12 Minimalist Living Space Ideas

Minimalism is one of the few design trends that have stood the test of time. Minimalism is a concept rooted in simple and thoughtful living, proving to be adaptable with almost any design style.

When you decide to adopt minimalism in your interiors, get ready to commit to a life free from clutter. It is essential that you continuously curate your space to contain meaningful and functional items– remember quality over quantity! Whatever design style you choose to go with, adopting a minimalist lifestyle–clean, clutter-free, and intentional–will go well with any living space.

Here are some living space interiors that might just encourage you to begin your journey towards simple living:
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12. Mid-century Modern

12. Mid century modern minimalist idea by smphome.comOne of the most classic design style combos you can go with is mid-century modern plus minimalism. Both design concepts rely heavily on simplicity and functionality. Mid-century modern designs effectively find the perfect balance between sleek lines and organic shapes, creating an innovative look to more traditional and outdated pieces. This design style definitely does not run away from bold, colorful, and futuristic moves.

Minimal mid-century modern designs feature clean lines and an open space which allows architectural details to shine. Organic elements such as plants and wood give the elegant room a subtle coziness and warmth.

11. A Bold Take on Monochrome

11. A Bold Take on Monochrome by smphome.comA color palette of white, cream, gray, and black can be the perfect base for a richly designed room! A neutral color palette can instantly make a space feel open and inviting.

Monochromatic living space is a perfect backdrop to make big and bold design choices. Stick with black and white accent pieces to make a bold statement. For a more modern look, mix in some metallics like gold and silver fixtures.

10. Cozy it Up

10. Cozy it Up by smphome.comMinimalist living space doesn’t mean that it should be cold and dull. With the right design choices, you can make the simplest space into a warm and calming environment.

While all-white walls may be a challenge to keeping the room warm and inviting, focus on incorporating natural elements to add dimension and life to the room. The first thing you should do is incorporate natural lighting into space–instantly creating a serene and soothing space. Next, look for decor and furniture with natural elements. Plants (literally) add life to a dull room, and materials such as rattan and wood add instant warmth and texture.

9. The Subtle Artistry

9. Subtle Artistry by smphome.comYou don’t have to go crazy with your color choices and decor options to show your creative side. Your ingenuity will ultimately shine when you find ways to incorporate your personality and artistry in subtle ways around your living space.

This living space simply (yet very effectively) lets the homeowner’s creativity shine through with the meaningful choice of decor. The hanging art piece is bold and subtle at the same time, and the graphic illustrations add a cozy and lived-in feel to the whole space. The white walls and curtains created the perfect backdrop to allow various materials and textures to shine through.

8. A Simple Yet Bold Concept

8. Simple Yet Bold by

Finding the right balance between simplicity and bold choices can be the most challenging in a minimalist space. You can begin by choosing just one or two large and bold main pieces of furniture, then complement these choices with a few smaller accessories.

For your living space, choose a couch that allows you much flexibility in terms of design style. A bold yet neutral sofa can be the perfect canvas for almost any design style, saving you trouble and significant expenses when you choose to remodel. Build on your aesthetic using smaller accent pieces on your couch, like statement pillows or a textured throw.

7. An Essentialist Perspective

7. An Essentialist Perspective by smphome.comIf you find the concept of minimalism to be a little too extreme, you can begin your journey of simple living by asking the question, “What can’t I live without?”.

This is called essentialism. It can be applied to almost any aspect of your life, including designing your interiors. When you’re making design choices, look for pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but will be significant and functional to your way of life. Refrain from spending time and money on items that don’t have a significant effect on your lifestyle. This will make a huge difference in the number of objects you keep at home, consequently making it easier for you to organize!

Once you’ve figured out all the basics in your life, it’s now necessary to regroup and organize your home to be more efficient, clean, and ultimately more relaxing.

6. Putting-up Walls

6. Putting up Walls by smphome.comAnother important aspect of the organization is learning to effectively categorize all the important elements of your life. This includes being able to determine the best way to improve efficiency in your home life.

Especially in a small home, it will be challenging to maintain a comfortable living space that allows you to move freely. It is then crucial that you designate areas in your living space according to function and frequency of use. This apartment is the perfect example of smart living choices–designating distinct stations in the home allows for free and comfortable movement within the living space.

Clever use of dividers, blinds, and sofas gave the illusion of a much larger space. A combination of different materials and functional decor effectively creates a calming and contemplative atmosphere.

5. Room With A View

5. Room with a view by smphome.comHigh ceilings and large windows with dark wooden frames can provide the perfect backdrop for this bright and open minimalist living room. The perfect balance between natural elements and colors makes the room feel instantly warm and inviting.

The huge framed windows allow natural light to give just the right amount of warmth to the room—the beautiful view of trees contrasted with the white walls, perfectly framed by the wood window frames. The wood detail on the windows is further enhanced by the beige couch and walnut dining chairs.

4. Mix and Match

4. Mix and Match by smphome.comTo give character to a minimalist living space, don’t be afraid to combine different elements. Make the most out of contrasting shapes, colors, and textures to add nuance to an overly monochromatic room. This living space breaks all signs of monotony by boldly incorporating different shapes and textures. Look at that round table beside a rectangular chair, those pattered throw pillows over a smooth couch, and the textured rug over wood flooring! Did you notice those white subway tiles which add a subtle layer of texture?

Black-and-white isn’t at all boring. When designed skillfully, it can make the boldest statement! These contrasting cabinets make a powerful impression!

3. Living Large in a Small Space

3. Living Large in a Small Space by smphome.comIf you have a small living space, there’s all the more reason to start living simply!

One of the most challenging things about living in a tiny space is storage. This is where we need to round back to our previous discussion on essentialism–keep only what you need, and get rid of what you can live without. When you get rid of stuff you don’t necessarily need, don’t think that it’s a waste. Instead, see it as the perfect opportunity to begin living a quality life. When living in such a small space, make sure that you designate a specific spot for every item. This will make for a tidier and much more efficient environment.

2. Embrace Color and Patterns

2. Embrace Color and Patterns by smphome.comMinimalism isn’t what it used to be.

Modern minimalism allows for much more creativity and personalization. The important thing to keep in mind is to maintain a space that is clean, functional, and clutter-free. Since minimal design styles often feature a neutral color scheme, it provides the perfect canvas for showcasing decor brimming with personality. Let different colors, shapes, patterns, and textures shine!.

A large area rug makes a huge impact on the overall feel of a space; a skilled combination of patterned throw pillows can also have the same effect. Consider adding a textured throw over a plain couch to add dimension and character to the room. Meaningful decor can also be in the form of large artwork. You can get the same effect by combining multiple framed photographs and artwork in bright matting and frames.

Lastly Number 1. Mind What Matters

1. Mind What Matters by smphome.comLiving in a minimalist home essentially means that you need to learn how to prioritize. The perfect role models for this are tiny house homeowners. These families are able to live large with the most basic necessities.

The key is to carefully evaluate what you need in your home. Learn to prioritize things that are meaningful and functional. Keeping your possessions to a minimum creates a more open space and provides an opportunity for more efficient living.


When you think of a traditional minimalist room, you might be picturing a neutral color scheme, subdued decor, and accents, as well as sleek and clean silhouettes. A more modern take on a minimalist design style seamlessly finds a cohesive balance between a neutral backdrop with subtle accents of color, pattern, and texture.
The key to a minimalist living space– which in all ways, is alive– is to carefully evaluate what is most important and gives meaning and joy to your life.

Living simply does not mean living less.



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