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10 Multifunctional Beds for Small Space ideas

If you have a small bedroom, like me, then you know that space is an issue. Luckily, we have compiled a list of 10 multifunctional beds for small space ideas.

For this article, we will be focusing primarily on beds that serve dual purposes- like storage or lounge seating. Obviously, you have the option to go with a bed that only serves one purpose.

A bed is usually bulky and space-consuming. Well, that’s an old story, though. Today’s beds can be slim yet comfortable or even serve double duty.
Whether you want to save some space or just make your room more efficient, these 10 multifunctional beds for small space ideas will do wonders. For more details, follow the Simphome link inside the reference as always.

10 Multifunctional Bed for Small Space idea
10 Multifunctional Bed for Small Space Poster

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List Entries:

10. A Closet and bed combo in one room

Getting furniture with a fascinating combination between a bed and a closet should be one of your considerations. This type would be great for your kids’ or teenagers’ rooms that mostly come in small sizes.

You can use a murphy bed to make this idea tangible. This bed has hidden storage underneath that you can find when you lift it.
With some hidden space, you can create a storage room underneath. Try adjusting it as you need. You can also have drawers, compartments, or even racks.

Relevant instructions and details:

  • No 1. Choose a Bed With extra space in mind
    When installing this type of bed in a small space, you need to think about furniture with dual -purposes. You don’t need to buy two separate pieces of furniture just to make them compatible.
    For example, you can use a piece of wall for the headboard, then use an actual shoe rack for the storage space underneath. This idea can be constructive if you have different shoes in different sizes or only one pair of slippers.
  • No 2. Choose the Right Material Type
    Some materials are not always suitable for small spaces, such as metal or wood.
  • No 3. Place your kids’ and teenagers’ clothes in the different small cubbyholes, according to what they use most often and/or like the most.
  • No 4. Add small shelves on top of the Murphy bed to have extra storage space on top of it, especially when you need some more room under it.
  • No 5. Add Trays for Extra Space Underneath
    If you have drawers or shelves underneath, try adding trays between them. You can use them to keep accessories or shoes, or even for some small plants.
  • No 6. Add LED Lights
    Because of the LED lights, the whole storage space will look clean and comfortable. Besides, it will increase the brightness of this part of the room in general.
  • No 7. Have a Low Mattress
    As much as possible, you need to have a low mattress inside this type of bed so that you will be able to enjoy all its advantages in your small space.
  • No 8: Folding Storage Bed with Sliding Feature
    This bed type is excellent to use in small spaces because you can fold it into a closet.
  • No 9. Use Foldable Underneath Murphy Bed
    This type of bed is detachable, so you can change the bed’s position according to the space available without buying two separate pieces of furniture.
  • No 10. Add Under the Bed Folding Storage Space for Extra Small Items
    You can DIY it as long as you have the right tools and money to buy furniture items or use rattan baskets, cardboard boxes, or cheap plastic boxes.
  • No 11. Create a small Space from one Piece of One Bed with Two Functions
    If you want to use this bed in more than one room, you can set it up as a bed in some rooms and a nightstand in others.
    Even if this type of bed is quite expensive, it will still be worth your money because of its features and potentials.
    Even if it’s not collapsible or foldable, this type is still very suitable for small spaces because it has two functions at once – a bed and a nightstand.

9. A Multipurpose Sleeping area with a workspace

If you are a college student living in a tiny dorm, this idea would be excellent! Having a cozy spot for studying near your sleeping area could help you increase your productivity.
When you’re too tired of studying, you can easily hike onto your bed. Have some time to relax your body and mind.
You need to install a bunk bed to have such a room. Then put some furniture, like a desk, working chair, racks for your book, and table lamp to enhance your vision.

Relevant or alternative ideas:

1. With plywood, you can build a working desk with multiple uses. Put a seat on the other side for fun, put a shelter on top for leisure.
2. Alternatively, you can use a chest of drawers to make the desk. If you want to make it more functional, add some shelves or racks in the drawers to hold some books and such.
3. You can also build yourself a nice comfy chair using some wood, or purchase one if you like that extra comfort while studying.
4. Add some wall lamps to your study area to provide enough lights without straining your eyes. And don’t forget the wall decorations!
5. Choose a different color you like to paint your study area. For example, you can use a light color scheme to make the room look spacious.
6. On your bedside, add a lampshade with multiple lighting effects so that it will be convenient for you to read or search for something at night time.
7. Also, on the bedside, build yourself a table with multiple uses to help you stay organized and keep your room tidy.
8. And finally, build yourself a bookshelf or put some shelves on your wall to hold those books include comics that are occupying too much space on your desk!

8. A Living Room area with a Bedroom area Combo

Welcoming your relatives or friends in your small apartment is no longer a nightmare. You can apply this idea.
If you have enough budget, purchasing a murphy bed is an option. The bed will camouflage to the wall. You can use the entire room as a living room.

But, if you want to have a cheaper one, you can build it by yourself. You just need to make a bed frame that you can adjust easily. During the day, raise the bed. Turn the area under the bed into a living room by arranging some mini sofas. When night comes, pull the bed down, and the bedroom is ready!

To build a bedroom area inside a limited living room space, you need to pay attention with:

1. Planning then with the space
2. Choosing the wall treatment. Choose a wall color that fits with your home color scheme and make sure there are no uninvited murals, painting, or wallpaper
3. Designing a floor plan Then purchase a bed frame and make it adjustable, so it fits into any area you have
4. Find the right bedding, furniture, and color scheme
5. Buying the accessories to match your style

You can make this work with a small but comfortable living room.
The living room furniture will be the focal point of your living room that should be well-arranged to create a cozy atmosphere for your family and friends or guests. The tabletops can be changed according to your liking. The addition of a Murphy bed will not ruin the whole look – depending on the size of the bed; you may use other attractive pieces of furniture from the home decor like sofa chairs and coffee tables instead of making it too big or too cluttered.

7. The Bookworm’s dream bedroom Idea

Do you love to read books? You can read almost everywhere. It means you are likely to enjoy reading some pages before sleeping since it is a lullaby for you.
Making sure you reach your books in a jiffy is essential for a bookworm like you. Thus, you need to add a twist to your headboard instead of letting it be mere decoration. You can turn it into a bookshelf.

Imagine how fantastic it is! When you already have enough reading, you can easily store the book inside the shelf, then turn off the table lamp.
Another idea is to store them under your bed in a pull-out drawer. This idea will help you keep more books. Besides, it is DIY-friendly.

Detail instructions:

When doing it yourself:
1. Prepare the bookshelves and hardware.
2. Paint the two pieces of wood and hardware in white.
3. Drill holes into the bookshelf to attach the hardware properly on both sides of the headboard. The holes must be wide enough to insert a screwdriver or drill bits through it.
4. Insert the pull-out drawer into its designated space on the bottom after drilling holes on its backside and headboard, too (just like what you would do with a bookshelf). However, it depends on you to leave it open or close between uses.
5. Attach it all so that it can support your bed frame without any problem. You may have to add extra support if it is still unstable.

Preparation is essential for any DIY project. Hence, you have to make sure your tools and materials are ready for the job.

1. Drill (5-6 inches long) and drill bits (3/16in). However, you can use a screwdriver of the same size if you do not have it here.
2. Wood glue – This is optional, but it will ensure the safety of your pull-out drawer and bookshelf so that they will not separate easily after attaching them at all times when using it.
3. Paintbrush – You need this to paint the two pieces of wood and hardware.
4. Clamps – You can use any other tool that can hold down the two pieces of wood together while gluing them, however.
5. Nail gun with nails – You can use a hammer if you do not have it.
1. Two pieces of wood (4 x 4 inches) – You will use this for constructing your bookshelf and pull-out drawer, as well as your bookshelf’s base or rail when needed.
2. Four pieces of wood (4 x 8 inches) – You will use this for the headboard.
3. Drill bit guide – You can use a sizeable ring-shaped metal gauge to indicate the drill
bit’s depth correctly, but it is optional.
4. Screwdriver – A flathead screwdriver will be enough for this task.
5. Two small pieces of wood – Two of these are needed to attach your bookshelf to the bed frame and headboard, as well as your pull-out drawer when needed.
6. Wood glue – This is optional, but it can keep your bookshelf and pull-out drawer together for a long time so that they will not separate when using it.
7. Drill bit or screwdriver – You can use a flathead screwdriver, but you may use a drill bit if you do not have it here.
8. Sandpaper – You need this for smoothing the edges on your two pieces of wood before painting them with white paint (optional).
9. 2 1/2 Wood glue – This is optional, but it can keep your bookshelf and pull-out drawer together for a long time so that they will not easily break when you use it.
10. Paint – Choose any color you want for your bookshelf and drawer. In this case, we recommend white.
11. 4 Hooks – This is to attach your bookshelf to the headboard if needed.
12. 2 Screws – This is to attach your bookshelf to the pull-out drawer if needed.
13. 1 Hook and eyelet – This is to attach your pull-out drawer under the bed frame if needed.
14. Drill bit or screwdriver – You can use a flathead screwdriver, but you may use a drill bit if you do not have it here.
15. 2 1/2 Wood glue – This is optional, but it can keep your bookshelf and pull-out drawer together for a long time so that they will not separate when using it.
16. Paint – Choose any color you want for your bookshelf and drawer. In this case, we recommend white.
17. 4 Hooks – This is to attach your bookshelf to the headboard if needed.
18. 2 Screws – This is to attach your bookshelf to the pull-out drawer if needed.
19. 1 Hook and eyelet – This is to attach your pull-out drawer under the bed frame if needed.
20. Wire – You can use any other wire (like a hairclip wire or a clothesline) to attach your bookshelf and pull-out drawer.

When hiring other people:
1. Ask your carpenter or designer to create a bookshelf inside your headboard.
2. The bookshelf should be the exact size that can accommodate all the books you want to store inside it.
3. If possible, put two shelves so you can keep more books inside your headboard-turned-bookshelf.
4. Another option is to ask your carpenter or designer to create a pull-out drawer under your bed. Instead of placing the bookshelf there. The drawer should store as many books as possible, especially those must-keep ones.

There are many ways to get your paperwork done efficiently, especially when you have a small space on your hands.
You can sit or stand on your bed without worrying about your back.
Just like the big boss who works so hard all day long, you need to be organized and efficient when doing something for the sake of making it work as it should.
On top of that, having a bed with storage space is very helpful in keeping things neat at all times.

6. An Ideal Bedroom Idea for the Puppy fanatic

Are you raising a cat or dog or even both? Your pet could be one of the reasons for your smile today. But I bet they can be catastrophic on other days. Moreover, if you suddenly see their pup tucked on the top of your bed covers.
Try to build a private nook for them underneath your bed. Put a soft mini-mattress or pillow. Make it as cozy as you can so your pet will choose that area instead of your sleeping area.

Detail instructions:

1. Plan your space first, measure where you’ll place this bower. You don’t want it to be in your way while you’re sitting back and reading a book.
2. Just like a child needs a seat, rescue your pet from your alarm clock or workspace by leaving a spot for him/her to cozy up
3. If you have space to spare under your bed, build the mini-bed with the measurement of your pet’s height and length or simply repurpose a wooden box or plastic.
4. Add pillows, rugs, or mats, and even a soft blanket on it to let your pet feels cozy and comfortable.
5. Add a passage for them to go in and out without disturbing you.
Insider tip: If you have a little more space under your bed, use it and turn this area into a secret storage room too.

5. Let the Kids Have Fun in the Bedroom

Your kids want to have their own playground. Unfortunately, their room has limited space. Don’t be too stressed. You can overcome this problem by raising their bed a few inches, or even a few feet, off the ground.

You can have plenty of space to store your kids’ toys by raising the bed. It will provide more space and make your kids’ room less messy. It is a great idea to get your kids to sleep on the platform bed. Kids love jumping, running, and playing in their rooms, and all of these activities will be possible with this kind of bed.

Detail instructions:

1. Put your platform bed on a solid floor.
2. Measure the height of your kid’s room and make the base of the bed stand more than 3 feet off the ground (this will add to your difficulty when you have to move it).
3. Hang padding from a structural beam. You can use one or two pieces to lower it down slightly from its original position.
4. You can hang a trampoline in front of your kids’ door as an element in their playground
5. Give them all the inspiration they need and enjoy their new playground
6. If you have a puppy or a cat, your carpets will be safe from their claws.

You can add a slide under their bed, too [it will provide additional space for your toys].
Later, Your kids’ bedroom will be or can be the most fantastic room in the house.

4. All-purpose Storage Under your Bed

Building a multifunctional bed is not always expensive. You don’t need to look for a piece of totally new furniture in IKEA to replace your current mattress. Sometimes what you need is just the courage to do a DIY.
Don’t let the room under your bed be empty or filled with dust and spider’s web. Go get some wooden panels. Make an exact measurement. Then turn it into a storage box. Arrange them under your bed.
Or, if you want to make it easier to move, install small wheels under each storage’s corner. You can put everything you want inside the drawers—no more wasted space.

Detail instructions:

Start with a basic bed frame. Attach wheels to the bottom corners of each panel. Next, attach a hinge to the backside of each panel so you can add them together for easy storage.
You can also design your fabric storage bins to make a more contemporary room.
Place them under your bed, but remember that they are not large enough to hold extra blankets or pillows.
For the slider, you have the freedom to choose those with the highest rating on Amazon.

General instructions:
Step 1: Take two rectangular boards about two feet wide and two feet long (or use one board for both sides) and cut them in half [with a table saw].
Step 2: Create a table out of your bed frame by placing a long piece of plywood on the top. Add some legs to make it stand on the floor.
Step 3: Add a shelf for storage under the table. Install a small cabinet under the top cupboard.
Step 4: Use your legs to connect two tables. Add a piece of plywood—or if you want, use your fabric bins as a form board—to create a small shelf and place it at the end of each bed leg.
Step 5: Add wheels to the bottom leg of each table and extend them up to the bottom of your bed frame. This idea makes it easier to move around when you are ready to sleep or get out of bed in the morning.

To create a new multifunctional bed for small space, you can also use wooden boards and two ladders along with decorative pipes to attach them.

Add a headboard or footboard to complete the bed frame effectively.
Set up the bed and enjoy your new storage system.

3. The Four purposes bed

This one is genuinely an excellent tip for you. Whether you need a big-sized bed, two beds, or sofa, you can copy this idea.
The key is having two small to medium-sized beds. Make sure there is no space between them.
When you suddenly have to welcome more than two guests at once, rearrange the beds into a sofa. But if you have fewer guests, you can stack up the beds to make a taller sofa.

Relevant details:

1. To copy the idea, you need to have two beds – small-medium sized
2. The beds have to be placed next to each other but with no space in between
3. When you need the extra space, stack the beds up
4. To make it into a sofa, you could use cushions and covers
5. Get rid of the covers when not in use

The woodworking project for the idea will cost you a few hundred dollars or less, depending on the plan you choose. If you worry about unnecessary spending, you better get some professional hands. You can also use any type of material to make your wooden furniture as long as it is sturdy and much of its frame could be left exposed.
Although you can use inexpensive materials like plywood, particle-board, pine, or solid wood, it would not be a good choice because these materials do not last long. Better choose the hardwoods such as oak, maple, beech, or mahogany. You can glue the wood together with wood glue to form a strong enough frame for your project.

Making a bed from wine boxes or some wooden pallets is also a practical idea for small spaces with just about enough room for two people to share one mattress and pillow set among them when needed.

2. Dining room or Bedroom? Why not both

Having a multifunctional room acting as a dining room and bedroom sounds impossible. That is not necessarily true. For instance, installing a murphy bed can have much space needed.
A murphy bed commonly comes with a unique lift to access a new storage space solution underneath. Once you do it, you will find a folding table sitting snugly under the bed. Unfolding it, place some chairs, then here you go. Finally, you get a cozy dining room.
Murphy beds are usually expensive, so those who want to save some money can install a Murphy bed kit.

When it is time for bedtime, just fold the table, hide it, and restore the bed. Although the space is not that spacious, the multifunctional room offers sufficient space for a proper sleep at night. It seems pretty efficient, right?

Lastly, number 1. Multifunctional Sleeper Sofa

If you dwell in a studio apartment, this kind of furniture will help you a lot! You can have a comfortable sofa to welcome your guest. Then you can have a bed by unfolding the couch. Plus, some storage to store your stuff.
Well, this idea might sound pricey. Still, it will be worth the money since you can get many benefits from a single bed. Spend some of your time doing research. Compare the price and specification of each similar product you come across at stores, then choose the one that meets your budget.

Alternative ideas to get more space in your limited bedroom are:

  • No 1. You can try to use the vertical space of your room. Hang big towels, for example. Use the floor for storage like this laundry basket.
  • No 2. Get some pallet wood, then build new open shelving. It will give a lovely appearance. Or you can put it anywhere in your room as a plant stand. This way, you will have more storage in your room and still have a nice look.
  • No 3. Instead of putting the bed at the end of your room, make it like this under-bed storage unit, then uses it to store all of your stuff.
  • No 4. An alternative way to get more space in your bedroom is by using the wasted space at the ceiling.
  • No 5. Use an umbrella stand to do double duty as a bedside table.
  • No 6. You can make a new storage box using an old bookcase and recycle it later when you move to another apartment. Instead of buying a new storage box, do this to save money, because you can use your old ones.
  • No 7. Use bathroom vanity as a storage unit (the one with the mirror). It is easy to clean, and its base can be used as a foot platform.
  • No 8. Add cabinets and shelving above your bed or your DIY headboard! You can have a nightstand next to you, or you can skip it and place some lamps beside your mattress instead.
  • No 9. Use an old bookcase and double stack it. Then paint it to your favorite color. Use the top part as the end table of your bed.
  • No 10. Use a small nightstand to act as a side table, and use the drawer to store your stuff.
  • No 11. You can recycle an old door as a headboard; plus, you can use some shelves as bedside tables and storage units (you can paint them or cover them with fabric or decoupage). Use what you have in your home.
  • No 12. Build a small bookshelf using lumber and pallet wood (cut it). Then paint the space that you want for three shelves and decorate it.
  • No 13. Cover an old cabinet with decorative or patterned fabric or decoupage. Paint the top of the cabinet white and make sure there are no sharp edges or protruding bases that could injure someone’s head when lying on it
  • No 14. Use an old wire shelving unit to produce a new shelf.
  • No 15. Use a chest of drawers or a small antique trunk (either one will work).
  • No 16. An old trunk can be used as a shelf or make it look like one (you can cover it with wallpaper).
  • No 17. Hang a rack or an old metal ladder to maximize the limited space.
  • No 18. Use an ottoman or a bench as added storage in your room, plus you can use it as extra seating too.
  • No 19. You can also use an ottoman or a bench to place your bedside table lamp and still have some storage space inside.
  • No 20. Hang a curtain rod and turn it into a single shoe rack.
  • No 21. Use a bean bag as extra seating in your room, plus you can use it to store some personal stuff.
  • No 22. You can also use a bean bag as extra seating in your room, plus you can use it to store some personal stuff or your gadgets like this one.
  • No 23. You can place one end table at the end of the bed and the other side used for storage (you can paint it).
  • No 24. Fill your small corner with storage units, then divide each unit by using curtains for privacy or decoration purposes (you just have to cut them).

You can acquire other ideas, such as a bed with a secret compartment hidden under the mattress, where you can stow away your item and protect them from thieves and other hazards.

Those are 10 multifunctional beds for a small space to help you solve your problem. Hopefully, you will stop blaming the bed due to the lack of room. These beds will assist you in coping with limited space. Good luck!



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