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    60+ Small Home Makeover Ideas

    Welcome to our compilation that you can take to upgrade your interior regardless anything you currently have that you can’t lose. Also in the list, you can find relevant videos that would lift your learning experience if you’re brave enough to sacrifice few moments of your precious time to play the video and keep it […] More

  • 10 Small Living Room Layout with Sectional via Simphome.comYoutube thumbnail

    10 Small Living Room Layout with Sectionals

    A sectional sofa in a small living room seems impractical because it takes much of the space. Still, it is not impossible since a modern couch usually has a slim design to fit in a limited area. You can have a perfect or at least a better gathering spot for your family and friends with […] More

  • 10 DIY wooden couch via Simphome.comVid thumbnail

    10 DIY Wooden Couch Ideas

    No law requires you to have a couch at home. Nevertheless, its presence will make a space classier and more comfortable. In a spacious room such as the living room and lounge, a couch becomes an attractive center as it is the biggest piece of furniture in the room. From wood to steel, the couch […] More

  • Shared Closet Organization Ideas via Simphome.comYoutube thumbnail

    12 Shared Closet Organization Ideas

    Organizing your own closet is a challenge in itself, more so if you have to share the space. Even the most picture-perfect couple can turn the issue of closet space into the breeding ground for World War III. Sharing a closet means that two personalities will have to co-habit harmoniously, and it’s inevitable that your […] More

  • 10 Narrow Closet Design and Storage Ideas with Walk in via Simphome.comThumbnail

    10 Narrow Closet Design and Storage ideas with Walk-In

    For some, having a vast walk-in closet plus storage in the bedroom feels like a dream, especially if there is minute space for all your items. Honestly, you don’t need to have a huge closet to possess a walk-in. In fact, it can be pretty tiny, one-sided, or you can even fake it. Today, we […] More

  • 10 Open Concept Small Living Room and Kitchen Ideas via Simphome.comYoutube thumbnail

    10 Open Concept Small Living Room & Kitchen Ideas

    The cost of property is skyrocketing. As a result, many people have to get by with a small apartment. To make it look more spacious, they usually ditch the walls and adopt an open concept floor plan. This kind of design allows you to eradicate the boxed-in feeling caused by walls so that you will […] More

  • 10 Lovesac and DIY Bean Bag Ideas via Simphome.comYoutube thumbnail no border

    10 Lovesac and DIY Bean Bag Ideas

    A Lovesac or a bean bag has been favorite furniture that looks cute and comfortable at once. Some people wouldn’t have a problem purchasing one at stores, but for those who are on a budget, a DIY version would be a perfect fit for them. Here are some lovesac and DIY bean bag ideas that […] More

  • 12 Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas On A Budget via Simphome.comNo border

    12 Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas On-A-Budget

    Kitchen renovations are tricky, not to mention if you’re working on a small space! You’ll have to maximize every available square inch– for effective organization, storage, and functionality. The kitchen is also one of the most expensive areas to remodel; just thinking of labor and material costs can make anyone dizzy! If you’re on a […] More

  • 10 Closet Alternative Ideasvia Simphome.comYoutube thumbnail 1 1

    10 Closet Alternative Ideas for Anyone with Tight Space

    Some people have to get by with a small bedroom. They do not have enough space for a queen-sized bed, let alone a large wardrobe. Some of them even do not have any sufficient closets for their limited number of shirts and outfits. So, are you one of those who have to live a life […] More

  • 10 Organization Ideas DIY Using Tension Rods via Simphome.comYoutube thumbnail 2

    10 Organization Ideas and DIY Projects Using Tension Rods

    The tension rod is widely known for its function as a curtain holder. It becomes the favorite of many, especially apartment dwellers because it does not damage the wall. Besides, it is highly versatile. You can even use it to declutter a place. Apart from the easy installation, it is also adjustable and can fit […] More

  • 10 Plumbing Tips and Tricks via Simphome.comYoutube thumbnail

    10 Plumbing Tips and Tricks Everyone Deserves To Know

    Leaking pipes, clogged sinks, and running toilets are the common problems that homeowners sometimes have to deal with. Even when at a very wrong time. You may also be dealing with these problems now. Since you are not an expert, you might be considering calling a plumber. Hold on! You may not need to do […] More

  • 12 Ideas how to Close your closet Chaos via Simphome.comYoutube thumbnail

    12 Unique Ideas to Handle Closet Chaos

    An ever-growing mound of clothes, a pile of shoes, and a handful of accessories–all haphazardly discarded in your closet. Does it seem like a bomb was just dropped in the middle of your closet? If this is what greets you each morning, you should seriously consider organizing this space. Organizing your closet may seem like […] More

  • 10 DIY Duvet Makeover with Sew and no Sews via Simphome.comYoutube thumbnail 2

    10 DIY Duvet Makeover, With Sew and No Sew Ideas

    A bedroom decoration could transform the look of the room from plain into something worth praising. It happens when you pay attention even to a minor thing you can find in the bedroom. In this list, you will see 10 DIY duvet makeovers, with sew and no sews. Why DIY? It’s an alternative for those […] More

  • 10 Doormat Ideas Unique Clever and Funny via Simphome.comYoutube thumbnail

    10 Doormat Ideas; Funny, Unique, and Clever

    More often than not, we overlook doormats as a part of our house. Nevertheless, we need them to clean and act as an essential element of decoration. Think of boring, plain, and practical doormats? Put them behind. Your entrance is your guests’ first impression. Why don’t you have some fun with them? So, here we […] More

  • 10 Modular Home Makeovers via Simphome.comYoutube thumbnail 2

    10 Modular Home Makeovers

    Modular homes have become more popular now. What makes people fall in love with these types of buildings is the time efficiency and affordable cost. Just like any other type of house, you can makeover them as you pleased. You can do many things with your modular house to make it more comfortable and attractive. […] More

  • 12 Improvement Ideas for a Neutral Bedroom via Simphome.comVd thumbnail

    12 Improvement Ideas for a Neutral Bedroom

    Many homeowners might shy away from a neutral bedroom, thinking it would be too dull or boring. That is far from the truth– a neutral color palette can be the perfect base for a richly designed room! Paying close attention to textures and finishing touches will give your room the right amount of contrast without […] More

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