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12 Clever Organization Projects To Occupy Unused Space

Have you noticed that, out of nowhere, there seems to be a lot more unused space in your home? Maybe it’s all the open shelves. Perhaps it’s because you just moved in and haven’t had time to unpack everything yet. Whatever the reason is, you’re going to need something to occupy this empty space

Key Points:

  • Use what’s already in the room to your advantage and realize that it’s not all wasted space. Open up your mind and appreciate the beauty of unused objects in a room, but still, keep it organized.
  • Make use of the proverbial “blank canvas” that is unused space that can be transformed into something useful or even just as beautiful as the original furniture you had in there originally.
  • Don’t have room in your furniture to store extra things? Remove the things you don’t need and see if you can make use of them!
  • Fill up that empty space with useless things, but make it a point to keep it organized. You can always throw them away after you get organized.
  • If all else fails, completely alter and decorate an empty space by painting or hanging pictures on the walls throughout the rooms and wallpaper it if need be.
  • Do you know that a specific area in your room or house just looks cramped and cluttered? Use it strategically to produce a new space for storage.

When clutter conquers your home, you will be likely to blame your small house. You think you do not have ample space for shelves, dressers, cabinets, or other storage to stash away less-used items.
Well, you may have more storage space than you think you do. It is just lying dormant and waiting for you to tap into it. These 12 clever organization projects to occupy unused space can help you. So, let’s check them out!

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12 Clever Organization Projects To Occupy Unused Space Poster

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List Entries:

12. The DIY Kitchen Alcove Build idea @OnAbudgetofficial

The corner usually remains untouched because it is too small, making it impractical. Did you know it is possible to tap into this awkward space effortlessly?

Do not let it remain dormant if you have this awkward space in your kitchen. You can use it as a cozy coffee station to refresh your morning mood.
The coffee station does not have to be complicated, though. It can be as simple as installing shelves to store sugar, coffee, and knick-knacks.

Under the shelves are a cabinet and countertop that help you stash away clutter and prepare your morning coffee.

11. How to produce your own cute Coffe Station corner via @Lauries Cardina Idea

Try this one instead if you think the previous idea is too much trouble because working with screws and saws is not your thing.

This coffee station does not require any advanced carpentry skills. You just need to explore your creativity and imagination.

  • First, you have to wipe down the countertop. A clean and shiny countertop is a perfect start for your cozy coffee station.
  • Then, gather the décor you like. After that, lay a tray or cutting board on the countertop to help you anchor your canisters and saucers.
  • To make the coffee station look more appealing, you can hang artwork or an inspirational quote. But, wait! Damaging the beautiful backsplash is not on your list, is it? Thus, you can try using command strips to attach the artwork. It is super easy and will not ruin the wall.

10. How to turn Unused space into a comfy reading nook from @Carlyraeinteriors

You need to make little measurements and plan to copy the idea. Next, gather your accessories, mix and match those properties, and use a hammer and nails to put the pieces together when necessary. Finally, use a marker to write inspirational quotes on the wall representing your values.

Additional accessories you can also add:

  • 1). A Flower Pot Garden Planter Box
  • 2). A Wood Decking
  • 3). A Pallet Art
  • 4). The Metal Table Legs and Wooden Shelving Unit
  • 5). A Mid-Century Chalkboard Wall Art
  • 6). A Sofa Table Display Case:  This provides a large area to work on. It also has large storage space and is portable. In this case, it allows the audience to get hands-on with you and learn how they can apply your ideas in their lives.

9. A quarter moon corner shelving idea from Bosch

This one is another way to tap into awkward space. You might think that you can just purchase some ready-made shelves for a corner in your house.
Unfortunately, not all corners come precisely 90 degrees, making it harder to find a perfect fit. Therefore, you need to consider constructing it yourself.

First, you need to measure the angle of the corner and then transfer the radius onto the wooden boards. After that, cut out the shelves.

Next, measure and cut the support strips to length. Then, drill some holes for the mounting brackets after sanding rough edges. Finally, mount the boards and support strips after painting them.

8. Awesome idea to convert a stair landing to a home office from @Malmadness

How to avoid starring a dead space ahead when you can’t handle the stressful screen anymore?

This stair landing is literally a dead end. If you had this kind of space at home, you would probably use it to house unused items – pretty much the same as a storage room in the attic.
Instead of using it as a storage room or abandoning it, you can turn it into a stylish home office.

  • First, you have to clean the space thoroughly.
    Then, apply some coats of paint to refresh the look. You can also add some interesting geometric shapes to the wall using painter’s tape and black color. If you think it is not enough, a few framed pictures will come in handy.
  • Since the space is tight, you need to make some floating shelves to store things without taking up the available floor space. You can also display some knick-knacks to personalize it.
  • You may also need to make your own desk if you cannot find the one that fits in this tight space. Finally, lay a rug to make it look more appealing and comfortable. As a bonus, you can enjoy a spectacular view when tired of staring at the screen all the time.

7. The turning point DIY corner shelving idea from Woodshop diaries

If you dwell in a small house, every inch will matter to you, including the corner in every room. You can use this spot by making a corner shelf.

Making a corner shelf is not that hard. You will need 1×8 lumber to provide deep storage for books and flowerpots. If you need a deeper one, you can go with 1×10.
After that, cut the board into two pieces of 30″ long and four pieces of 12″ long. Then, assemble them.

6. How to turn A sad corner into your own Yoga center from @Laurad 26

Doing yoga can help you stay calm. However, this idea seems impossible if you do not have a serene space to do it. Well, you can turn the unused room in your house into a home yoga studio.

  • First, you need to refresh the look. If the room has wallpaper on the wall, you can remove it. However, it may take time. Therefore, you can simply paint the entire walls or cover them with shiplap paneling.
  • Then, hang some shelves and add some personal touches as you desire. You can also bring in some greenery to enliven the space.
  • To attach the wooden panels securely to the wall, you can also use command strips if you don’t want to give your wall permanent damage and the size is not as large as that in the video. Once you hang it on the wall, an interesting twist will occur; the effect is that it gives you a sense of balance and harmony.
  • If you have to make a corner in your living room, you can use the space creatively by designing a corner shelf and turning it into something beautiful and useful.
  • If you like this idea, check out or replay the video to know more details.

5. $8 can go a long way, too | The DIY Pottery Barn Floating Shelving idea from Emyludesigns

Floating shelves are incredibly versatile. Besides, they can be your safe bet when it comes to limited space. If you want to use the versatility of a floating shelf but loathe the hassle, you can try this ready-made shelf.
It features a board with a notch that will hold the shelf in place. You just need to screw the notch on the wall. That’s it!

However, if you are not worried about the budget and want to spend less time building this shelf, you can try this idea. First, you need to start with a 4×4″ wood and cut two pieces 24″ long.

Then, attach two pieces of 1×4″ wood at each end using a 3/4-inch Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System to make two floating shelves.

To further update it and make it more unique, you can paint the wood, add a cute graphic, and make a hole for an electrical cord to pass through.

If you are looking for a storage solution without spending lots of money, you need to consider this step. You can use this for many things and find creative ways to personalize it.
This simple shelf cabinet will come in handy when storing your indoor plants, books, etc.
You can turn almost any wall space in a home into a storage solution with the help of little-known materials like boxes, containers, and lumber.

4. The sweet and inspiring corner floating desk with IKEA and TheSorrygirls

Ikea is almost always awesome. However, some products do not fit in with the corners of your room. If that is the case, you need to consider adding a twist to it, just like this corner-floating desk.

  • To make this floating desk, you will need two IKEA EKBY ALEX, four IKEA SANDSHULT wall brackets, a 1 ½ inch sheet of plywood board, and four handles.
  • Then, cut two large pieces of plywood at 70″ x 11 5/8″ to create the top and bottom. You will also need to cut one corner of each piece at a 45-degree angle so that they can fit in with the corner.
  • This cutting is for one floating desk. Since you have two desks, you have to repeat the cutting for the other one. You will also need to make rectangular drawer front pieces to create a sleeker look.

3. How to transform an unusable cupboard and transform your bedroom ‘almost entirely” @Konceptbyk

An unused closet leaves an open space that can be an eyesore. You can turn it into a more functional and beautiful spot by using masking tape to create geometric forms and some fresh coat of paint.
Begin with forming the geometric shapes you want. Then, paint the wall. Finally, place your bed in it. It is easy, right?

2. The beautiful corner wall art with its own light installation

This one will provide ample space to store things and offer a breathtaking look that can steal anyone’s focus.

  • To reproduce these corner shelves, you will need IKEA square deck pallets, simple black square pieces of wood or shelves, LED lights, and any decorative items you want to display.
  • After that, you need to assemble the pallets by cutting off the back legs and screwing them together.
    You can place your decorative items on the shelves. The lights should fit under the shelf. In addition, you can hang decorative items on the walls if it is not too tight.
  • This idea is a nice addition to any corner of your room where you need more storage space without much effort.

Lastly, Number 1. The DIY Corner shelves for your unappealing corner area @ Morleykert

Who says that making corner shelves is hard? You can try this simple idea.

First, you just need to mount a square wooden dowel in the corner. Then, screw two L-brackets onto it. After that, top the brackets with a triangular wooden board that fits the corner perfectly. Repeat the steps to get as many shelves as you want.

The main element of the idea is only the L-brackets, so when you are ready to clean the area, you just need to remove the brackets and slide the shelves out. You can also attach hooks for hanging the books if you decide to try the idea for your bedroom.

  • First, Screw them into the top of the brackets.
  • After that, you can use wooden strips or rope to attach shelves to the corners. This DIY corner shelf project is cheap but durable as well.
  • When you try this idea for your living room, you can paint the shelves to fit your interior design or add more items to them like photos and plants.

To sum up, the ideal ways to Occupy Unused Space is:

  • No 1. Start observing your unused space; you will find many possibilities to occupy it.
  • No 2. If you are not in a hurry, consider some ideas and design the solution for your space on your own. It will lead to more creativity and make you happier.
  • No 3. Don’t rush to buy products just because they are cheap or trendy, because sometimes small space is impossible to take up too much space as large spaces can.
  • No 4. Instead of buying small goods, think about creating a garden or bamboo house outside your home as it can fill the unused space easily
  • No 5. Add more plants to beautify your room. Plants have positive energy and can be used as decoration or a source of oxygen/water for the house itself.
  • No 6. Install a curtain in the door frame of your window; you can attach it with some clothes hangers so that it will not affect the design of your room.
  • No 7. Use curtain rods in your bedroom to hang curtains; this will be useful for those who hate the big holes on their walls and make sure that no one can see inside or outside the room by blocking off their view through curtain rods.
  • No 8. Consider making shelves at corners of the room for storage, books, etc. instead of using tabletops or hardwood flooring in corners
  • No 9. Add shelves to the wall and make it look empty. The image of emptiness can completely change the mood and atmosphere of your room.
  • No 10. This is a big one. Consider using decorating mirrors to practice Feng Shui. There are many types of Feng Shui mirrors you can use in your room, but the main purpose is to help you reflect and change yourself into a better person.
  • No 11. You can use shelves and storage baskets in the wardrobe for shoes, bags, or clothes to make them take up less space
  • No 12. Use the blank walls to hang posters or put up shelves; you can use paintbrushes on the wall, no matter what you wish to do with it, please don’t ruin it.
  • No 13. Use the DIY Corner Shelf Project idea to add new shelves to your home; it is, of course, as simple as all other projects.
  • No 14. Use different colors of paint on the wall and then use a simple picture hanger on the wall and attach pictures of different colors to it to make a kind of rainbow on the wall
  • No 15. If you have a lot of lamps in your room, you can buy rope and hang them upside down or simply put them upside down on top of your table for decoration.
  • No 16. Put up hooks at angles, like doorways and where walls meet the ceiling or put them inside cabinets for convenient storage, hanging clothes, etc.
  • No 17. Don’t be bored by the same things just because you own a house and install a TV behind your furniture or put it in front of the window to make it look interesting.
  • No 18. Using empty spaces in the design, you can create different walls for every single color to add some imagination to the room and make it more interesting
  • No 19. To make your unused space fit your interior design better, you can use different colors for floors, walls, and furniture. You will occupy more space and give people a sense of different moods when they enter your home.
  • No 20. Put up shelves on every wall in your room and fill them with books, pictures, or other small items

Every inch of your house can make great storage. You just have not realized it yet. Now, look around to find the potential spot. Then, you can implement those 12 clever organization projects to occupy unused space.


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