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    Top 10 Tricks to Give Your Old Furniture New Makeover

    There are tricks to give your old furniture a fresh look that worth the try. Most of them are not too difficult to be done by inexperienced people as well. Let’s try to keep in mind that the idea of mixing vintage or retro look with modern pattern is in trend right now. The following […] More

  • art resign review via simphome

    ArtResin Buying Guides: What and Where to Look, What to Avoid

    If you are planning to buy this particular resin brand, you may not find informational ArtResin buying guides out there. Maybe people are too busy layering their artwork that they forget to tell the others how to buy it and to avoid fake products. Anyway, these are important guides you can use if this is […] More

  • Creative Ways to Store Your Coffee Mugs

    22 Creative Ways to Store Your Coffee Mugs

    Next, I am going to share you more than dozen ideas how to store your coffee mugs. Below is only the transcript. If you want to learn more about video I made since around 2015, visit my youtube channel. Let’s begin the countdown. 1. A-shape mug display – Instead of hiding your mugs in a […] More

  • simphome Minimalist Home Design Ideas for Simple Living

    Minimalist Home Design Ideas for Simple Living

    When it comes on minimalist home design the number one characteristic is the ‘less is more’ motto. You can also see it on the style that the design tends to use simple things but still appears beautiful to see. If you like this kind of style, then you can try to use minimalist theme to […] More

  • simphome Energy Efficient Home Design Ideas to Save More Energy

    Energy Efficient Home Design Ideas to Save More Energy

    Nowadays government suggest everyone to make their house to be more energy efficient, especially for those who just build a new house since you can design it fully energy efficient. For you who already have a house, you can also try to redesign the house to be more energy efficient by changing a few things […] More

  • MODERN Home design simphome com

    Modern Home Design Ideas for More Functional House

    A lot of house are build in modern contemporary style, and for you who has this kind of house then you should try to use modern home design ideas for your interior design. This modern design will make your house look trendy and stylish thus it will be more suitable to support your lifestyle. A […] More

  • Simphome Home Design Furniture Idea to Match Interior Style

    Home Design Furniture Idea to Match Interior Style

    Every house surely needs to use furniture, but you should use only furniture that could match the style of your interior decoration. There is a lot of interior decoration with specific home design furniture that should be used. But for now we will discuss only the most popular one that follows the current interior design […] More

  • simphome Home Design Game to Satisfy Your Inner Interior Design

    Home Design Game to Satisfy Your Inner Interior Design

    Designing a home is a fun thing to do especially when you can create your dream house even if it is only in virtual world. For you who want to satisfy your inner interior designer self, then you should try play some home design game. As you know the fun when designing a house is […] More

  • simphome online home design tutorial thumb

    Design a Home Online Step by Step Guide

    Everyone wants to get their hand into designing a house, especially when it is their own house that they always dreamed of. If you one of them, then you might want to try design a home online. By using online software it will be easier for you to design your own house since the application […] More

  • simphome exterior home design

    Exterior Home Design Ideas for Detailed Appearance

    Of course everyone wants to make their interior home design as perfect as possible, but you should remember that exterior home design is also as important as your interior design. Everything starts in your exterior appearance so if the exterior design looks bad then people will think that the interior would be as bad as […] More

  • simphome design home online

    Design Home Online General Guide to Create Dream House

    All people have their own dream house, and some of you might want to try and design your own home as best as it could be. For professional it will be easy to do but for you who do not have advance ability like professional designer you can always design home online. To do it, […] More

  • simphome small home office design

    Small Home Office Design Ideas for Limited Space

    A lot of you want to have a home office no matter how small the size is. That is because you want to be able to do some of the work that you bring home comfortably. But the problem is when you have small size house with limited space; will you still be able to […] More

  • modern home design plan

    Modern Home Design Plans and Creation Guide

    A lot of people now using modern home design plans since it can be used for any kind of location and easier to be built. And since it is mostly mixed with contemporary style, it will always follow the current trend so you would not find it outdated. If you need some help to design […] More

  • simphome theatre design

    Home Theatre Design Step by Step

    Before you start to make media room inside your house, you need to know more about home theatre design and how to build them. There are many things to considerate and think of before you can really build your private theater. You want to build a great home theater that not only you can enjoy […] More

  • simphome theater room

    Home Theater Design Ideas for Your Dream Media Room

    Having a private theater in your house is like a dream come true since not everyone can have it. Of course you also need to make your home theater look perfect by using great design that you love. Here are some home theater design ideas that you can use to decorate your private media room […] More

  • simphome How to Design a Home with Good Preparation and Plan

    How to Design a Home with Good Preparation and Plan

    Everyone surely have a dream house, some of you even try to learn how to design a home to make your dream come true. Of course you cannot build your own house since you need a professional to do it. Still you need to prepare some things before even going to get help from the […] More

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