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10 New Home Kitchen ideas

Building a new kitchen for a new house is not always a walk in the park. From the size of the kitchen to the cabinet sizes, there are many different things to consider.

Here are ten new home kitchen ideas you may want to consider with other additional details:

  • Know Your Space: Most people jump in and start putting together a kitchen without knowing any good reasons for what they have room for or how many cabinets they need, yet it’s one of the most important steps! Be sure to measure your space before building your dream kitchen, and make sure that you plan accordingly before diving in. If your kitchen is small, we have 333 ideas you can consider here.
  • The Floor Plan: Make sure that you are aware of the floor plan and how it relates to the size of your kitchen. A standard-sized kitchen is approximately 20′ x 30′. If you have a little space at one end or another, you may want to consider a corner cabinet that will require less countertop space than if you had a large island in this location.
  • The Cabinets: What do you want your cabinets to look like? Do you want them to match or blend in with the rest of the layout? This can make a big difference in how your kitchen will look and what materials will work best in each area. Through this, hopefully, everything will go smoothly and cost-efficient!
    ~ The Cabinets and Doors: For these two furniture pieces, you need to think about the color, whether you want them to match or not, how many cabinets you want as well as how much space each one will be taking up.
  • The Wall Color: The wall color is also something to consider when planning your new kitchen. Make sure you pick a tone that will work with everything else, and don’t be afraid to paint a few test spots on the walls and doors to see how they look and how they might fit into the room!
  • The Flooring: What kind of flooring do you want? Laminate or wood? Something that looks traditional? Or something more modern? Choose wisely because this can make or break the look of your kitchen.
  • The Lighting: Do you want natural lighting in your kitchen? Natural illumination is the best way to see what is happening in a kitchen. Still, it does take some time for the natural light to get here, so make sure you plan on installing this feature for at least a few months before you start your remodel process.
  • The Style and Color: Not all kitchens are built the same way, and they almost always have a style that looks different from another room. So make sure you look into all of them before deciding what style you would like your kitchen to look.
  • The Sink Placement: This is something that sometimes gets overlooked but is a crucial part of your kitchen! Make sure you consider the placement and size of your sink before starting the remodeling process, so nothing goes awry during this high-stress time.
  • The Countertops: Your countertop does not have to be the most expensive part of your kitchen. One important thing to remember is that your kitchen countertop can be replaced if it becomes broken or chipped, but you can’t do that with your walls. Therefore, you should think about the durability of the counter material before making a final decision on what product to use.

The countertop will or can also be an important part of your kitchen remodel in the future, so make sure you know how big this will be, how much it will cost, and what kind of look it will have in the room. Some countertop improvement choices, for example, are using copper-colored containers, copper-tinted containers, or copper-tinted fixtures to add warmth to the setup.

Some say that kitchen is the heart of a house because it is where you can produce delectable foods to replenish yourself. So, creating a joyful atmosphere that helps you stay in the kitchen longer is necessary. The kitchen can be chaotic because of the overwhelming amount of equipment and preparation needed to cook a meal.

So, some prefer to have their kitchen in a separate room. But, this doesn’t mean you should forsake designing its interior because designing your kitchen is vital. With these ten new home kitchens ideas, you can be sure that you’re going to be able to produce a relaxing cooking atmosphere.

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List Entries:

10. A Bright Coloured Cabinet Idea

All people in this world have been going through the pandemic since two years ago. So how about having a little more sunshine this year. You can attain it easily by coloring your surrounding.
You can create a joyful atmosphere in your kitchen by applying different bright colors. Pair your kitchen with a yellowish cabinet, and you will feel the positive vibes whenever you walk into it.

There is no strict rule to building a bright theme kitchen. However, you had better have white or pastel colors as the base because they are neutral and will not overpower the surrounding. Then, you can apply different colors to your cabinet, dining chairs, or the island.

Basic instructions:

  • Step 1: Before starting your color transformation, clean your cabinets thoroughly.
  • Step 2: In this step, you can apply different colors to cabinets, but the key is to ensure that the color you apply is in a subtle tone. You can use a mixture of gray and white or gray and yellow to make your cabinet look brighter.
  • Step 3: After applying the paint to your cabinet, let it dry for three days. Then, you can start to clean it with a dust cloth regularly.

9. A Modern and Hi-Tech Kitchen Transformation Idea

Technology advancement happens in almost every aspect of our life. Many inventions, including kitchen appliances, will help prepare a special dish for your family.

The high-tech cookware will fit perfectly with a simple industrial interior design. If you have decided to apply this simplicity and elegance, you should pay attention to the main features.
There are minimalist décors, shown through simple lines and geometric forms, and neutral colors like black, white, and grey complement the elegant atmosphere.

8. A Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Cabinetry Idea

Environmental issue has become trending these days. More people are stepping up to save the Earth. Therefore, they are swapping their everyday products with more eco-friendly materials. The good news is you can apply it to your kitchen.

Using reclaimed wood for your interior kitchen building or kitchen furniture would sound great. It is not just environmentally friendly but also helps you save money. Purchasing reclaimed wood is cheaper than other materials.

Moreover, the texture and pattern of reclaimed wood will give your kitchen a more artistic, natural look and warm atmosphere.

Basic transformation instructions:

  • Reclaimed woods come with natural colors and an individualized pattern. To produce a plain look, paint your cabinets a greyish blue or white. But to highlight the wood’s original patterns and texture, you should use some transparent colors such as yellow, green, or orange.
  • If you want to pair your reclaimed wood with other materials such as metal, glass, or cement, be sure that they will match in shades and textures.
  • Lastly, while redesigning your kitchen using reclaimed wood, ensure that all home appliances are eco-friendly because this is an important factor contributing to environmental sustainability.

The pros and cons of this transformation:

  1. You don’t need expensive tools to apply this transformation.
  2. Not only does it save you money, but it also helps you preserve the environment.
  3. You can do this transformation for your entire house, so it is still a cheap option for you.
  4. Reclaimed wood will give your kitchen a warm, natural atmosphere despite being hi-tech and minimalist at the same time.

The cons of this idea:

  1. When choosing this transformation, you may have to spend time removing each panel that has some paint, sealant, and varnish.
  2. Using reclaimed wood will take a lot of time to acquire due to the various available options.
  3. Preferably use reclaimed wood for your cabinets rather than for built-in furniture because it is not as durable as the built-in furniture compared to other materials such as metal and glass.
  4. You may find that applying thicker coats of paint is enough instead of trying out different, less saturated colors because they won’t give your kitchen an artistic, natural look but rather a more industrial and cold tone.

7. Mix of Textures Idea

Are you afraid of combining colors because you are unsure about the result? If you are reluctant to toss various hues in your kitchen, you can try playing safe by introducing textures.
You can mix up different textures in your kitchen.
However, you will still need to do it thoroughly.

  • First, you must stick to neutral colors, such as white or cream, for the wall. Then you can install wooden cabinets, marble on the island countertop, and copper lamps. The combination of various materials will be the statement of your kitchen.
  • Second, you may want to divide the room into sections. You can create a cooking area, dining area, and family room.
  • Third, you can apply different textures for each section.
    For example, marble is used for the island countertop, teak wood is applied for the staircase and built-in furniture, and leather covers the sofa.

6. The Open Kitchen and Living room combo

Open plan design is getting more popular today, especially among young couples. Many of them are interested in this layout because it is more spacious and creates a more open feel to the space.
To be specific, an open kitchen and living area will allow you to see what is happening in the living area while cooking or cleaning the kitchen area. Moreover, it gives easy access to communicate with people in the living room. You don’t need to make your guest wait alone while you are preparing their drinks.

The basic principles on to combine an open kitchen concept and a living room:

  1. Your living room and kitchen must be different in size and decorations.
  2. You can install open shelves or cabinets in the kitchen area to make your cooking space look larger.
  3. You can arrange your different furniture accessories around the open space to create a cozy, warm atmosphere.
  4. You should also use lighting that produces some shadows and highlights. For example, you can use a combination of recessed lighting to help highlight a certain art piece on the wall, which will stand out more against the dark background behind it.
  5. You can use different materials such as wood, metal, and stone for the kitchen and dining tables, which will give the space a traditional yet modern feel.

You don’t need to build or renovate your current kitchen if you feel unsure about transforming it. The transition is easy, but you should first prepare to replace any cabinets or cupboards in your current room to match your proposed one or plan.

5. The Colorful Accents Kitchen

To update your kitchen, you don’t need a full-scale renovation. Adding bright and cheery hues is an easy and instant way to do it. For instance, you can showcase your colorful cookware or red tea set, add flowers, and so on.

It might not change your kitchen significantly, but it would probably refresh its look. The colorful accents will upgrade your kitchen appearance.

The good and bad of a colorful kitchen:

The good ones:
1. A colorful kitchen will fit any color scheme of your house.
2. You don’t need to spend much money because you can do it with paints and simple decorations.
3. This idea works well for houses with kids or pets. You can easily spot the mess because even if they are painted in different colors, they are usually unwashed or filled with crumbs and food stains that prevent them from blending into the background.
4. Bright colors will keep your kitchen looking as new as possible even after many years of use (if you had successfully chosen and invested in high-quality paints).
The bad things:
1. You can’t change it easily. If you want to change the color scheme or style, you should paint and redecorate everything in the kitchen.
2. It might not work well with all house’s styles, such as contemporary and modern ones.
3. There is a risk that bright colors will fade, so you need to give them more attention when cleaning and maintain them to prevent them from wearing off quickly.
4. It may not be a good option for people who don’t like the color-full ambiance because the kitchen might look too childish for adults or trendy for kids.

4. The kitchen and indoor garden idea

Recently, many individuals have joined the “Grow your own food” movement since it brings many benefits. Researchers have published that growing some vegetation helps to reduce the stress level. It also grows the sense of green lifestyle awareness, which is undoubtedly good for the Earth.

You can start growing your own food in your kitchen. It doesn’t need ample space. Start with some pots of your favorite herbs. Even if your room is low-light, you can opt for mint, oregano, parsley, cilantro, chervil, chives, thyme, etc.

Relevant instructions:

  1. Begin with the area where you plan to build plants, and then move to your floor plan.
  2. Collect soil for your plants and purchase the necessary pots in the nursery or garden center.
  3. The space of your kitchen should be above freezing, so use some heat lamps to raise the temperature at night if needed.
  4. Your pots must have drainage holes so that excess water does not drop and drown your plants during the wintertime. Also, you can plant them in some potting mix, add more sand or pebbles for drainage purposes, and fertilize them with a specific fertilizer that you’ll be able to buy from your local garden center nearby.
  5. Depending on your desired plant(s), you can install some plants in containers, like a strawberry basket (you can get them in the garden center) or even a small vase if you don’t want to spend too much.
  6. Choose an area for your plants and then start feeding them.
  7. In the wintertime, make sure that you keep your plants, especially the ones that have root systems, indoors because cold can damage them.
  8. Check on them during the rainy days to ensure no water damage and no water is lying around growing mold and giving off harmful substances to your food.

3. A Vintage Style Kitchen Idea

Vintage is never out of style. It might sound old, but some people like it. A kitchen in this style will give you a sense of nostalgia –– it brings back the old memories of simple life and childhood happiness.

There is no particular design formula to owning a vintage-styled kitchen. However, some simple rules can help you spring the right ambiance, such as inserting solid wood cabinets with painted pastel or muted shades, displaying porcelain in open shelving, and applying floral wallpaper.

2. An Elegant Black Kitchen

Most of us might never think about a dark theme when designing a kitchen. Although dark color like black is neutral and many people keen on them, applying the color to the kitchen is not an option. Since most of us already have an assumption that a kitchen should be clean and bright-themed.
So, just break the stereotype if you want something out of the box. Choosing a black-themed kitchen may be uncommon, but it gets more popular nowadays. It gives you sophistication and elegance at the same time.

As a reminder, it’s not just about choosing black-colored furniture and cookware but also the simple lines and geometrical shapes. Moreover, choosing metal as the leading material will be more stunning.

Lastly, 1. A Clean and Organized Kitchen

Instead of overthinking what kind of interior design to apply, you can merely stick to a few basic rules. The most important thing for a kitchen is it should be clean and organized. Even if you don’t have a specific interior theme, a clean and organized kitchen will still be helpful for you. And sure, this will bring joy to you.

Thus, to keep your kitchen out of bacteria, you need to clean up your kitchen regularly. Have a set of cleaning tools around your kitchen area. When you accidentally spill something, go wipe it as soon as possible. Don’t wait for later or even tomorrow.

Meanwhile, you can use a similar container for your cooking ingredients. Arrange them evenly so they will give you an organized and tidy look. You can even use a sticker or label over its surface to help you get things you need when cooking. So it will be much faster and easier.

Other clever ideas on how to clean and organize your kitchen much better and quicker:

  • No 1. Get a small kitchen organizer
    Then there is no problem with getting things you need when cooking. After all, you don’t want your kitchen cluttered just like our old maids in the past. To keep your kitchen tidy and organized, you can look for a small item organizer to help you arrange your stuff and make it fit in the designated area in your living room.
  • No 2. Clean your refrigerator regularly
    But if it is still getting messy, some sort of insulation disc will be great for you to organize the fridge inside a bit more efficiently. In other words, this will help organize, maintain its temperature, and prevent bacteria from growing inside it.
  • No 3. Replace your old cabinet with a new one
    Most of us tend to keep our tools and kitchen appliances in the same cabinet for many years. Due to our habits, we often forget that it could make the kitchen look very messy. So, to help you eliminate this issue, you can physically reorganize your stuff or even replace your old cabinet with a new one. There is no particular design to be applied, but choosing a more classic-looking cabinet would do well.
  • No 4. Freshen up your kitchen faucet
    If you still want a better look at your kitchen, you can add some accessories to your kitchen faucet. Depending on how much water flow you need, you can choose a different types of accessories. For example, the different tap extensions include the spray head and nozzle. If you want some water spraying action, then choose the spray head. You can also test one or two of these taps before deciding which one to buy.
  • No 5. Install window curtains as a decorative way
    Purchasing some window curtains for your kitchen will help you get a natural look for it. Moreover, curtains also help decorate the front windows and all sides. So, let’s try to apply these ideas.
  • No 6. Use a modern style kitchen design
    These days, many people like to use elegant and sophisticated designs inside their kitchen. To help you get inspired, we have prepared some modern kitchen design ideas for you to choose from.
  • No 7. Have a nice cooking area with a large countertop
    Elegant and simple, this is the most common idea we have all been using in our kitchens. And sure, if it will still give us the same results when preparing and cooking food, it’s pretty good too.

In conclusion, we can say that when it comes to interior design ideas for kitchens, there are a lot of things that you can choose from as long as you want and feel comfortable with them.

Now, you have 10 new home kitchen ideas on your list. So, are you ready to create a comfortable and stylish cooking space? So from our list of 10 New Home kitchen Ideas we have presented above, you have found the inspiration you need to achieve a lovely kitchen you have always dreamed of. Good luck



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