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10 Modern and Stylish Bedroom Makeover for Young People

You can classify yourself as young, although your birth certificate tells you the reality you were born in 1977. On the website, age is nothing but an illusion, and we welcome you to make new mistakes after taking one or some of the following ideas. We wish you not making a too expensive mistake, though. Because we know too well together now, the recession is real, influencing people of all ages in all walks of life.

Most young people are more into modern and stylish styles for fashion or the bedroom. Meanwhile, their bedroom design probably has lasted for the past few years. So it’s time to make a change.
It does not mean you must rebuild your bedroom and start everything from the beginning. You only need to add or remove a few things and make a little change. If you still have no idea what to do, let’s check out these ten modern, stylish bedroom makeovers for young people.

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10. A Chalkboard Wall art Idea

10. Chalkboard Wall art by
If you think chalkboards are only for classes at school, think again. It can appear marvelously in a bedroom. It provides space for you to express your creativity. Even better, you can use it to make notes, draw down fresh inspiration, brush up on the lesson you’ve got, or just doodle.

Use chalkboard paint to get this fabulous look. It has various colors besides black that you can get from home improvement stores. Apply it to the wall near the desk to optimize its functionality.

9. Add Fish Tank

9. Add Fish Tank by
The existence of a fish tank in a bedroom enhances the lovely view when it is completed with colorful plants and pebbles. However, if you don’t have a giant aquarium for that purpose, then a wall fish tank like this is enough. It is even possible to use a glass or jar.

However, a mini fish tank is much preferred and recommended over the big one due to maintenance issues. Besides, a small container doesn’t require a filtration system, which may be noisy at night. Regardless of your considerations, the fish tank is an environmentally friendly décor option.

8. Show your Favorite Sport

8. Show your Favorite Sport by
Your boys’ and girls’ favorite can be a makeover inspiration for their room. For instance, a boy who loves sport will suit the sporty bedroom design. Add one or some items of his favorite sport, or display his favorite team as the bedroom decor.

The wall behind the bed becomes a canvas of baseball players’ murals. It personalizes the room and becomes a focal point. However, if you don’t want the picture to take over the wall, you can attach it to the furniture. Then add any sports equipment stickers as the complement.

7. Casual Black & White

7. Casual Black White by
Black and white are a color combination that will always look chic and perfect for any age. Here, the wall behind the bed is dominated by black, while the other is painted white and combined with a black pattern that can be made using black tape. Move a little, and you will see black and white furniture, a rug, and a pillowcase.

Garin Chadwick SimphomeUnsplash
Garin Chadwick Simphome~Unsplash

Did you realize that even though this bedroom appears monochromatic, it does not look boring? It is because of the various decor patterns in it that accidentally are visually entertaining. This is a brilliant trick if you are using monochrome for a room.

6. DIY Floral Pillow

6. DIY Floral Pillow by
After you finish the walls, try making this floral pillowcase to top off the bedroom makeover. It would be better to make it from scratch, so basic sewing skill is required.

  • Firstly, you need to cut the fabric for the pillowcase.
  • Next, cut a long strip for the flower. Note that the flower only uses one strip of fabric, so ensure it is long enough.
  • Stitch one side of the strip, then pull the thread yarn to gather it.
  • Grab the pillowcase and sew the strip spiral on the front side.
  • Last, finish sewing the pillow cover.

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5. Clean the Space

5. Clean the Space by
Cutting out the clutter is one of the easiest and cheapest bedroom makeovers that anybody can do. No matter how great you do the wall and bed, there won’t be any significant difference if the space is still crowded with stuff as it used to be.

As we know, the youth has stuff; they probably need additional storage to organize it. Something like a shelving unit is a great storage solution to declutter the room. This way will open up your space and make it airy.

4. Bring a Cheerful Mood

4. Bring Cheerful Mood by
The busy yet cheerful youth time can be seen here. This bedroom corner has everything teenagers need – space for studying, playing, and relaxing. The desk looks chic with the contrast of red and white colors and some shades of blue.

It is big enough to hold all the college types of equipment. Meanwhile, the wall matches the floor with a bold color combination, only with different strips. The wall provides space to hang skateboards and guitars they can play with whenever they need a school project break.

3. Re-Do the Flooring

3. Do the Flooring by
When it comes to wooden floors, most people will cover them with a carpet or rug. Whereas, with a little effort, you can make it stand out. This plank wood floor is, for example. It looks so lovely with gray paint color and white pattern.

Before painting the floors, you must remove the carpet, scrub the surface, and clean it. Once it is clean and dry, paint it fairly thick to cover the uneven colors that the floors maybe have. Leave it to dry, and then you can start stenciling it with white paint. This DIY project will take a few hours, but it is worth the result.

2. A Bookshelf Gallery

2. Bookshelf Gallery by
If you want to upgrade your bedroom furniture without spending a lot of money, this bookshelf gallery is a great option. It turns the plain bookshelf into a home for the family’s picture. More than that, using pictures as a backdrop like this creates a great bedroom décor.

It is easy and quick to make. First, the pictures are printed and cut into sizes. Then, using double-sided tape, they are attached to the back of the shelf, and your job is completed!

Lastly, number 1. Find a new furniture arrangement

1. Rearrange The Furniture by
A bedroom makeover is not always about purchasing new furniture or something. Sometimes a unique atmosphere can be obtained by simply switching the layout of your bedroom.
For instance, you were changing the direction of your bed from against the window to facing it. You can get a new look at the room by switching the furniture position. However, it would be best if you also removed unnecessary things so the room will feel roomier and airy.

So, Those are modern and stylish bedroom makeovers for young people that hopefully can inspire you. Nevertheless, if you plan to decorate your child’s bedroom, getting them involved in the makeover process is better, from designing to executing and finishing. This way, they will get the bedroom that suits their needs and taste.

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