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10 Cozy Open Plan Living Room Ideas

In big or small apartments, the issue of space is always on your mind. What if you could have lots of space without actually losing any? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, open plan living rooms are your answer! Light and airy but still functional for all your needs

The open-plan living room is a popular interior choice today. It is perfect for a house with very limited space and budget. It generally serves a family without any barriers or walls, and it limits the use of bulky living room furniture and cabinets.

However, it turns out that the plan also opens up hurdles and challenges that many homeowners do not want to involve with. If you are one of those people, open your mind to new chances to get a cozy and comfy open living room that won’t blow your budget out.
Next, this is 10 cozy open-plan living room ideas by included with a video and FAQs section.
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Relevant Frequently Ask Questions:

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Insulation can make a living room cozier. If possible, use insulation in your walls to feel more heated with less air conditioning. To make a cozy living room, you should also install double-paned windows and add curtains that are light colors or heavy material that can help block out the light coming in from outside. More about that on the next popular question and answers related to this topic.

What is an open-plan living room?

An open plan living room is a room that doesn’t have any door to separate it from other rooms in the same house. It uses a floor-to-ceiling wall of glass, or in newer construction, built-in panels that can slide open and closed. Open plan living rooms are popular with designers, architects, and homeowners who want more interaction between family members.

Is open plan living a good idea?

If it’s your choice, then open plan living is a good idea. It provides an opportunity to bring people closer with no boundary.

What are the door options for open plan living?

There are many options that you can choose from. For designing an interior of an open-plan living room, you may use sliding glass doors or one that has enough space to park a vehicle inside. The second option will give ease when cleaning and can be opened for vehicles to enter and exit the living room. However, designers suggest using sliding glass doors because they have more thermal properties than regular doors. In addition, they can provide a closer look at the view outside your home and help you blend with your overall architectural design or style.

How important is efficiency in an open plan living room?

Efficiency is vital in maintaining comfort in the room where many activities take place.

How do you create an open concept in a living room?

Open concept is achieved by using double-paned windows and installing curtains that are light or black in color. It gives a much more spacious and clean look than the traditional single pane glass windows.

How do you achieve the open concept for your living room?

The main components of this concept are the clean, open look of the floor-to-ceiling wall of glass or sliding door panels. Adding decorative accessories such as sofa pillows and throw rugs also qualify as an open concept feature.

How many people should be in an open plan living room?

If you want to have lots of space with loft-style, you can combine two separate rooms to create more area.

How do I decorate my open plan for a living?

Use an area rug for a focal point then add throw pillows and leather upholstered chairs or two rows of club chairs.

How do you create a sectional in an open plan living room?

You can use fabric pillows or bolsters to conclude the seating sectional. This allows you to change the appearance of the room with different accessories, but still have a cohesive feel.
Budget Tips: There are many ways to save money when you buy furniture especially if the furniture was made from reclaimed wood materials like pallets, weathered teak, pine and oak.

How do I put my furnishings in an open concept living room?

You can arrange furniture to create a U-shape arrangement, L-shape arrangement, or two arms of the sectional sofa. The furniture should be arranged so that it feels spacious and airy. You can use area rugs in the center of the open space to create a visual separation between sitting areas and other areas.

How do you arrange furniture in a living room open plan?

You can arrange the furniture by using a tabletop or storage under-the-table area to keep your feet warm while watching TV.

How do you arrange furniture in a living room that is the open plan?

Instead of an open concept, try to use sectional so that you have privacy. This type of arrangement will give you the flexibility if you want to rearrange and have more space. Sliding glass doors can also add a different look and feel to your interior design by using a curtain panel with a decorative border or color-coordinated with your sofa, often with additional accent pillows.

Where do you put a TV in the open concept living room?

You can put the TV on a wall mount for it to be seen from anywhere in the living room, or you can have one of the room dividers that are available in different styles to hide the TV so that you can use every inch of space in your living room.

How do you choose furniture for an open concept living room?

You should use a standard-size sofa, love seat, and chairs with a rectangular table for eating and entertaining guests. If your sectional has a storage space under it, you can add extra seating by using storage boxes that are creative. For example, you can arrange large floor cushions and other pillows to create extra seating when needed.

Which wall is best for TV in an open concept living room concept?

You can put a TV on the dividing wall that will be shared with another room. But make sure to have other options of sitting when watching TV in the living room.

How do you choose a color scheme for an open-concept living room?

The main trick is to use colors that are neutral and high in contrast. This allows you to change your furniture arrangement easily in the future without affecting your overall interior design plan.

How do you add privacy in an open concept living room?

There are many ways to add privacy to your open concept living space. For example, you can install vertical blinds or drapes on sliding glass doors, side panels, or cabinet doors.

Does the couch have to face the TV in an open concept living room?

No, you can have the sofa facing the room in an L-shape arrangement. This will allow extra seating and table space as well.

How do you arrange furniture for an open concept living room?

You should use an area rug if the room is large or feels too empty. Make sure that rugs are not too large or small so that they feel right in your open concept living room. You should follow the general area rug size guidelines of 10×12 feet to 12×18 feet for smaller rooms and 14×16 feet to 16×24 feet for larger rooms.

How do you furnish the big open plan living area?

You can choose a large sofa and love seat that are equally matched so that you can layer them in matching colors, patterns, and styles. You can also add light refreshments on the coffee tables, end tables, and dining room tables. You will need a beautiful art piece to show off in the center of the living room to make it feel alive. If you have a fireplace, consider adding a pot rack above it to hold your vases or other decorative pieces in its shadow.

How do you use storage in an open concept living room?

You need to think about whether there is enough space for storage units that are used regularly. If storage is needed, consider buying storage cubes or boxes for organizational purposes.

How to choose a color in an open concept living room?

You can use pieces in the color palette for your other objects in the room such as curtains, rugs, pillows, art pieces, tables, and chairs. The color you choose for the seating must be neutral so that it does not distract from the other furniture colors or patterns. You might consider making one of your favorite colors the sofa color. For example, you can have a light yellow sofa and then use a dark wood coffee table in its shadow.

How do you create an open concept living room that feels homey?

Cushions might be used to add texture to an otherwise stark space with clean lines.

What can I put in a living room corner?

Adding shelves in the corner will not only add a lot of personalities but give you a place to put things in your living room. Consider putting a bookshelf, decorative shelves, or even an armchair in the corner. It can also be used as a conversation area where you can sit and chat with friends and family members; it makes it easier for everyone to see each other.

What can I put in an open living room corner?

A room corner is a great place to put a standalone window, a fireplace, or even a conversation area. You can also use the corner to house a “feature wall” where you can place shelving or artwork.

How do I arrange art on open concept living room walls?

Artwork is one of the most important elements that can make or break an open concept space. You want artwork that is interesting to look at but does not distract from the rest of the design elements in your room.

Where do you put your TV in the awkward room of an open concept living room?

You should place the TV on one of the walls that are shared with another room.

What to put on an ugly TV stand in an open concept living room?

If your TV is right beside a couch, it might not be exactly where you want it; so try moving it around a little bit without disturbing the traffic. Also, you should consider buying a new TV stand that matches the decor of your living room. This is a good way to save money by not having to change the whole design of your living room at once.
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How do I fill up the blank space in my living room?

You can add decorative pieces of artwork and one or two storage cubes to fill up the rest of your wall space.

How do you arrange living room furniture?

You can arrange the furniture in a U-shape in a corner, around a couch, or as part of a seating area. You can also add an area rug to complete the look. Use color schemes that are similar for pieces of furniture that support each other visually.
There are many different concepts for open concept living rooms and open plan living rooms such as loft-style, New York-style, and ranch-style.
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How do you hide the corners of a room?

One of the easiest ways to hide a small nook or corner is by placing a white sheet and adding comfortable seating on it. This will make it look bigger than it really is.

What can you put in an awkward corner of an open concept living room?

If you have space in your awkward room corner, you can add storage cubes or storage units for extra seating. You can also use a white sheet to create extra seating that will match the rest of your furniture design.
There are many ways to arrange furniture in an open concept living room; such as using sectional, L-shape arrangements, U-shape arrangements, etc.

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10. Start from The Area Rugs

10. Area Rugs by simphome.comOne of the most excellent ways to represent a room without walls is with a rug. It brings together everything above it and helps strengthen the purpose of space.
Using a rug also helps break up the different rooms on an open-plan floor. As a result, each area will feel cooped up and thus more comfortable.
The good thing is that you can decide the size of each area. First, you just need to pick a rug with a certain length and width to differentiate your living room from the dining room. The size of the rug helps determine the size of the perceived space and the bigger it is, the more extensive area you will acquire.
So if you want your living room to feel spacious, take a large rug. If you want your living room to feel more intimate and conversational, use a smaller one.
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9. The Conversational Areas

9. Conversation Areas by simphome.comHave you ever shot the breeze with somebody sitting 10 to 15 feet away from you? It feels awkward, doesn’t it? Because you need to raise your voice so that the one you are talking to can hear you.
Although this situation is manageable, it makes your guest feel like in a cave and turn the room having lacks intimacy. That’s why it is a clever idea to create several small conversation areas in large rooms rather than one large seating arrangement.
There are many choices in the concept of open space, including creating several conversation areas in one particular room to make some separate areas throughout the room. The more you have, the more comfortable space you can rejoice.

8. Re-Arrange Your Furniture

8. Arranging Furniture by simphome.comA new way to arrange the furniture can be a solution to define a living room, block out space, and create a place for a more conversational ambiance. First, start with the furniture.
You can use console tables and sofas to mark the transition from one room to another. Alternatively, you can also use chairs, footrests, bookcases, tables, and other items.
Keep in mind that in an open concept floor plan, the back of most of your furniture will be visible, so take this into account.
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7. Optimize Your Fireplace

7. Fireplace by simphome.comFireplaces are best not only for warming a room but also best for your open living room whether it is wood-burning type, gas, or even electricity.
Not only heat and comfort, but the fireplace also produces a focal point where all the other furniture in an area can come together. It draws the eyes towards them and you can couple the fireplace with your book collection or favorite seating pillows or a random conversation with your trusty partner.

6. Use Dim Lightings

6. Dim Lighting by

Interiors always look more comfortable in dim lighting during the night. It’s an interesting fact that it hides minor flaws, provides a warm glow to everything, and turn the space more intimate and cozier. In an open-concept style, it is a good idea to turn on all the dimmers. It includes the living room, bedroom, dining room, and kitchen as long as it has matching pieces of furniture.
One thing, you must remember to put a dimmer switch in the living room. Bright lights create glare on the TV, so the dim lights will work better here.

5. The best Wall Art Choice for the Open Living room

5. Wall Art by simphome.comThe blank wall is a sad wall, but, with a little touch of your personality, you can turn your space more unique. And like rugs, the wall art adds character to a room, and you can also use it to define your living areas.

It is unnecessary to go overboard and cram a lot of those art pieces into a small area though. Just use the product of your DIY art project carefully or anything that is priced under $10 on amazon. Or you can simply use wall decals or bohemian, flowery, or psychedelic tapestries

Short instructions:
1. Choose the right wall decal design
2. Choose the suitable material – matte vs. glossy, transparent vs. opaque, etc.
3. Choose the suitable color scheme
4. Measure your chosen area before placing the order to avoid any issues during installation or damage to the wall upon delivery of your order

4. The Two-Tone Walls Concept

4. Two Tone Walls by simphome.comAnother way to add comfort to your open living room is by using a few walls and some paints.
Two-tone walls can add dimension without overwhelming the space and you can use any color hue depending on your style and decor preferences. One thing to keep in mind, make sure one of them is slightly darker than the other.
For a more sophisticated result consider installing a piece of chair rail to halve the halves of your room.

3. Re-Upholster Your Furniture

3. Upholstered Furniture by simphome.comThere is nothing better than soft, lush fabrics to make a room feel comfier. Whether it’s modern, traditional, or in-between, whatever your style is, make sure to use plenty of upholstered fabrics.
Next, consider large fluffy backs as an alternative to coffee tables, and include soft accessories like cushions and throws if possible. Also, try to avoid coarse materials and choose one that is soft to the touch.
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2. Enrich Your Space with Natural Elements

2. Natural Materials by simphome.comNext, offer a more comfortable open space by using several natural materials. For instance by using brick, sisal, wood, rattan, and other uncommon organic materials such as cellulose insulation, clay, natural paints, and oils or waxes.
You can use them in large or small doses, depending on your style, budget, time, creative expression, and crafting skills. If you have a fireplace, consider a natural stone fireplace complimented with a reclaimed wooden table or bookcase, or even a tiny wicker basket if necessary to accommodate your trusty blankets and throws.

Lastly Number 1, The Partial Wall

1. Partial Wall by simphome.comA house with an open concept style is perfect for conversations and healthy discussions that many people have missed today. Besides, If you want to have a limited view or entertainment section, you can simply use partial walls.
Partial walls do not have to be functional or using solid barriers. An island in the kitchen for a breakfast bar, for example, will be sufficient to function as a new space barrier. Or, you can also experiment with open shelves that divide the living room from the kitchen.

So, While an open concept home can pose some challenges, there’s no reason why you can’t make it feel cozier and more comfortable in the near future.
Continue with a reference link inside the description to detail these 10 cozy open plan living room ideas if necessary and we hope you’ll find the extra information you’ll get useful not only for you but also for anyone that will interact with the first idea you chose later.



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