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Know What to Consider to Make a Retro Decoration in Your Home

Many people identify with the vintage aesthetic and want to apply it at home using retro decor. The problem is that this style involves using antique and original pieces from past decades, mainly from the period between the 40s and 70s.

Mining for resources manufactured so long ago is not easy, but a simple way is to look for retro decoration tips and be inspired by the best of other times. Blue world city Islamabad has efficiently introduced this retro décor in its farmhouses.

Retro is based on elements that marked certain dates in history. Unlike vintage, it allows using objects that are just reinterpretations of the past. With this style, you can enjoy the old look in today’s modern pieces.

How about checking out the tips that Propertynews has prepared and seeing how to compose environments full of references and retrospectives? We’ve listed everything you should consider to get good results. Good reading!

Color Balance

The retro decor allows you to play with discreet and eye-catching tones to add a personal touch to the composition. However, be careful when mixing if you don’t want everything to get heavy. The key to harmonizing rooms is the balanced application of different colors.

Pastel Shades

Smooth, low-saturated nuances are excellent for large surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings). Options like beige, salmon, aqua green, and even white keep the delicacy of vintage in the forefront. Because they are discreet, these tones create a perfect background for applying numerous prints and textures.

Vintage Gramophone music box – Vintage filter effect

In addition, they don’t compete for attention with the coatings that are often used in retro decoration, such as solid bricks and wood. Both materials have earthy tones that are easy to combine with other colors.

Vibrant Tones

Cheerful colors are great for bringing movement and creating focal points. They are often kept in detail and on smaller surfaces in retro composition. That’s because, even in small amounts, they manage to attract a lot of attention.

Options like green, blue, purple, orange, red, and yellow are perfect for upholstered parts, curtains, rugs, ornaments, pillow covers, and other arrangements. These colors are also amazing when used in appliances.

Prominence of Wood

The ideal furniture in retro decor is carved wooden pieces, well-defined angles, and rounded shapes — very common features in antique pieces. So, if you have an old model at home, this is the perfect time to show it off as a real differentiator.

If you don’t have furniture with a vintage aesthetic, you can invest in reinterpretations made in MDP or MDF. Many companies even work with planned projects following a specific design. Therefore, there are no impediments to including tables, cabinets, and other pieces with reference to the past.

If you choose to purchase a ready-made copy, prioritize those that have toothpick feet, sculpted details, worked handles and lots of ornamentation. Straight-line models also look good and help balance the look of your interior design.

Information in Prints

Want something more traditional than wallpaper? Because this material is the darling of proposals with a vintage and retro feel. The advantage is that current models are easy to apply and remove, allowing you to change the appearance of the walls whenever you feel like it, without any sacrifice.
Among specific prints, those with a floral motif are the most famous. Organic drawings, abstract figures, arabesques, and simple geometric patterns (with vertical, horizontal, or diagonal stripes) are also common.

The important thing is to find a material you like and apply it to a very visible wall in the house. It can be in a social room, like the living room, or in a more private corner, like the bedroom. If you want to enhance the delicacy of the prints, include arrangements made with flowers, wheat sprigs, or succulents.

Details of the Past in Objects

Even if the retro decoration doesn’t demand original items from other decades, nothing stops you from looking for rare and differentiated pieces in antique shops, thrift stores and bazaars. If you are keen to find old accessories, go to stores with plenty of time to increase the chances of buying a good product.

This style of decoration accepts a variety of objects to decorate the rooms: porcelain, crystal, clocks, kitchen utensils, paintings, lamps, etc. Famous posters or plaques — made of metal or wood — containing iconic phrases, images and photographs are also welcome.

When looking for decorative items, always focus on versions with a silver, copper or gold finish. The shine of these coatings adds a touch of sophistication. If you want them to look like from other times, just bet on those that show wear points (scratches, oxidized details, small stains, etc.).

Cozy Light

Rooms with a retro aesthetic are often associated with warm and inviting spaces. The mixture of elements, colors, and materials gives this impression that the place is always in use, alive and has lots of movement.

However, a little-remembered detail also contributes to this effect: lighting. If well crafted, it can make environments more cozy and beautiful. When it comes to natural light, there’s not much of a secret, as it’s welcome at any time of day, regardless of intensity.

The greatest care must be taken when choosing solutions for artificial lighting. As the goal is to enhance visual comfort, the tip is to invest in light bulbs with yellowish tones — preferably LED. They “warm-up” the room, making it more attractive to those who observe it.

Furthermore, to distribute this pleasant light well, the ideal is to place different lighting fixtures in the space: chandeliers, pendants, floor, wall, table etc. The finishing of such objects should be perfect, prioritizing those with a shine and metallic appearance.

Realize that you don’t have to change everything to get amazing retro decor. Just invest in key items and adapt the tips to your reality. The good thing about just taking advantage of what you like is the possibility of creating spaces that look like the owners and provide great sensations. You may check out the retro décor in homes of Taj residencia commercial.

And, speaking of sensations, stay on the blog and understand the importance of decoration for the quality of life! Also, get to know our social networks and get inspired!

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