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10 Living Room Cleaning Checklists You Probably Have Missed

The living room is a place for welcoming guests who pay a visit or drop by. It often becomes the center of activity where your family relaxes to watch movies, read books, and play together.
Usually, there will be a pile of trash left after all of this. Toys are scattered on the floor, newspapers or magazines pile on the table, and crumbs are spread over the sofa. Here are 10 living room checklists you probably have missed to follow every month or even week to take control of this mess.

Check them out! And if you need more detail, follow the links pasted inside the reference area.

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10. Gather All Clutters Where It Belongs

10. Gather All Clutters Where It Belongs by simphome.comHaving a lot of clutters in a particular area can make even it scarier. Collect any clutter, such as clothes, video games, toys, books, and paper, and put it in the room’s center. Once you have already gathered all the clutter, start putting each piece back into its place.

In a shared home with family, clutter affects everybody, regardless of who made the mess. And stress can strain relationships between family members. Therefore, you and your housemates must declare your living room. It will foster healthier relationships and improve your overall emotional health.

9. Tidy Up the Sofa

9. Tidy Up the Sofa by simphome.comIt is essential to ensure the room’s focal point, such as the sofa, becomes the most noticeable. This way, you can make the room look cleaner and tidier instantly. Soft cushion, straighten cushions and fold any blanket to tidy up this area. Use a handheld or vacuum cleaner to remove crumbs, hair, or upholstery fibers.

We all look better after showering than if we haven’t showered in a long time. The same goes for tidying up the sofa! Tidying up the couch will make your furniture look updated. It will help keep your pillow as a whole and prevent damage. Cleaning a sofa is a better look for furniture and a better home appearance!

8. Dust Table Area

8. Dust Table Area by simphome.comIt is essential to precisely clean and sterilize food contact areas like the tables. A clean table generates a higher value and helps reduce contamination risk.
To get an excellent result, the first thing you’ve got to try to do is clean the table’s surface with an appropriate cleaner. After cleaning, rinse it with water. Next, apply the cleaning solution to it and let it dry.

7. Keep Your Ceiling Fan Dust Free

7. Keep Your Ceiling Fan Dust Free by simphome.comSome people might be so lazy to clean the fan as its position is somewhat hard to reach. Do you realize that it only makes the fan look dull and old? You need to do something to keep it free from dust.

First, you must be sure if the fan is already off. Wear a mask or other protective stuff if you think it’s necessary to protect your face area from dust. Use the broom or vacuum until the fan is as clean as you want. Have a ladder if you feel the position is too high to attain.

6. Vacuum the Floor

6. Vacuum the Floor by simphome.comBefore you start vacuuming the floor, clean all clutter and remove small items from the floor. It will not only make it easier for you to clean the floor, but it will also prevent smaller objects from getting stuck in the vacuum.

You could damage the vacuum cleaner or the interior if they get stuck. It will cause more severe problems and prevent you from completely removing all dirt and grime.

5. Keep All Your Remotes in the Drawer

5. Keep All Your Remotes in Drawer by simphome.comIf you find clutter, like remote control, electronic chargers, or mail, keeps piling up in a particular area, try to use some storage techniques.
Creating a space to arrange all your remotes doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, this vintage drawer might fit your style perfectly. You have to look at the area where you will put it and find something you like.

4. Do the Windows

4. Do the Windows by simphome.comGenerally, window cleaning is very substantial because it can help you remove dust and pollutants stuck on the glass or wood. Those contaminants might prevent the natural light from penetrating inside.

Therefore, you need to do something by cleaning it regularly.
You could start by cleaning the frame first and then making sure you have proper soap. Don’t forget to do the top. If you have high interior windows, use a mop to make them cleaner. Avoid lines by mixing up movements to clean the windows.
Start with a small circular motion, then end with a few horizontal and vertical swipes. Repeat these steps until all the windows look clean.

3. Clean All Photographs and Art along the Walls

3. Clean All Photographs and Arts along the Walls by simphome.comDust and clean up all the art and photos along the walls in your living room. Be careful when cleaning framed art and pictures. Never spray cleaner or water on the frame. Liquids can leak behind the glass and damage the images. Lightly dampen a clean cloth to wipe the frame and glass.

2. Remove Books from Bookshelves

2. Remove Books from Bookshelves by simphome.comKeeping books on the shelf is a good idea. But have you ever thought about cleaning the shelves? If you have a lot of books, never miss cleaning them. Clean books and shelves.
Besides cleaning the shelves and reducing the pile of books, it might be time to donate, throw away, or sell. Too many books littering the bookshelves can make a living room look cluttered.

Lastly, Number 1, Dust inside Cabinets

1. Dust inside Cabinets by 1Maintaining your wooden furniture can significantly affect your living room’s cleanliness. First, ensure that you have cleaned it with a slightly damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a dusting brush, then polish the furniture with a soft cloth.
You can buy furniture polish or make your own as a cheaper alternative. Remember to buy or make the correct paint for the material and finish of your furniture. Try a patch test before polishing it all over.

Mix four parts of vegetable oil and one part of white vinegar for wooden furniture. Put it in a spray bottle, and test it on your wooden furniture to see if the results achieve the desired effect. Spray the solution onto it and work until the wood shines. Vinegar also makes a cleaning agent, so you’ll clean and polish your furniture in an equivalent time.
Now, you know 10 living room checklists that you probably have missed. Enjoy, and don’t forget to apply them in your own house!



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