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12 Minimalist Organization project ideas for A Simple Living Room

Hooray for the next new year! Now is the perfect time to make changes to your home and simplify the clutter. With these 12 minimalist organization project ideas, you can get your living room looking chic without spending a fortune or making major changes

Key Points:

  • Transforming a simple living room doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. You can go from cluttered to chic with just a few simple changes.
  • Clear surfaces and stow away small items, so you don’t have to worry about where you put everything.
  • Make use of vertical space, whether with a shelf or cubby system or hanging things from the wall.

Basic Instructions:

  1. The first step in getting your living room looking great is to get rid of all those little pieces that clutter the surface and get in the way. Organizing consultant Janna Ayoub recommends putting everything in its place, so there’s no need to worry about what goes where when you’re finished using it.
  2. Next up, is storage. Ayoub suggests a classic bookshelf for small objects or a rolling cart for larger ones if you have the space and need more storage.
  3. Clear surfaces by stowing away small items in baskets, bins, or other containers. You can also use wall shelves and cubbies to make the most of vertical space.
  4. If you’re dealing with lots of papers, keep them organized with labeled binders that you can file away when they’re done.
  5. Don’t forget the lighting! Dim light makes it hard to see what you’re working with, but it can be difficult to relax in the space if it’s too bright.
  6. If you’re thinking about buying new furnishings for your living room, start by adding a few pieces that add depth to the space. This idea will make it feel more like a room and less like your living room.
  7. If you have an extra floor area, consider using that as additional storage. A floating shelf is an especially good idea if you have many heavy items to keep off the floor.
  8. Add texture and color with bold accessories if they work in your space, whether that’s patterned pillows or artwork on the wall.
  9. Keep everything neat with clear baskets and bins to label each one, so you know what they are and where they go when finished.
  10. Look for pieces that add interest and height to the space. This doesn’t mean you need an entire piece of furniture but look for something to make a statement.
  11. Group like items together, whether they’re books or decorative pieces. Doing so makes it easy to see what you have without taking up too much space on the floor.
  12. You don’t have to stick with neutral colors in your living room; Ayoub suggests using bolder colors and patterns, such as bold orange or purple pillows or a patterned rug underneath a coffee table.

You do not need a large living room to gain comfort because a small one can be as comfortable and chic as the more spacious and luxurious counterparts. However, this idea will not be tangible if you keep cramming a lot of stuff into it. Therefore, knowing how to organize things is essential.

You may have come across many tips on keeping things organized. Try these 12 minimalist organization-project ideas for a simple living room if clutter still takes over the space. As always, Simphome® presents you with the list:

12 Minimalist Organization project ideas for A Simple Living Room Poster

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List Entries:

12. Neutral Living Room Decor With Our Organic Sofa @tfsnaturalhome

One of the best ways to carve out a minimalist living room is by sticking to a neutral color palette.
An all-white color scheme can be a good start. However, it can be a daunting task because it may lead to a hygienic look rather than a calm and inviting nuance. Therefore, you can try opting for soft color hues.

Off-white walls can be a perfect base for your minimalist living room. Then, pair it with a cream-colored couch and rug. After that, toss some cushions with a neutral color palette, such as gray and brown. If you think it is dull, you can add a spark of interest by laying a black cushion with white stripes. It will complement the look of your minimalist living room without overpowering it.

Adding artwork is also essential to spruce up the space. However, you need to be thoughtful with the scale. Many small art pieces will only make your living room feel more cramped. Therefore, consider hanging a large painting instead.
Do you want to add a subtle elegance to your minimalist living room? Try investing in a marble coffee table.

11. Minimalist Apartment Living Room @_indiewillow

This Nordic-inspired living room is not only exquisite but also relaxing. The homeowner decided to use soft beige as the base to create a soothing ambiance.

Keeping things down to a minimum is the hallmark of minimalist interior design. Therefore, the homeowner does not cram the space with a lot of furniture. They only keep a linen loveseat and armchair sitting by the rolling glass that connects the living room with the balcony.

Instead of installing many floating shelves, the homeowner opted for a wicker ottoman that serves various purposes. It can be a lovely coffee table where you can set down your tea, candles, or decorative items while adding texture to this Nordic-inspired living room. Besides, it features hidden storage that will help you eradicate clutter.

They added greenery like devil’s ivy hanging from a floating shelf and jade plants perching on plant stands to round the look.

10. Living Room Organic Modern @hannah_wehring

Can you blend modern and classic styles? Why not!
This living room combines organic modern and Parisian eclectic epically by blending the old with the contemporary.

One of the hallmarks of Parisian eclectic is the use of a mirror with sculpted frames. However, you do not find only one mirror in this living room but five mirrors of different sizes and shapes.
These mirrors do double duty because they make a terrific focal point that throws back to the classic era and reflects more light, making the space appear to be larger.

Investing in simple seats will enhance the Parisian eclectic that you are trying to carve out. Then, pair them with a low-level coffee table topped with contemporary art to round out the look.

9. Organizing Your Cord cleverly via @kassyrandazzo

The concept of minimalism is always about keeping things down to a minimum. For this reason, holding clutter at bay is necessary.

One of the biggest problems that may lead to clutter is cords. To overcome it, you may think to stash away them inside a drawer. It can provide a temporary solution, but are you sure you want to keep the cords tangled all the time?

Instead of hiding the cords away, you can try organizing them. To do this, you simply need to get a drawer liner and lay it on the bottom of your drawer to prevent things from sliding.

Then, invest in some plastic containers to store each cord. Do not forget to put on a label so that you can find what you are looking for easily.

8. Use Available Small spaces you have Creatively @homiecollection

Implementing a minimalist look to a small living room is your best bet because it can make it seem more spacious.
You can begin with organizing things in your living room. It does not have to be complicated whatsoever, though. You can simply invest in Ikea LACK, some trays, and baskets to store small items that tend to make your living room look messy.

7. 4 simple ideas on How to declutter your living room in 4 simple steps

If you think carving out a minimalist style in your living room entails fancy furniture, think again. What is the point of purchasing exorbitant seats and a coffee table if you cannot arrange them well?
If you long for the simplicity of a minimalist interior design, make sure you do the following things:

  • First, you need to eliminate clutter or minimize it. You can do this by removing unnecessary things, including your extensive CD collection or books.
  • Second, you will also need to be thoughtful with the furniture. Opting for the one with simple and geometric shapes rather than the one with complicated details is better for minimalism.
  • Third, consider only keeping the pieces of furniture you really need. You need to restrain yourself from cramming more furniture into your living room. Keeping only a couch, chair, and coffee table would be enough.
  • Then, when you see the blank walls and coffee table, you probably have the urge to decorate them. Again, you have to restrain yourself from doing it. If you want to spruce up the space, one large picture will be perfect.

6. Integrated your Dressing room with your petite living space @itsmonicavargas

Did you know that your small minimalist living room could turn into a chic dressing room?
To do this, you can bring in a cloth rack to hang your outfits because it is better than a bulky wardrobe. Besides, you can also use a rolling cart to display your accessories.
Lean a full-length mirror against a wall to double-check your look more easily for the final touch.

Basic instructions:

  • Step 1: Build a simple dressing room from scratch.
    First, you need to measure the space to prepare your plan. Once you have the specific dimensions, you can begin building them.
    Once the dressing room is completed, make sure that it is sturdy enough to not shake or fall, even if you wear high-heeled shoes. To do the job, add locks at the bottom of each leg or screw a small block of wood under each leg.
    Second, for your dressing room to be useful, consider adding wheels because later, you can easily move it from one place to another if necessary.
    Third, choose a color tone that will go with your living room.
  • Step 2: Accessorize your dressing room with accessories.
    Once the dressing room is finished, you will need to stock it with unusual but useful accessories to make it more functional. If you are short on space, try stacking furniture on top of each other, which will create a sense of volume and give your room a more chic look.
    For example, an easy way is to hang clothes from the ceiling or use shelves to display accessories and bags.
  • Step 3: Display your outfits with style
    Once the dressing room has been decorated, all left for you to do is find stylish ways to display your clothes.

5. The DIY and DESK Combo wardrobe idea to complete your limited living room @Yazid Rizki Ramadhan

If you dwell in an apartment, you may know how it feels to put up with limited space. Some of you might even have to merge your living room and bedroom.
This DIY desk and wardrobe combo can be your safe bet if you have the same problem.
First, you need to build the wardrobe. Then, screw metal pegboard strips to the wall. After that, get some boards to create shelves. Finally, hang a curtain for your wardrobe. You do not want to exhibit clutter in your closet, do you?

Basic instructions:

  • Step 1: Build the wardrobe
    Place a piece of plywood or OSB on your dining table and screw the pegs to it. Then, use the two-by-six boards to create shelves. You can also use wooden planks instead of the two-by-six board, but make sure that you use wood with a maximum width of at least 3 feet for each shelf.
  • Step 2: Install pegboard in your living room
    After that, measure the space between each peg to have a minimum depth of 1 inch. Then, use metal drywall anchors to fix the pegs onto your wall. Finally, screw metal hooks onto them so you can hang things on them.
  • Step 3: Hang the boards on the wall
    If you do not want to use a curtain to hide your things, you can buy ready-made pegboards.
    You can simply create your wooden pegboard using a power sander, wood filler, and wood stain or paint for those who want to be thrifty. You can also make use of old shelves for this purpose. You can simply paint them or add some designs to create your unique style.
    Keep in mind that the best way to maximize space is by organizing things properly in your living room.

However, if your living room is already small enough and you still want it to look spacious, try looking at the following ways:

  • No 1. Use a living room rug to hide the mess
    If you have a lot of stuff in your living room, you first need to consider whether they are necessary. If they are, you have to find a way to hide them. A simple solution is to use rugs. They not only cover the mess on your floor but also add some life and warmth to your home décor. Tossing one or two oversized rugs over the floor would be enough now.
    If you want even more storage space for your items, you can simply turn it into an excuse for adding a small bookshelf or switch it up with a sofa table or even a floating shelf.
  • No 2. Use furniture as storage
    If you want to maximize your space, you can simply use other living room furniture to store items you already own. You can also mount your mirror behind the couch and put decorative frames on the wall to create a gallery wall.
  • No 3. Add shelving and a sorting system
    Defining what things are essential will help make your room more organized. This idea would be essential if you have too many items in your living room. You need a small, bookshelf type of shelving unit that can be adjusted high, low, or short depending on whether you need an extra shelf.
  • No 4. Use stacking chairs
    You can follow the minimalist trend by using stacking chairs. These kinds of chairs allow you to save space and maximize the square footage in your room. You can even choose light-colored ones to make your room look more spacious.
    It would be a great idea if you could add colors that contrast with your living room’s décor. Paint them the same color as your walls or suit them with colorful cushions or pillows.
  • No 5. Add throw pillows and rugs
    While rugs are a traditional way of adding depth and texture, you can use throw pillows for this purpose, too.

4. Make This Modern Ladder Shelf

We all know that a minimalist living room needs simple and functional furniture, which may be pricey sometimes.

If you wish to salt away some money, you had better make it yourself. Besides, it is not impossible, though. Do you not believe it? Then, take a look at this ladder shelf.
You will only need two 1 “x2” x4′ wooden boards and three 24-inch towel bars to make this shelf. Then, simply attach the bars to the boards and ensure they are level.


Concrete is well known for its durability. Besides, it can also make a great decoration that will complete your minimalist living room.

You can find many minimal concrete decorations, such as lamps, pots, and artwork. You can even create shelving units with it. Still, you have to be careful to maintain a minimalist look. For this reason, you need to invest in the one with simple designs.

Once you have got your minimal concrete decorations, you can combine them with black-and-white art, an off-white neutral color scheme, and natural elements like rattan and jute to get the feel of Scandinavian and tropical simultaneously.

2. Over Personalizing Your space without major renovations @Emilyrayna

Playing with shapes and colors is fun. Even better, you can make it a fun and functional project for your minimalist living room.

However, you will need your own printer to print the shapes and colors you want. For example, you can highlight every essential spot in your living room, like the power outlets, hooks for keys, and TV, with bold color hues.

You will not want to paint the entire walls, though. You just apply some pops of colors to accentuate them.

Lastly, number 1. Simplify your living room re-organization without spoiling or burdening your brain with too many ideas from @melissafrusco and Tylko

If a studio apartment is your current home, you may not have much space for a home office. Therefore, you need to place a desk in your living room to use this area as a workspace.

A desk with a glass top would be perfect because you can see through it and know what you are storing underneath it. Then, you will also need some cute trays to house small items. Finally, last but not least, a spectacular view that you can overlook from your living room.

Other improvement suggestions:

  • No 1. Use a floating shelf to maximize space
    A floating shelf is placed on top of a bookshelf, smaller cabinet, or even an entertainment center. Then, you can use it to store small stuff, such as movies and CDs.
  • No 2. Use shelving to create feature walls
    Shelving units can be used in many ways, such as highlighting certain areas in your living room. You can purchase units that are the right size for the space you need to highlight. In addition, you can use them as feature walls, such as hanging artwork or display vases.
  • No 3. Buy some storage baskets
    You may need a little storage space to not have to search all over the place if you need something specific. They are easy to carry around and store when they are done with it. They also look nice and dandy with your minimalist style décor.
  • No 4. Use a media cabinet
    A media cabinet is perfect for placing TVs and other entertainment center items. It also gives you a good place to display your favorite movies, DVDs, CDs, etc. Moreover, it provides you with more storage space in your living room.
  • No 5. Use a different design for every shelf
    Having some shelving with various designs can be used to maximize space in your living room. You can have small, medium, and large cabinets that are all different. They will also add some color to your room.
    You have to prevent yourself from overdoing it, though. Just stick to one theme or style in your living room. Otherwise, it will look too messy rather than minimalist.
  • No 6. Use decorative hooks
    Hooks are great for storage, especially if you do not want anything too permanent but still want something visually appealing and unique at the same time. You could hang items on them for decorative purposes and practical ones.
  • No 7. Use baskets and baskets to store small things
    Baskets work just like hooks. The only difference is that you place them on the floor, and you can access them without opening any doors. This idea makes them perfect storage space for small things, such as old magazines, toys, etc.
  • No 8. Get a great floor lamp
    A floor lamp is a great addition to any room. The light it provides can be useful if you want to read or work in your living room. In addition, it will provide some extra light for a space that does not have much natural lighting.
  • No 9. Use a media center shelf
    A media center shelf is ideal if you do not want to hire someone to build one for you or if you just do not have the space to spare. It works like a bookshelf and gives you the same storage with minimal impact on your room’s decorating style.
  • No 10. Build a new hidden storage furniture system
    You only need to get some small storage cabinets (which you can purchase from any store). Also, you will need to cover the floor with a rug. Then, you need to place the cabinets on top of it. This way, they will look like they are floating on top of your floor and will get additional storage space.


If you want your living room to look more spacious, you need to follow these ideas. As mentioned above, minimalism is something that you should not only apply in your bedroom. This style can also be seen in your living room. However, if it is too small, you will have to take vital measures to make it spacious again.

Simplifying things does not limit your creativity. Furthermore, this is 2022 – the era of minimalism. Thus, these 12 minimalist organization-project ideas for a simple living room are what you need because they are suitable for any home that adores simplicity.



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