always choose the easiest way and run to IKEA to buy a rack. But why should you when you can make one on your […] More

  • 10 Bedroom Organization Ideas to Boost Your Mood via simphome

    10 Bedroom Organization Ideas to Boost Your Mood

    Bedroom is the first and last place you see in a day. Therefore, it is important to make it feel as comfortable as possible so it can boost your mood. To infuse the positive vibes, the first thing you need to tackle is the messy look. Dispose the clutter and […] More

  • decor ideas from kids toys via simphome featured

    25 Decor Ideas from Kids’ unused toys

    You will be surprised by how fun it is to re-purpose your abandoned kid’s stuff. So if you have unused toys or if your kids have grown up, you should know that re-purposing the leftovers is as fun as playing with them. Read some great toy re-purposing ideas below to […] More

  • Clothes Organizers You Need to Know via simphome thumb

    10 Clothes Organizing ideas You Need to Know

    Being stylish entails having a wide array of outfits for your OOTD – Outfit of The Day. It means you’re going to need a bigger closet to store all your clothes. But what if you only have a small one? You’re going to cram your clothes in it, aren’t you? […] More

  • Small bedroom decor ideas Simphome com

    30 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    Comfort and convenience can rarely be enjoyed in a cramped space, so if you have a small bedroom, you know that you need to use your ingenuity and creativity to eliminate the claustrophobic atmosphere of your bedroom, to efficiently make use of the limited space, and to establish real comfort, […] More

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