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No matter how fashionable a new design could be, you can still find many people eyeing for an old-style that once was phenomenal. Mid-century bedroom ideas, for example, to which many homeowners are fond of, are still popular nowadays.
It’s because people aren’t only looking for than just an astonishing style or idea, but they also love the story and memory behind it. Here are ten beautiful mid-century bedroom ideas for small space owner if you happen to have a limited room or space. To spruce up this next list, you can access the reference area if necessary.


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10. Geometric Carpet Combined with Black Idea

10.Geometric Carpet Combined with Black via Simphome.comOther than bright colors, a mid-century idea can also be combined with deep hues as well. Take a look at this room that comes with a bold black wall that seems intimidating, and a geometric carpet that blends in.
It gives a nice contrast by adding white tones for the wall and ceiling, creating a monochrome style. The owner also kept the room simple, and a minimalist to help him developed a compacted space appears slightly more massive.
A window can undoubtedly be a feature that can execute that problem when it comes to lacking space.

9. Wooden Accent

9.Wooden Accent via Simphome.comTo follow this idea, focus on functionality, a mid-century idea often appears less with embellishment. So, you can pay attention to other elements like wooden accents. Know that the bed always becomes a center of attention when you limited other accessories in the bedroom.

The style that grew up after the second war is typically served with clean lines and vivid colors. You can have an airy space, although your room might be compacted, and you can increase its simplicity as well.

8. Rich in Texture

8.Rich in Texture via Simphome.comPlants would always be suitable additional elements, but you have to keep them simple without consuming an excessive amount of space so that it still looks acceptable to supplement a small room.
Putting them into appropriate pots is one way to avoid the room getting messy with bigger ones. What interesting about adding plants is that it can purify the air, add some texture, and it also functions to bring natural tones.
Dragon tree, monstera, and snake plant are a small list of greenery you can add into your bedroom.

7. Wooden Touch and Pink Carpet

7.Wooden Touch and Pink Carpet via Simphome.comWood indeed brings a warm atmosphere into the room as it’s associated with the post-war design that’s popular until today. At the same time, tapered legs are a feature that can’t be separated as they complement it.
The pink carpet with geometric patterns goes together with wooden furniture. It adds sweet nuance into the air. It blends with the wooden floor and makes a lovely embellishment.

Clean lines are points of mid-century that exist to show the characteristic of it. This room should be the right reference for an inviting and timeless bedroom at once.

6. DIY Simple Triangle Shelves

6.DIY Simple Triangle Shelves via

Decorating a wall in your bedroom is one of the many ways you can do to get some extra space for putting stuff or accessories. Make sure you don’t go over stack things at once and make it cluttered.
Here’s a simple guide to creating triangle shelves

You’ll need:
• Wood planks 2″
• triangle measuring tool
• Pencil
• Wood glue
• Tape
• Sandpaper
• Saw

Craft a trapezoid cut by marking 60-degree angles on your wood planks. Make the same three pieces of cuts. Assemble the three of them and arrange them in a triangle shape. Screw and glue them if necessary.
Paint it with color that is coordinating with mid-century ideas. You can create triangle shelves as many as you want and decorate them on the wall while thinking of making a striking formation if needed.

5. A DIY Vintage Night Stand Idea

5.DIY Vintage Night Stand via Simphome.comWhen you’re on a budget and don’t feel like purchasing a new bought-store nightstand, giving your old one a makeover can be the right answer to that circumstance.
You can start by sanding your old and dull nightstand before painting it. Give some colors you like and a new drawer handle. Tropicana Cabana creates a pretty contrast here, making it stand out.
Install peg legs on the bottom. This way, the mid-century style you’re looking for can be appropriately shown.

4. The Monochromatic Approach

4.Monochromatic Approach via Simphome.comSome artworks could work for adorning your bedroom. In this case, a monochromatic approach is indeed infused here. In the picture, you can see a leather bed with white linens that bring natural beauty when light shines.
The idea of adding a thin bench is another trick to keep the limited space doesn’t look too crowded.

3. A DIY Multifunctional Wall Desk

3.DIY Multifunctional Wall Desk with Leaves via Simphome.comWe often consider shelves as additional storage in a house, but that doesn’t mean it should be focused on building a place for saving things only. They can be a decoration that can improve your home.
Spray paint tracks and brackets.
Put the track vertically about 21 inches from the floor.
Then, mark seven holes with a pencil.
Place the second track vertically with a level to mark your holes. Repeat the steps twice.
Drill the marked spots on the wall. Use a hammer and hit anchors into the wall.
Lastly, line up each track over anchors and screw it in.
3.DIY Multifunctional Wall Desk via
Put the shelf brackets into the tracks to a fixed position.
Then, put your wooden shelves on them. Lastly, screw them.
For the track itself, here’s your recommendation:
[amazon bestseller=”fasttrack upright” items=”3″]

2. Bold in Gray

2.Bold in Gray via Simphome.comDeep hues are typically incorporated with mid-century ideas as optional choices, among other colors. Gray tones are filling the room from the wall or headboard, carpet, furniture even curtains as well.
It means you can play with some other colors as long as you still stick with the main feature of the mid-century idea, such as tapered legs and wood with natural finishes.
The owner has featured a sleek curve in this wooden bedroom. Nice tricks that match the platform bed. It is also proof of superb craftsmanship, which is a part of such a style that the owner could not abandon.

Lastly, Number 1. Natural Tone Combination

1.Natural Tone Combination via Simphome.comA welcoming place with its simplicity is presented in this room. It comes with wooden furniture and its intact natural tones that look attractive. A floating visualization always works in creating the idea of an airy and spacious room.
It requires a good idea to maximize space. This trick is a smart move when dealing with optimizing a limited room. It is shown here that the room is having levitating nightstands peg-legged chairs.
Also, natural lighting is the easiest trick to highlight a bedroom as it makes the charm of wooden elements that people can quickly notice. The window isn’t only for show, however. It truly works as a nice compliment to the surroundings.

With some brilliant ideas and DIYs available in the list and the video, you can turn your limited bedroom part of a good day mid-century memories. Have a satisfactory experience with the first idea you want to try first, and I repeat, follow the link under the video to know more.


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