Modern Home Design Plans and Creation Guide

A lot of people now using modern home design plans since it can be used for any kind of location and easier to be built. And since it is mostly mixed with contemporary style, it will always follow the current trend so you would not find it outdated. If you need some help to design your own home plans, here we have some guide that you can use. Make your house to accommodate all of your need, organize everything and make it to be the house you always dreamed of. Understand this guide and make your own design according to your land plot and personal needs.

Modern home design plans ideas to create perfect style

1. Open floor

The number one modern home design plans concept is making an open floor plan. This means you need to put everything in one big room. That might sound difficult, but actually this what makes modern plans quite easy to design. You only need to think of the area you want to have inside your house, then put everything next to each other in one room without any separator. Make a list for the needed area then draw the layout of each area until you satisfy with the result. In the building process, you might only need to make one open floor room then install the fixture accordingly. (via clarum)

open floor

2. Glass wall

Because of the open concept, you should not give too many limitations to your house and that includes the walls. To make the wall seems limitless you can try to use glass wall, especially for wall connected to the exterior area. This will make your indoor and outdoor area unite thus making your house feels bigger. The modern home design plans idea is to make big windows without any frame or walls around it. You can also directly make the glass wall that can be opened anytime. (via home-designing)

glass wall

3. Separated flooring function

Since you need to keep the area in your house in one big room, try to separate the flooring function. This is suitable if you want to build a house with more than one floor. The main floor can be function as a floor for main activity area such as living room, dining room and kitchen, that way you can keep them in one big floor without any walls. The upstairs floor can be function for more private activity so you can build everyone bedroom in this floor. Of course you can separate the rooms accordingly. However if you want to build small modern home design plans with only one floor, you can still put the bedroom on the side of the house, while the activity area is united in one big area in the middle of the house. (via dezeen)

separate floor function

4. Sleek design

For the modern home design plans exterior you need to make sure that the design is sleek. Use mostly straight line and avoid unnecessary curve that will make the design appears cluttered and not modern. If you need to have trims, you also need to make sure that the trim used also has sleek appearance. This will make your exterior look simple but still luxurious and modern. Concrete and steel materials are very suitable for your house, so you can use it all over the exterior. (via home-designing)

sleek design

5. Roofline

Roof also important for your modern home design plans appearance since this type of house has specific roofline to follow. Two ways that you can design your roofline is by making it flat or you can try to have shed roofline. This kind of roofline will keep the sleek look of your house and usually the roof will not have tiles to keep the straight line concept. Roof line has some curve that you want to avoid having in your modern style house. (via bedroomfurniture)

roof line

Tips in building modern house of your dream

When you want to use modern style house, you need to keep them bright especially if you only build small size house. One way that you can do is by using bright color for both interior and exterior. This is also the reason why they use glass wall in modern house and the windows are big without frames to allow as much as natural lights inside your house. Make sure there is enough lighting to light the entire house especially since it has open concept with big area.

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When you make modern home design plans layout make sure you have everything you need from living room, dining room, kitchen bathroom and bedroom. The number of bedroom should be able to accommodate all people living in the house. You can try to use shared bathroom for all bedroom to add more space to the other room. Do not waste any space and make sure the size is enough so you would not feel the house is too crowded.

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