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  • bath bathroom bathtub Simphome com

    10 Bathroom Sink Ideas that Will Fix Your Mood When You Stress

    Have you ever thought that your bathroom is the most precious room in your house? You don’t sleep here. You don’t welcome your guests here, either. But what would you do if you didn’t have a bathroom? As you can see, your bathroom is not a petty room. Therefore, refurbishing it to improve its look […] More

  • limited space bedroom floris jan roelof huiskamp unsplash Simphome

    10 Bedroom Design Ideas for Limited Space

    A small bedroom isn’t something that you can squawk about. Even some people prefer to have one as a small bedroom tends to be cozy and serene. So, you should be grateful for that. If you think limited space just boxes you in, think again! There are lots of things you can do with your […] More

  • colorful bedroom simphome com

    10 Bedroom Colors and Makeover Ideas Under $10k

    Bedroom is everyone’s favorite place to do various kinds of things like chatting, studying, practicing the guitar, and – of course – sleeping. The best thing of a bedroom is you can personalize it to your style freely without worrying about what people may think or feel about it. The one that needs to be […] More

  • apartment bathroom comfortable apartment simphome com

    10 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Generation Z and 100-Year-Old Folks

    Your house is supposed to be an embodiment of your personality and what you are into. Therefore, decorating your entire rooms to fit your style should be a norm, including your bathroom. Anyway, finding suitable small bathroom remodel ideas that satisfy everyone are not always entertaining, especially if your family members are from various different […] More

  • Bathroom tile Simphome com

    10 Bathroom Tile Ideas that Won’t Turn Your Floor Dull

    How many times do you take a shower in a day? Once? Twice? One thing for sure, you do it regularly, even every day. And it means you have to see the same bathroom again and again. Don’t you feel cheesed off with it? When you think this chore is getting tedious, you can try […] More

  • Tub Spa Flowers Bathtub Interior Towels Bathroom Simphome com

    10 Bathroom Makeover Ideas for People with Limited Space

    As a place where you refresh yourself, your bathroom deserves special attentions. But you might be wondering what you can do with a small bathroom. You can’t expand or rebuild it. It’s hard to find big enough storage for it, in fact, sometime, the more storage solutions you give, the more clutter you’ll get. Focus […] More

  • bathroom makeover simphome com

    10 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas Worth Trying for Every Homeowner

    Most of the time, it will be much easier to remodel a small bathroom than construct a new one to upgrade the design. In addition, remodeling a bathroom does not have to be complicated and cause you to spend a lot of money. There are some bathroom remodel ideas that will help a homeowner to […] More

  • 10 Built In Cabinets and Bookshelves Simphome com

    10 Creative but Cheap Custom Cabinet Ideas

    Although you could find tons of various cabinets in home-improvement stores easily, finding one that suit your style, fit your bill, and will upgrade your space is not that easy. And if you have been hunting for the most splendid cabinets for your kitchen or living room but haven’t found one yet, you’ve come to […] More

  • 1 Modern White Kitchen Island Simphome com

    10 Cheap DIY Kitchen Island Ideas for Low Budget People

    A kitchen island provides storage and display. Even better, it can also be a dining table where you can tuck away your morning toast and orange juice for breakfast. Unfortunately, some stylish kitchen island available in home-improvement stores can cost an arm and a leg, leaving you DIY works as your only option. In this […] More

  • Kitchen cabinet ideas Simphome com

    10 Cheap DIY Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

    You should already have that moment when you are in a hurry in the morning, but you still have to prepare your kids’ breakfast. It’s hectic, and worse, when a cereal box you need already abandoned their post without leaving you any notification first. You’re not alone. I am here because I want to help […] More

  • Kitchen remodel ideas Simphome com

    10 DIY Kitchen Remodel Ideas for People with Limited Kitchen Space

    People live in a limited space for some reasons. And, more than thousands of them have to deal with a small kitchen every day. If you are one of them, whatever the reason is, don’t let small space prevent you from working comfortably in your kitchen. If you think your kitchen is getting boring and […] More

  • becca tapert kitchen update unsplash

    10 Simple Kitchen Organization and Upgrade ideas

    If I had to list three most hectic and stressful spots at home, one of them would be a kitchen. Are you with me? It’s tiring and stressful sometime when responsibilities wake us up in the morning and force us racing against the time, to prepare breakfast, before office hour starts counting down. Worse when […] More

  • Simphome com coffee table apartment chemex modern small kitchen

    10 Modern Small Kitchen Makeover ideas

    A kitchen tends to have high traffic flow especially when two cooks like you and your husband are working together. A lot of space is required for a perfect traffic flow. And, when your kitchen happens to be small, you’re going to need to tap into all available space in order to avoid the traffic […] More

  • DIY Wall mounted Simphome com

    10 Creative DIY Wall-Mounted Ideas

    Living room is the real hub of activity in a home. It’s also a place where your guests linger over a conversation and a cup of tea. Therefore, it should be comfortable and even engaging, right? But how? There we go! I’ve packed 10 creative DIY wall-mounted ideas of my favorite for your living room. […] More

  • 10 Creative DIY projects that will Revamp your Shoe Storage via simphome featured

    10 Creative DIY projects that will Revamp your Shoe Storage

    Sneakers, high heels, boots, and flat shoes are scattered around the entryway and mudroom. And they are increasing, creating a veritable mountain in your house. And, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about – the clutter. Do you love being stylish, but loathe the mess? Well, today is your lucky day because I’ve got 10 creative […] More

  • Mudroom makeover ideas Simphome com

    10 Awesome & Worth Trying Mudroom Makeover Ideas

    A mudroom is a cure for clutters although most of the time we give them less love than it deserves. It’s sad but I am positive you are not one of those who will let that happen again and again without doing anything? Next you are going to count 10 awesome and worth trying mudroom […] More

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