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10 Modern Kitchen Transformations

Here are some modern transformations that give your cooking life some new meaning. These each show how you can transform a messy and outdated kitchen into something sleek and chic.

From a colorful makeover to modern appliances, these ideas say that the kitchen should be about the way it makes you feel, not just the way it looks.

When you’re looking for inspiration to update your kitchens, sometimes all it takes is one clever idea to get going. The kitchen is one of the rooms in your home that needs refurbishing. Since it is the heart of the house, the kitchen must also be stylish and tidy.

Nothing is impossible with a couple of power tools, lots of effort, and a design-savvy eye. No matter how old-fashioned and hopeless your kitchen is.

Do you need proof? These transformations say it all. Get inspired by these 10 modern kitchen transformations that reveal how much potential exists in even the most rundown of spaces.

10 Modern kitchen transformation Poster
10 Modern kitchen transformation Poster

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List Entries:

10. The Vinyl Flooring Idea

Pale colors and natural textures are trending nowadays, so be creative by creating the most excellent of both styles with vinyl that mimics beautiful pale wood.

If you seek small kitchen ideas, lighter floors will help open up space and create the perfect base with on-trend accessories.
This pale wood effect design comes in a pentagon-like shape combined with subdued colors throughout the room to create a soothing space.

Relevant details and instructions:

  1. Use a vinyl wood effect flooring that is not too bright or shiny because it will take away from the natural look.
  2. Choose a light color to help draw out the lighter wood shades in your kitchen and appliances.
  3. Use darker colors on window frames and furniture to create contrast and visual definition so that the walls have more space to show off their shape and texture.”
  4. The kitchen is the heart of the home. A light color floor will add a perfect finishing touch to the essential room in your home.
  5. The flooring is designed to be at least 6 inches deep and is finished on both sides, so there are no visible seams.
  6. Keep things simple and choose a flooring system that will not require additional installation, such as underlay or proprietary glue.
  7. This simplicity also saves on costs because you don’t need to purchase expensive underlayment materials or add expensive glue to the floors—you just lay it down over the subfloor and achieve a beautiful tile-like finish universally across the entire room.
  8. The Grey Scalloped Cabinet Idea
    The grey kitchen tiles wall and wallpaper will be an eye-catcher that the kitchen owner might love to present in the kitchen. The color of the tiles near the counter will help the owner organize their cooking stuff to do their cooking without any problems.

Relevant instructions:

  • No 1. Choose a lighter hue to make sure it gives off a light and airy atmosphere in your kitchen. Also, pick a muted shade instead of something too dark because it has more energy and is more neutral than black or red.
  • No 2. The ideal kitchen color is a warm tone that will be uplifting and cheerful. Black is the most common and goes with everything. It can be used for almost anything in the kitchen, from appliances and flooring to cabinets and headboards.
  • No 3. Because black is not a gray color, it looks best in kitchens with neutral colors or cool shades of white or brown.
  • No 4. Grey, on the other hand, can quickly go with just about any color scheme in the room, so you can create a wide variety of looks with this color by adding lots of accessories so that the room has a lot of texture and visual interest.
  • No 5. Try to use lighter colors for the cabinets, which are usually all you’ll see in the kitchen beside the floor.
  • No 6. Grey is an excellent color of choice because it complements any decoration style, and designers have long liked it because of its versatility with many different types.
  • No 7. If you want to paint your kitchen cabinets black, be sure to use a satin finish paint instead of a flat or eggshell one so that it pops when paired with an island made from natural wood materials.
  • No 8. The combination of wood and black cabinets is a very nice one that you need to try.
  • No 9. Alternatively, if you are not fond of painting black in your kitchen, then why don’t you try the idea of stainless steel for your kitchen?
  • No 10. It is also essential to consider how smooth or textured you want your countertop to be. Smooth counters are great for easy cleanup and are easier to clean if they get dirty, while the textured ones create an uneven surface with little nooks and crannies that trap food particles or small pieces of dust.

9. The Scandinavian Haven

Scandinavian decor often includes a lighter color palette. It reflects the weather in the Nordic countries, as their winters are longer and darker.

The most popular colors in Scandinavian designs are the ones that make a room feel a little brighter, such as cool grays and classic whites. Adding contrast is also recommended, with bolder and darker colors appearing in a more neutral color scheme.

For your Scandinavian-style kitchen walls, use a creamier white color. Add contrast by painting an accent or two in slightly off-white.

Relevant details and instructions:

1. Get your walls painted in a creamy off-white, while the darker wood cabinets create a contrast.
2. If you have the space, add a small window. It’s easier to incorporate natural light rather than brighten up a room with artificial lights.
3. Choose white for your island and top it with gorgeous wooden planks.
4. If you want to hide your appliances and make them more practical, opt for an open-shelf kitchen cabinet instead of drawers.
5. The trendy sliding glass doors give this kitchen transformation project a modern look!
6. Use bright yellow for your window frames and the kitchen cabinets to emphasize them.
7. As you can see, adding a taller ceiling creates more space in this modern kitchen transformation.
8. Keep your flooring as neutral as possible: light wood or stone in natural color is perfect for Scandinavian-style designs.
9. After painting the walls, add a light gray color to your island.
10. A sleek, stainless steel sink adds drama and style to this kitchen transformation.
11. Darker cabinets create more contrast with the white walls and help make a modern Scandinavian design.
12. Use white granite countertops to add elegance and depth to your space.
13. Use black opaque glass for the backsplash in your kitchen design; it creates a dramatic effect!
14. The floating shelves provide extra storage space while keeping a pleasant look on the wall. And don’t forget about adding some decorative LED lights!

8. The Clean and Modern Kitchen concept

There’s a reason white kitchens are so classic. They are clean, bright, and you don’t need to make many stressful color decisions when decorating because, literally, they’re all white.
And if you’re worried that a white kitchen might be dull, the design examples above will convince you otherwise.

All-white cabinets in this kitchen are one of the easiest ways to brighten up your space and make it feel more open. Even if you have other materials such as wood, tile, or metal, stainless steel, white cabinets create a cleaner and modern look and help open up the space.

There are still many options to choose from when decorating a pristine white kitchen, and the kitchen design examples above give you a few ideas. Opting for bright white cabinets and countertops is not the only way to make your space stand out; think metallic or glossy cabinets and counters, rustic or even concrete counters.

7. Experiment with new Open Shelvings

Dare to unpack your kitchen clutter with open shelving that does not hide behind cupboard doors. Yes, that means everything you are putting is fully displayed.

But it also provides you with great decorating opportunities, as you can show off all your favorite ceramics and glassware. Add color and nature with indoor plants.

Open shelving offers both convenience and aesthetic benefits when done right. However, if you will go all out with this design, be sure to play on the advantages of this layout, such as maximizing every inch of space available.

Additional details:

  • No 1. The idea Clearly-lit interior
    Open shelving makes good use of every inch of space, making the interior bright and spacious. Use sheer curtains to achieve the effect you want.
  • No 2. Double function the countertop for serving food
    The open shelving layout gives you ample space to place your serving table at the center of your kitchen. Add a long countertop with a small chopping board in front to maximize its use while maintaining maximum usability.
  • No 3. Baskets for gathering coffee mugs
    Use baskets and trolleys to hold coffee mugs, spoons, and napkins; it’s a great way to conveniently organize your countertop clutter while keeping everything easily accessible at all times.
  • No 4. Small appliances for easy cleaning
    Cabinets are an inefficient way of storing small appliances. Use a stand with baskets instead. It maximizes every inch of space, providing you with the ability to put larger items such as blenders away in the cabinets.
  • No 5. New Display for spices and seasonings
    You can also use the open shelving to display your condiments and seasonings that you can access easily from anywhere in your kitchen. It’s a much more appealing way of addressing clutter than bulky shelves scattered all around on your countertop.
  • No 6. A new Delicious pantry space
    You can use the open shelving space to store the food items that you do not use or display those ingredients and tools you want to keep close at hand while cooking.
  • No 7. Free up floor space
    Open shelving is not just about reducing clutter in the kitchen. It is also a great way of converting unwanted wasted floor space into practical storage options and food preparation accessories, such as a cutting board or rolling pin.
  • No 8. Give you Easier access to your utensils
    Since every part of your kitchen is clear and accessible, it allows easier access for utensils such as knives and spatulas, which you can store in baskets placed on open shelves.
  • No 9. Organize your clutter easier
    Kitchen storage in open shelving also makes it simpler to organize your kitchen. All you need is a bit of organizational sense and the right tools: baskets, trolleys, and jars.
  • No 10. Spacious utensil drawers
    The transformation from traditional kitchen cabinets to open shelving can also increase the amount of space inside your cabinet drawers. Since no doors are obstructing it, this allows your drawers to become much deeper, providing ample room for utensils like ladles and whisks that usually get buried inside bulky cabinets.

6. The Warm Woods Kitchenware Idea

When you create a modern kitchen, bringing a touch of warmth is the main factor. Add a cozy feel to your kitchen by incorporating warm wood tones. You can do it through your choice of flooring, shelves, or drawers.

Compare your wood to classy, contemporary kitchen utensils made of metal. A beautiful blend of modern and natural will give you the contemporary effect you are looking for.

View Important things relevant to this idea:

  • No 1. You must make sure you have selected the suitable material for your home’s interior if you choose to go with natural wood flooring. While it looks beautiful, natural wood might be too expensive for some budgets.
  • No 2. You can choose from various hardwoods to choose from. While natural hardwood can cost you a fortune, wooden flooring is an excellent alternative.
  • No 3. While real wood is more expensive than plastic and other materials, it brings an additional touch of warmth and natural beauty.
  • No 4. The woodgrain gives your kitchen the delicate, soft look you desire inside your home. It is the perfect way to bring a new life into your kitchen at home in a way that befits old-fashioned decorating styles while blending perfectly with the modern age.
  • No 5. The woodgrain also gives your kitchen a touch of class and elegance while retaining the flavor of traditional and home-cooked meals. It brings an old-fashioned yet modern feel that works well with contemporary design styles and rustic interiors.
  • No 6. You can choose to refinish your floors and cabinets in a way that will give them the elegant touch you desire. The woodgrain of your floor and cabinets can be painted, stained, or varnished to match the theme of your kitchen.
  • No 7. The kitchen island or a separate table can also be wood coated in leather, other than the floors and cabinets. This choice will give your home an elegant touch and blend seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen while adding to its contemporary appeal.
  • No 8. You can match the wood grains of your home’s interior with wooden furniture that is similar in color. The contrast that comes with white and brown wooden furniture will give you the traditional feel you desire inside your home while blending seamlessly with modern and contemporary styles.
  • No 9. Another idea will be to use wooden flooring on the ceiling. This idea will give your home a rustic look that will blend well with the woods used on the interior of your kitchen.
  • No 10. You can also make a metal table and chairs from metal—no need to worry about back-breaking labor because you can use tools you already have at home.
  • No 11. You can also use metal for cabinet doors, knobs, handles, and drawers instead of traditional wood made from natural wood or hardwood. This idea gives you an industrial feel that seamlessly blends your kitchen’s contemporary interior style.

5. Open It Up

If your family members don’t like to cook, they might not enjoy a home-cooked meal. If this is the case, you need to ensure that your kitchen can accommodate everyone at once. An open-concept kitchen is the best way to accomplish this task. It offers a larger kitchen island potential, and it also features an open archway for easy access to the dining area.

Do you have windows that will light up your kitchen? Now imagine you have those things. What would it look like? Maybe it looks like a kid-friendly kitchen!

The atmosphere in this kitchen is very fresh. The kitchen walls are all white, with a lot of light coming in from the windows. There are some plants around the window, but not too many. If you follow the idea, You will likely get a cleaner, fresher space and better control of what you put in the kitchen. Just make sure not to make it too bright for your diners.

The only thing that is missing is the rug. If you like the idea, try to find some sort of large rug—a shaggy one might work. This item can have an industrial-chic look, and it may be a little challenging to find.

We can imagine cooking in this kitchen would be so satisfying!

Relevant ideas:

1. Get rid of cupboards
2. Add glass surfaces
3. Add a bigger window
4. Paint the walls with neutral colors and get at least a simple rug or mat made of rubber
5. Fill the kitchen with minimalist plants
6. Play on Contrast
7. Unify the spaces in a single style
8. Add some wooden materials
9. Make the kitchen a little darker and use black tiles on the floor
10. Choose light and neutral tones
11. Add a bar-like area to your kitchen
12. Have the island higher than the rest of the kitchen so that it can be used as a breakfast table or work area

4. Mix Up the Material

In large areas, you can more easily hide flaws or separate competitive styles; in a small room, everything needs to work, including a mixture of wood, metal, and other surface materials.

Since your kitchen may lack interesting architectural details, you can add that all-important style to your countertops, fixtures, cabinetry, lighting, flooring, and eye-catching colors. An easy way to mix up the material is by adding a variety of tiles on your kitchen floor throughout the room. You can also use different colored wood laminate flooring and different types of cabinetry to complement its coloration.

You can alter the style with a rug that matches or contrasts with your kitchen’s theme.
Is there a place you can add fun curves? Will your granite countertops match the color of your cabinets? Your best bet is to make a mixing board with samples and examples of everything you consider. Using an equivalent color and elegance of fixtures and cabinet pulls can help unify the design.

Relevant instructions:

  1. Choose a theme and combine it with a color palette you like. For example, you can use the same color palette for your fixtures and cabinets in different kitchen areas. Or you can use different shades of yellow throughout your room to match the walls.
  2. Choose a classic look that goes well with your kitchen’s theme and materials. The look should be timeless, elegant, and timelessly acceptable. You don’t want to be too far ahead of the current style competition – so don’t overdo it by mixing every modern design element into a more traditional one.
  3. Choose a style that can blend well with the style you are looking for.
  4. Modify the look of your kitchen by changing its color and theme without breaking the bank. For example, you can add a subtle kitchen backsplash and upgrade your sink, countertops, and appliances.
  5. How to choose suitable materials for your kitchen remodeling? You need to know what materials are available in your area and therefore how much they cost per square foot, tile flooring cost per square foot, or granite counter prices, for example
  6. How do you know if your new kitchen will be cost-efficient?
    Answer: Decide which design style you like and choose a similar one in your area. If you are remodeling, start with a floor plan of your newly re-designed kitchen and keep the new layout until it works for you.
  7. How do you determine whether your new kitchen layout will work for you?
    Answer: One way is by placing your new chosen layout on graph paper and seeing if it fits nicely into the square footage of your room. If it looks good on paper, it will probably look good in real life.

3. Light It Up

Like any other room, your kitchen needs a pleasing lighting atmosphere. The proper lighting can affect the coloring of objects in the room, including food found in the kitchen.

To overcome this, consider hanging a chandelier that illuminates your dining room in a more appetizing color. Choose a chandelier that offers a sparkling luxury design for an attractive look. Alternatively, look for a more traditional-looking chandelier.

The lighting of your kitchen should complement the overall design and ambiance of the room. It should also be functional and make life easier for you by providing just sufficient lighting, whether during cooking or food preparation.

Next, cheap ideas to light your kitchen interior:

  • No 1. Choose a light that fits your cabinets
    If your kitchen cabinets are wood, choose a light that fits its color. For example, if you have black cabinets, stick to lights with a darker tone. If you prefer a white kitchen interior, you can choose lights in any color but avoid the colors that may be off-putting and make the room look dark, like yellow and orange.
  • No 2. Make use of window light fixtures
    Bathrooms and kitchens need additional lighting in amber or bronze light fixtures to warm walls and ceilings. The best part about these lights is that they can be installed easily and are incredibly affordable in many cases.
  • No 3. Install pendant lights
    The next thing to consider is installing pendant lights in the kitchen. They are well worth the money, being both decorative and practical. The pendant lighting will help light the kitchen and give it a more aesthetic look.
    You can also choose metal or crystal lamps to go with your kitchen theme. Metal lamps come in various colors and styles, whereas crystal lamps are shaped like jewels with either round or oval settings. You can place both types of lighting fixtures over tables, shelves, cabinets, and counters.
  • No 4. Use under-cabinet lighting
    If you have a dark wood kitchen, you may want to install it under cabinet lighting. While this type of light is recommendable if you are not a fan of stark white walls, it can be installed easily in most kitchen cabinets and does not have to be hidden under the counter.
  • No 5. Install pendant lights to highlight your island
    The best way to illuminate your island is with hanging fixtures. You can hang them over the island from above or from the back to make room for other cooking utensils on the counter. If you have a large island, you could choose to install two or more lights above it. This idea will not only make the room brighter but will also highlight the island.
  • No 6. Hire an electrician to do the job for you
    Instead of not doing it yourself, then why not hire an electrician? You can pick up a number of these professionals at any local hardware store. Many of them are available on contract, so they could even take out old fixtures and reinstall new ones in your kitchen with minimal fuss on your part.
  • No 7. Talk to professionals first
    Before lighting your kitchen, talk to an electrician or contractor first. This way, they will help guide you through the entire process and make it easier. They can also help with any issues that might arise when working on your kitchen, including if running wires throughout your house would be against city codes.
  • No 8. Use fluorescent light bulbs
    These bulbs are energy-saving and last much longer than regular ones because of their longer life span, but they also do not look as pretty as other lights when used in a kitchen.
  • No 9. Use LED lights
    These lights are more energy-efficient than other lights and last much longer than fluorescent light bulbs. They also have a brighter quality, making them ideal for kitchens. Choose LED lights that are white, such as LED lamps over the kitchen work table or LED pendants over the cabinets in the kitchen.
  • No 10. Use mirrors to reflect lighting into your kitchen
    Mirrors mounted above or behind kitchen work tables can make great lighting fixtures because they add brightness but do not take up any extra space on your counter space. This idea makes them ideal for smaller islands and while people cook on a large island with counters in front of them.
    In every part of your home, you should have a theme color that complements its overall design and style.

2. Color It Bold

The color of the walls, appliances, tables, benches and even dishcloths can change your kitchen’s texture and size.

Pastel or light colors, with a good dose of white, reflect light that draws the eye upwards and makes the room appear taller. But don’t think you have to be a colorful chicken in a small space.

Bold coloring can be very effective in small kitchens. How about some white walls, white cabinets, and blue-colored concrete countertops? It will boost your mood to cook in the morning!

Lastly, number 1. The Limited Kitchen Improvement Idea

When dealing with a petite kitchen, you have to be more strategic with the planning, budgeting, and executions. For example, from the picture, we can see plenty of storage space in a kitchen that’s perfectly laid out for cooking because the open wall shelves are easy to get to, and the small kitchen set does a great job.

The modern little bar and slightly long tabletop add the perfect intrigue. Here, you can turn it into a dining table for just having breakfast or brewing coffee in the morning before starting to do your daily activities.

To complete the idea here’s view alternative ideas to optimize your small kitchen area:

  • 1. Don’t use too much space to store things in front of you. The countertop is the prime spot for storing trinkets and utensils, such as knives and measuring spoons. Keep the area around you clear so that it won’t be a distraction while cooking.
  • 2. Arrange the fridge so that it stands as close to the side of the stove as possible. And out of sight, thus creating a natural spot for gathering ingredients for your creations
  • 3. Think about maximizing your shelves quickly by taking advantage of areas not usually used for food storage, such as spaces under cabinets or behind appliances, and then putting more stuff there.
  • 4. Reserve one corner of the room to keep bar equipment, such as your space-saving wine racks and extra refrigerators, and put them there so you can quickly retrieve them when needed.
  • 5. Combine modern furniture with classic furniture to boost the space while staying on budget.
  • 6. If you have teenagers in the house, ask them to clean up after dinner to make it easier for you to prepare supper and clean up afterward.
  • 7. Use a smaller oven and make fewer dishes, such as a pasta station or one with much fewer ingredients, so that you don’t have to cool foods down during cooking. Then warm them up later.
  • 8. If you have limited kitchen space, take advantage of the long side of your oven by making larger dishes on the burners and saving smaller items for the sidewalls. Or use two ovens when baking.
  • 9. Organize your coffee station by placing it near where you prepare food or drinks so that it’s easy to reach while cooking.
  • 10. You can also find space in other corners of the room. Such as under a cabinet or in the corner of the table

Keeping your small kitchen area organized and stylish is easy when you think big. By creating a place for everything, you can still produce beautiful meals for your family to enjoy, no matter how small.

  • 11. Storage and Fixture
    There’s a room for storage in every kitchen and a place for fixing stuff. Some rooms have more than one of these areas, but you always need them to work in your favor. Let’s see here what are the best ways to use each of those spaces:
    11.1. Storage Space
    When organizing your storage area, remember that some things you should keep close by and others that can be stored further away from the counter. It’s not just about convenience; it’s also about safety and keeping things out of sight so that pests or rodents don’t come calling.
    11.2. Fixing space
    This sentence is used for areas with space to store different equipment, appliances, utensils, and other stuff. You can use them in your kitchen to fix the things that are not meant to be behind the counter. It’s just a good practice to keep these spaces organized and clean, so they don’t get cluttered up.
  • 12. Safety and Kid-Friendly
    You always want to provide a safe and kid-friendly kitchen area for all your family members. You can’t always prevent minor accidents from happening, but you can ensure that they won’t repeatedly occur when you set up your space.
    Here are some helpful tips to help ensure that no one gets hurt in your kitchen:
    12.1. Install a doorstop or two on the sink’s center support. This idea will stop small objects from falling and staying in the drain, which could cause flooding in your home.
    12.2. Put out a fireproof mat to use when you’re cooking on the stove. It’s excellent for those times when you’re using things that can get hot, like pots and pans, and it will protect your floor from any debris.
    12.3. Move anything that could potentially hurt anyone from the counter into another place in the room, where kids won’t be able to reach them if they fall off the counter by accident.
    12.4. Store objects that can get hot or colder in a box or chest with a lid so they won’t be too dangerous for small hands to touch and handle.
  • 13. Food Storage and Storage Bins
    Keep food fresh, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat, and snacks in your kitchen. You won’t need a lot of space to store these items if you buy them in bulk. You should store specialty items like eggs in containers designed for their use, such as egg cartons or baskets. You also want to keep them away from the light, where they’ll stay fresher longer.
    13.1. Food Storage
    To keep safe food in your home, you should always store it in the right place and at the right temperature to make it last longer. You can quickly put a sign on your refrigerator or freezer to remind you where things belong. You’ll also want to keep them away from the light, so they don’t spoil.
    13.2. Storage Bins
    These two items can help you store food in a way that will make it easier for you to use:
    ~ Zipper bins are great for storing dry goods because they have a zipper that keeps bugs out of the bags and protects them from moisture, so groceries will stay fresher longer (make sure the zippers close fully).
    ~ Plastic containers are great for storing your food items since they’re transparent; this makes it easy to see what you have stored.
    ~ Bins with a tight-fitting lid protects the contents from being quickly damaged by moisture, dirt, and pests.
    So, if you tossed those plastic bags back in the ’70s because they did a poor job at storing your groceries, think again! Give them another chance and keep things right.
  • 14. Easy-to-Clean Kitchen Space
    If you want to keep your kitchen stuff clean and organized, there are some simple things that you can do to help keep it that way:
    14.1. Use dispensers to keep spices, sauces, and other seasonings out of sight.
    14.2. Store these items in a place within easy reach:
    ~ You should place cleaning supplies in a central location that’s easy to reach; you don’t want to have to move them around just because you need one thing and another comes up right after that.
    ~ You can store dish soap and detergents in a drawer underneath the sink. Or around the corner on the countertop.
    ~ Staples are great for keeping handy while they’re being used or when they’re dirty, so make sure you store them somewhere that’s convenient.
    ~ Cleaning wipes are fantastic for cleaning up any spills or stains in an instant, so they should always be in the same place you keep your dishes.
    ~ Sponges can sit within easy reach on the sink’s edge or within the dishwasher.
    ~ Pots and pans can be placed on a holder over the stove since they tend to get dirty after use. They’re also easier to clean when you don’t have to move them away from your work area.
    14.3. Wipe up any spills right away (and every time you see one):
    ~ Wiping up spills as soon as you notice them can help prevent them from ruining your floors and countertop.
    ~ One thing to remember is that the sooner you clean up, the easier it will be to keep those surfaces in good condition.
    14.4. Clean your sink after every use:
    ~ A clean sink is essential when it comes to kitchen safety because it makes it easy for you to clean your hands and wash food properly; if there’s water in there, scrubbing with dish soap will be much easier as well.
    14.5. Your go-to cleaning products should be labeled:
    ~ Labeling each product you use for cleaning and labeling where you store them will make cleaning up easier for you.
    14.6. Clean your appliances weekly:
    ~ You can use a damp cloth to clean stains or spills off the outside of your stove or refrigerator after each use.
    14.7. Mop up any stains on the floor with vinegar and water:
    ~ You may want to keep some paper towels, vinegar, and water in a bucket next to your sink in case there’s any spilled liquid while cooking or washing dishes. It’s great for getting rid of sticky stuff like syrup or sauce that’s been spilled on the floor.
    14.8. Store things in a convenient place:
    ~ Storing items within reach is more than a convenience when you have to clean up quickly; it can also help you avoid making any more messes in the process.
    ~ Things that belong in the same place should be stored together, like sponges, soap, and paper towels.
    14.9. Keep your trash bag close:
    ~ Wiping up spills on your floor will protect it from getting ruined, but it could get pretty stinky if you leave those spills there for too long; having a trash bag handy will help you make sure that those nasty smells don’t get into your home.
    14.10. Keep your dishwasher clean:
    ~ The dishwasher can clean your dishes, but it could also get dirty itself. Keeping the dishwasher clean is essential when you repeatedly wash the same foods.
    And if you’re keeping lots of foods in your pantry and freezer, keep them away from any dripping or dripping substances like water, juice, or syrup since they’ll get on whatever is stored with them.

Interesting fact:

The One Room Challenge is a home design competition started by the One Room Challenge Foundation. It challenges participants to donate one room of their home and design it using available furnishings.

Do you want a kitchen with a stylish view? These 10 modern kitchen transformations will help you out with that. They can be the beginning of inspiration for your brand new kitchen right now. So, roll up your sleeves and start to work.



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