12. Creative pimped-out pencil and photo holder.

In this cool design, get a few large binder clips and place them on their side. Next, put them in a circle with the mouth of the clip facing the middle of the circle. Use some small rubber bands to bind them all together around the outside. When you’re done, you can sit writing utensils down in the center of the mouth of each clip, and the arms pointing to the outer edges of the circle conveniently holds photos! (golifehack)

simphome pimped out pencil

13. Hold food thermometers in place using a binder clip.

If you need to consistently monitor the temperature of something you’re cooking (making candy often requires this), arrange your binder clip of the rim of the pot you’re using to cook and extend one arm of the clip far enough to house the length of your thermometer and hold it in place while you cook. (finecooking)

simphome thermometer

14. Binder clips as DIY emergency cuff links.

Lost your fancy cuff link? A last-minute fix is to use the binder clip as a cuff link by pushing the extended arms of the clip through the buttonhole and then opening the arms. It will save your shirt sleeve from dangling open. (lifehacker)

simphome sleeve

15. Keep your socks together when washing and drying.

Everyone knows that washers eat socks when they get hungry, so don’t enable it! Clip your socks together with a binder clip through their wash-dry process so they stay together. It will save search time when folding the laundry as well! (thoughtsnax)

simphome socks

16. Hidden pen holder or use it to add a pen holder to practically anything.

If you enjoy using a highlighter when you read or study, it can be annoying when you leave the highlighter or pen somewhere else. Use a binder clip to attach your writing utensil to the book by using the pen’s clip! It’s quick and simple, but something not everyone thinks of doing. (imgur)

pen holder

17. Lo-tek remote lightswitch/dimmer control.

If you’re willing to get a little redneck (or a lot redneck), save yourself a few steps by rigging some fishing line up to your light dimmer switch across the room, lining it against the wall and ceiling. Next, fasten the line to the binder clip, which is also clipped on the dimmer knob control. You’ll need both an “up” and “down” line attaching to your knob control. Once it is rigged, you’ll have access to either string and you won’t have to get up to dim the lights! (instructables)

simphome dimmer control

18. Ceiling

Spring cleaning. Just the words send shivers down the spine. Make the cobwebs on the ceiling disappear faster and with less effort by using binder clips to attach a material of your choice around the end of a broom or other device with an extension. Wet the material or rag you’ve attached and clean up those cobwebs on the ceiling without shaking off all the dust bunnies from your current broom.

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19. A professional labeler.

If you have some printed labels or can print some, fasten your labels to the flat edge of a binder clip. This allows you to clip that specific labeled clip onto a group of papers or specific thing so that when you look along the shelf, you know exactly what you’re looking at. It saves a ton of time when searching for past tax forms or medical records. (teachingwithloveandlaughter)

10 Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

simphome label


20. Combine with bulldog clips on hooks and you’ll get this fancy organizing idea.

Hang your labels along the edge of baskets or containers without the annoyance of adhesives. You’ll place the clip along the top edge of the container. This can even be a fun decorating idea to brighten up an old basket. You can also use bulldog clips (which look a bit fancier than a regular binder clip) to hang old polaroid photos on a wire. This is a fun new way to display your photos across the wall! (photojaanic)

simphome bulldog clip

21. In the office you can use them to hang a calendar by command hooks.

Maybe you’ve hung a calendar with a thumb tack before, and you’ve realized that after pulling out the thumb tack and putting it back in several times, it leaves a larger and loose hole in your sheetrock. By first securing a command hook, hanging the arm of the binder clip from the hook, and then fastening the top of the calendar into the mouth of the binder clip, it makes for an easy-change calendar hanger. The best part is the calendar is secure and you’re not left with a hole in the wall! (justcallmechris)

simphome calendar

22. And last but not least,

one of the best solutions for your tangled earphone cable. As a slight alteration from other earphone-binder clip solutions, first place the actual earpiece into the mouth of the binder clip sideways, so you’re not damaging the cords (the earphones will stick out the side of the clip). Now loosely wrap your cord around the arms of the clip so as not to tangle the cord. When you reach the end, place the dock through the hole of both arms on the clip so it won’t unravel. This is the perfect storage solution so that your earbuds remain clean and untangled when you want to use them.

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