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10 Minimalist Living Room Furniture and Storage Improvements

If you have high walls, think about adding shelves or cabinets on top of them

The minimalist style living room is easier on the eyes and a lot more comfortable. Depending on the design, you might have more space than what you’re used to too! The result is an entirely different way of living. It’s not as hard as you think; however, you must consider some elements to make a new minimalist living room your own packed with the functional features you desire.

A quick glance at the minimalist style should make it abundantly clear that this design style requires minimal sacrifices when referring to luxurious or extravagant decor pieces. As always, Simphome presents you with the 10 Minimalist Living Room Furniture Choices and Storage Improvement Ideas.

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10. Shapes are the Key

One of the famous hallmarks of a minimalist style is simple furniture. It has to have clean-lined designs with clear-cut edges. Therefore, you should avoid investing in a claw-foot coffee table, a ruffled couch, and crystal chandeliers. Or select the furniture that is either square or rectangular, with minimal curves.

Everything has to be as straightforward as possible. So, what do you have to do?
You can begin with a simple couch with straight edges. Also, adding a round or a rectangular coffee table with minimal accents would be great. Next, you can install a window blind or a roman shade rather than heavy drapery to get some privacy. Finish it off with geometric lighting.

9. Try Low-Level Furniture

In addition to simple pieces with clean-lined edges, you had better opt for low-level furniture.
Low-level furniture tends to create a sleek and modern look with a hint of Japanese style. Also, a down-to-earth sofa and coffee table can make your ceiling seem taller, suitable for a small living room. Moreover, they do not gobble up a lot of space after all.
This living room, for example, features a rectangular light-beige futon sofa and a wooden coffee table that stay close to the floor. They make the small space look more spacious while adding visual contrast to the all-white walls.

8. Use Muted or Monochromatic Colors

Another conspicuous thing about a minimalist style is the color schemes. Since it is always about simplicity, opting for monochromatic or muted color palettes will be your greatest bet.
You can begin with painting the walls crisp white to make a good start. It is one of neutral colors that you can pair with a wide array of furniture. However, if you wish to carve out a minimalist style, you may need to stick to black, beiges, or gray.
If you think a monochromatic color scheme looks dull, you can add a red chair, a teal L-shaped couch, a mustard throw, or a navy cushion. Still, you have to keep it down to a minimum. One or two vibrant colors would be enough.

7. Complete it with Hairpin-Legged Coffee Tables

Investing in low-level furniture would be a great idea. However, it is not a must, especially if your couch height is more than 30″. It would be awkward if your coffee table stayed close to the floor.
Any coffee table will do as long as it comes in a geometric shape with minimum to no sophisticated accent. Even better, you can make it yourself, just like this hairpin-legged table.
To make this hairpin-legged coffee table, you need to get around pine wood. After that, sand it down thoroughly before staining it.
If you want to create a bit of rustic look, you can lightly sand it with 120 grid sandpaper when the stain is dry. Do not forget to wipe away the sawdust and seal it with a clear coat to make it last longer. Finally, install the hairpin legs.

6. The Pegboard Shelves Project

Just because you want to keep things down to a minimum does not mean you can forgo storage. You still need it to hold the clutter at bay. However, it has to be simple.
For storage, you can try installing some wall-mounted shelves. Even better, you can hang a pegboard on the wall.
A pegboard is such flexible and versatile storage that you can use it in the kitchen, garage, or even living room. You just need to hang it on the wall, insert the dowels, and add as many shelves as you want. Follow the link to find 10 Storage Solution & Organization Ideas using Pegboard by Simphome.

5. Enliven the Living Room with Greenery

Incorporating plants into your living room is the best way to decorate it. There are many kinds of indoor plants you can choose from. But the best one to round out the minimalist style is the greenhouse plant.

Many types of greenery will spruce up your living room. If you want to add height to space, you can try Bird of Paradise or Ficus. Growing them in a geometric-shaped planter and put it in the corner would be nice. In addition, you may also bring in some seashells as well as natural-looking rocks around the living room for added color and texture.
If you do not have much time to take care of plants, you can try placing a succulent on your coffee table.

4. Opt for Simple yet Unique Lighting

Picking the right light fixtures is crucial when it comes to carving out a certain style. You had better opt for pendant lights, tracking lights, or wall sconces if you want a minimalist look. Just make sure they come in neutral colors and sharp-angled designs while providing excellent illumination. If you want some extra flair, the one with gold or copper finishes will do.

3. Create a Symmetrical Look

If your living room lacks space yet you want to embrace minimalist vibes, creating a symmetrical look could be your next great decision. It does not mean you have to match every piece of furniture. Placing a side table in the middle of two identical armchairs would work like a charm. If you want to be bolder with colors, this could be your next step. Choose one dominant color for the entire room. Then, use another one as a highlight for other furniture or decorations. You could go with two colors if you’re feeling adventurous. Have fun!

2. Hang One Big Art

A living room without artwork would be a drag. Therefore, try hanging the best painting or photograph you have.
You may have a lot of favorite photographs that you want to share with your guests. However, you have to resist the temptation of hanging many pictures on the wall and creating a private gallery instead.
Select one impressive big painting or photo to be the focal point in your living room and start your improvement from the impact. This way, you can still keep things simple while adding visual interest.

Lastly, Number 1. The Ottoman-Bookshelf Combo

Making use of unused items is a terrific idea. Not only do you help the earth by reducing waste, but you also get what you need at a minimum cost, just like this ottoman.
To make this ottoman, you just need to assemble four wooden crates. Do not forget to sand them down before painting them. Screw them together, and let the opening face outwards so that you can use them as shelves. Finally, top them with upholstered foam padding.
Less is not always mean negative. And these 10 minimalist living room furniture choices and storage improvement ideas have proven that minimalism can turn your space more appealing and functional. So, are you ready to simplify things?



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