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10 Inspiring Kitchen Layout for Small House Owners

People say that the kitchen is the hub of a home. It is the place where every positive vibe begins. You prepare breakfast for your family, bake cookies, and try up some new menus here.

People say that the kitchen is the hub of a home. It is the place where every positive vibe begins. You prepare breakfast for your family, bake cookies, and try new recipes. But, there is a thing that can turn this room into a place that you hate to look at – bad design. Maybe, your kitchen looks much bigger when it was new, but now with the growing family you have less and less space. Or maybe your dream kitchen has been in your mind for years but the reality shows you that it’s quite hard to imagine every detail of your dream kitchen in a small space.

A small kitchen can be a real obstacle. But no need to give up! Check out these 10 inspiring kitchen layouts for small house owners and make the most of your limited space.


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In general, you have 4 basic plans to layout a kitchen:
Plan no.1. First, decide on the number of people using the kitchen and what kind of activities they will be doing while cooking.

Plan no.2. Use the kitchen as a focal point in your design by placing it in view or having windows, emphasizing features such as counter space and storage cabinets, and including appliances in your design.

Plan no.3. Make sure to plan for traffic flow for those who come into the kitchen to cook or eat (i.e., accommodating space for car drivers to turn around).

Plan no.4. Make sure there are no spill-over areas outside the kitchen that will lead to unnecessary waste (aside from anything that is disposed of regularly by staff, such as food scraps).

Creating a space for cooking and eating in a small kitchen can be challenging. The challenge is not that there’s not enough space- it’s just that the layout is less than ideal.

However, with just a few adjustments to the way you design your kitchen, you can still have a functional space that works for you. Not only will you have a more usable space, but you’ll also get to enjoy a warm kitchen that you can actually use- and that is the best part of all.

If you are one of those who have been frustrated with the layout of your small kitchen, feel free to consider even select the following ideas on how to revamp it:

#1. Make use of vertical space by maximizing cabinets and appliances in your kitchen. This helps to maximize storage and also creates some breathing room above the countertops. For good-looking racks and shelves, consider using Vertical Storage Racks or baskets with drawers as they provide extra shelf space and storage.

#2. Choose a simple and efficient design that is modern and not too heavy because having many things in your kitchen might get you tired after a while.
Talk about this specific topic; here are view kitchen design ideas and layouts you can choose:

  • 2.1. The Square Kitchen Layout:
    Arrange your cabinets and appliances so that they run along the sides of the room instead of across it to give the illusion of space, as it visually expands the room.
  • 2.2. The Open Kitchen Layout:
    Open up your kitchen by bringing in more daylight. Open floor plans are trendy right now, and with good reason: they make a room feel bigger. When you select this for your kitchen, you not only open up space visually, but also create an inviting space where you can interact naturally with family and guests as you cook or eat.
  • 2.3. A Sleek Kitchen Design:
    Remove all possible obstacles at the kitchen entrance and move the table further away from the wall so that there is enough space to walk around it comfortably. Avoid having cupboards on the walls because they block off space from entering into your kitchen and walking towards its interior portion.
  • 2.4. The Minimalist Kitchen Layout:
    Minimalist kitchen layouts are usually created with a wall-mounted island and rectangular cabinets on the walls with floor-to-ceiling cabinets built into the countertops. The countertop is usually built into one large slab so that it can be easily wiped clean, making it possible for cooks to reach all parts of the island without having to stoop over.
  • 2.5. The Modular Kitchen Layout:
    This type of layout involves smaller units that can be expanded or shrunk depending on your storage and cooking space needs. Having expandable space gives you the flexibility to rearrange your space to accommodate more or fewer guest meals or other company.
  • 2.6. The Modern Kitchen Layout:
    Modern kitchens typically involve white cabinetry with a natural finish, square countertops, and very little cabinetry along the walls. The appliances are typically integrated into one unit. They include a hood that vents to the outside of the house, dishwasher with a pull-out faucet, and a stove that has an oven on top as well as a conventional oven underneath so that you can bake at any time of day rather than only while it’s dark outside.
  • 2.7. The European Kitchen Layout:
    This layout typically involves a large open space where the furniture is created under or above the countertops. In enormous kitchens, the stove is often left out entirely and replaced with an island that contains a sink, food preparation area, and more storage space.
  • 2.8. The Industrial Kitchen Layout:
    Industrial-style kitchens are characterized by black steel appliances and cabinetry with visible rivets or screws and a concrete floor covered in ceramic tile or wood stained with black color. You’ll usually see these types of appliances in restaurants, gastro pubs, bistros, and old houses that have been renovated into commercial spaces.

Relevant FAQs and Answers:

What is the best layout for a small kitchen?

The layout of a small kitchen can be best seen as having one sink and two appliances. The appliances are towards the North, and the sink is at the South. The table is along the East wall. The layout at least can accommodate one person sitting at the table.

The good thing about this layout is that it takes up minimal living room space, and what little space is leftover can be used for a work table. Thus, there is virtually no wasted space in this layout.

To make the sink and appliances fit on a small kitchen counter, you may have to place them beside each other in a long row along the wall. Or you may end up putting one side of the sink against the counter as well, like with a double-basin sink. You will also have to use your creativity as to where you put cutlery and spoons and how they are arranged on the counter or shelves behind it.
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How do you layout a small kitchen?

We think the best way to layout a small kitchen would be to arrange objects with similar functions on the same part of the room. For example, the refrigerator should be next to the sink for you to have easy access. Due to space constraints, We’d say that it is better if you place appliances in groups. For example, placing your stove, sink, and countertop together. This also leaves you with an open spot near your refrigerator where you could put your microwave or coffeemaker if needed.

You can always rearrange the spaces in your kitchen if you wish to later after you get bored. You can also add decorations such as a hanging light fixture, glass mosaic tiles, or even a door-mounted rack for storing utensils and dishes.

What are the 6 types of kitchen layouts?

The One Wall Kitchen: The One Wall Kitchen is a kitchen organization system that allows the cook to have everything at their fingertips.

The Galley Kitchen: The Galley Kitchen Layout Concept is a design concept that places the kitchen perpendicular to the rest of the home, usually in a narrow hallway-like space.

The L-shaped Kitchen: Like other layout types, this one has two extra counters at both ends of the surface so that you will have more working space. It is more organized than a conventional kitchen with a U-shaped layout.

The U-Shaped Kitchen: This type of layout makes good use of space as all food preparation is done within a few feet from the stovetop or cooking area, which is at one end of the surface. The sink may be located on either side to make it easier for those who prepare food to clean up afterward.

This is the most common layout type, which you can see at any typical homes of America. It is pretty convenient to use because it has all the essential points in one place, including the sink, stove, refrigerator, and microwave oven. You can easily walk around when you prepare meals or clean up your Kitchen. If your house has a small area to plan for a kitchen layout like this one, you may consider installing appliances with storage functions to save more space for your family to move around.

The Island Kitchen: These kitchens have a large island with a sink in the middle of the room to make cooking easier. It also has enough counter space for preparing food and eating it at the same time. Another advantage of having an island is that it encourages socializing and conversations about cooking with inexperienced cooks who might feel uncomfortable in other settings.

The Peninsula Kitchen: The island layout is similar to the peninsula layout in terms of having one big surface in the center, but it also has some differences. Island design often separates the cooking and preparation area from the dining area by making a wall between them, and people often use stools or chairs when they have a meal here.
Also called the Kitchen with peninsula, The peninsula itself is like an extension of the counter space and gives additional work areas for those who are doing food preparation.

Is there any more I need to know?

1. The Classic Kitchen: This is the classic kitchen style that can be found in most homes. It consists of a stove, oven, large refrigerator, and ceramic tiles on the floor. The countertops often have either granite or quartz as they are durable surfaces.

2. The Open L-shaped Kitchen with Island: This layout is very popular in European kitchens as it allows two people to work side by side. The design also incorporates one wall of windows into the cooking area for maximum light and openness.

3. The Open Concept Kitchen: These are kitchens that have no walls separating them from other parts, such as living rooms or bedrooms on one side so that the Kitchen is not enclosed by walls and consequently open to the rest of the house. As such, an open-concept kitchen can be considered a space in which all parts of the same area share common access points. This design trend has gained popularity in recent years because of its convenience, practicality, and flowing flow.

4. The Corner Kitchen: This type of kitchen layout is similar to a U-shaped one, but only a few of the edges are open to other areas, which makes it more private than a U-shaped kitchen

5. The Kitchen with Island and Peninsula: This is a combination of the kitchen island and L-shaped Kitchen, making it possible to have a large workspace and a pretty peninsula. It also makes for an excellent cooking area and a fantastic place to entertain. This layout has the island placed in the center of the room, making it ideal for large amounts of activity.
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6. The Kitchen with Scullery: This can be found in old houses, but this layout can be replicated in new homes and long as there is enough space for all appliances. The only difference between sculleries from other kitchens is that it has a sink at one end where all washing needs to be done while the food preparation takes place at the other end.

7. The Kitchen with Breakfast Counter: A breakfast counter or bar looks like another extension of the cooking area in your house and gives you more elbow room when you are cooking something big and round like pizza. This double-extended Kitchen really provides you the comfort of cooking without sacrificing the space of your Kitchen.

8. The Wall Cladding Kitchen: You can get rid of all your cabinet and bring something new and fresh by painting your cabinet with wall cladding texture. This will give you a completely unique look for your Kitchen. Wall cladding texture will provide you with the feeling of being in a cafe or restaurant. It is the main reason that the layout is called wall cladding cabinetry.

What is a 10×10 kitchen layout?

The 10×10 kitchen layout is a layout that involves a home or commercial kitchen with at least one wall and a ceiling height of ten feet. The size of the kitchen at this particular layout is 10′ by 10′ with a partitioning wall and ceiling height in between. The standard household refrigerator or commercial refrigerator can fit into this part of the area if there is enough space, making it easier for storage and ease of access for food preparation.

Can you put an island in a 10×10 kitchen?

No. You can’t put an island in a 10×10 kitchen, and it can’t be rotated or moved around.

How do you maximize A Small Kitchen?

What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?
I have always considered the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel to be the floor. The flooring is not included in every kitchen remodel, but it can be one of the most costly parts of the job when it’s included.

Can I remodel a kitchen for $5000?

A kitchen remodeling is a project to change the physical layout or appearance of the kitchen. The most common option would be to update appliances, but it could also include other aspects such as painting and flooring. Depending on your budget, you may want to redesign the entire layout or just parts of it.

Framing out the design before beginning construction will ensure that you make fewer mistakes during the project. A budget will help identify what you should invest in, making sure that you have one in place before contracting any contractors who specialize in kitchens and home renovations. About $5000 can usually be spent on a good-quality renovation plan for a standard-sized kitchen with no dining space sufficient for more than a small family member.

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What can you do with a $5000 budget on a Kitchen Remodel?

Nice. Your next step is to break down your budget into the different items, then you can decide which one you want to work on first. For the dining area, you can go with a simple bench. It’s not only economical, but it can give your living room an elongated and spacious look if you go to an open kitchen concept.

Or you can use the budget to acquire:
-Appliances: Include ovens, fridges, and dishwashers. Ranges are easy to update and relatively inexpensive. A steam oven might be a worthy investment for faster baking or warming food for parties but may not be worth the investment compared to the same model with a griddle.

-Kitchen Table and Chair: Although it is essential, it’s also one of the most expensive pieces to replace when purchasing new appliances or even if you’re just updating your layout.

Last choice,
If you have received a $5000 budget to remodel your kitchen, we recommend trying small projects first, like changing just the countertop. You also could install all new appliances and get rid of the old ones. You could also try to fix the cupboard doors. You might be able to do both of these things with just $500. We think you should also include the cost of the countertop paint job and new appliances.

If you persist in remodeling your kitchen, the first thing you need to do is make plans for the layout of your kitchen. The next step is to walk around the house and find out where everything is located in each room and then study the kitchen’s layout.

Now that you have a better idea of where everything is, make a list of all the things you want to update or replace on your old kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, it won’t take much time to figure out the remodeling plan. If you have a big kitchen, you will need to add more spaces to store extra luggage and food preparation space.

After you complete your plan for remodeling the kitchen, it’s time to find out what kind of contractor can help you with the job. You must compare prices before making an agreement on who will install new appliances in your home.

How much should I budget for a new kitchen?

A new kitchen should be budgeted at approximately $8000.

What’s the cheapest way to get a new kitchen?

It’s hard to say the cheapest way to get a new kitchen because it depends on your budget. Buying used appliances, doing some of the work yourself, or remodeling may be more affordable than buying new ones or not.

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How do I renovate a small kitchen on a budget?

You can get the most bang for your buck for a small kitchen renovation by tackling the wallpaper. You can remove the old wallpaper for about $100 and then paint the entire room. If you like how it looks, then you’re done! If not, only invest more money in what you do like.

You can also repaint the kitchen ceiling for less than $2 per square foot. Then, you’ll only have to add 2×4 studs for a new ceiling. So, now you’ve got a gorgeous, cost-effective kitchen!

To save on space, use barstools instead of chairs. Ensure to measure the space you have first and decide how many stools you want in your kitchen before deciding on a specific model.

If you want to give your kitchen a new look, stick with under-cabinet lighting. You can add light without having to change anything or repaint!

An island is a great way to save ground-floor space in an open-floor plan kitchen. An island can serve as storage and prep space while still leaving the rest of the floor plan open for entertaining guests or just hanging out with family members.

A great way to save money on kitchen cabinet refacing is to buy solid wood or plywood and refinish the cabinets yourself. This way, you can change the color of your cabinets and add new hardware without it costing you a small fortune. This will take a little more time and skill to do, but it shouldn’t be too hard for you to do this independently if you are confident in your ability.

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List Entries:

10. Coastal Theme Kitchen

Coastal theme is one of the best inspiring ideas to remodel a small kitchen. Believe it or not, you can even make it into an open-plan kitchen area which directly expands the small space.

Start the coastal theme by adding a porthole-shaped window, antique brass fixture, interior shiplap siding, and arched doorways. Painting the kitchen white will make the room looks larger than it actually is. Next, opting for cabinets that provide lots of storage without taking up too much space is also worth considering.

When you have limited vertical space, it is vital to have the kitchen cabinets as low as possible. You can do this by having tall cabinets or shorter ones. Tall cabinets will allow you to store more things but have less storage space on the shelves. Short cabinets will give you more storage space, but they will leave less vertical space for your appliances.

9. Island Paradise

So you have a U-shaped kitchen with three unmovable borders? That’s not a problem. However, there are things to do to deal with it. First, free up space by recessing the refrigerator into the cabinet. This way, the counter-depth fridges will maximize the cabinet size, creating a continuous line on the wall.

Second, place a freestanding island along with a butcher-block countertop. It will offer ample space for you to prepare the meal while providing a beautiful addition to match the cabinets.


How to choose a kitchen island for a small kitchen:

Before you go out shopping for a new island, it will be helpful to know what size of kitchen your tiny house already has. This can be found in the dimensions of your floor plan. You also need to consider the size of your countertops, sink, and other things in the area where the island will sit.
It may seem obvious that this is not something you should neglect, but many people make this mistake when purchasing an island. Ensure that if there is a clear path from one wall to another, it is wide enough so that dishes can easily get cleaned up during clean-up time or at mealtime with all people present over dinner or lunch.

Can I put a kitchen island in a small kitchen and how?

There are two ways to put a kitchen island in a small kitchen. One would be to move the kitchen countertop out so that there is room for the island. The other way is to build smaller shelves over the sink and use the space between them and the sink to cook on top of those shelves.

8. Thinking Inside the Box

Limited kitchen space requires forcible use of creativity. Rearranging the footprint is usually the common way to deal with it. But adding a breakfast bar and moving the cooking activities there are also good ideas to free up tons of spaces for more cabinets.

Begin the remodel by having your kitchen painted white for a comfortable and light feel. Later, install a cabinet with glass doors for a modern touch. Next, install the sink right in the middle under the window. This layout will lead to a simple, clean-looking faucet that pulls out with the hidden sprayer button that also snaps back into place magnetically.

Kitchen drawers are suitable to store your appliance and other things as well. So don’t forget to have it in your well-organized tiny kitchen.

How to build a breakfast bar?

Building a breakfast bar is an easy way to save space in your small kitchen. The breakfast bar can be made from wood or built with metal brackets attached to the wall and connected with hinges. It should also have adjustable height shelves at each end of the bar. Finally, you can use some sturdy chairs for guests if you don’t want them using up all of your counter space while they’re here.

How to Build a workspace or workbench for a small kitchen?

A workbench in a small kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be big in size or heavy-duty; any type of workbench will do as long as it fits into your space and is sturdy enough to keep tools from flying off when you’re working on them.

7. A Tiny Kitchen with Modern Feel

Modern kitchens have never failed to bring a chic look to any home. Their simplicity and practicality have made many people fall for them. The most important question is whether you can apply this style to your small kitchen.
To carve out a modern style in a small kitchen, stick to bold colors like navy, black, or brown to mismatch the white walls. Do not forget to invest in cabinets that feature clean-lined edges and minimalist hardware.

To promote the light, open and bright feeling in a dark color scheme, you can add countertops and chrome features to let your tiny kitchen shine. Place open shelving along with the sconces so that your bowls and cups look very decorative but still functional.

Open shelving in a small kitchen is considered the best way to keep things organized because they are divided into categories. For example, you could have one section for pots and pans, one for dishes or cookware, and so on.

You should measure the space available and get specific measurements of what types of items will need to be stored before you decide which shelves to buy or how many pieces there will need to be for your particular layout.

How to layout a kitchen for small house owners?

A kitchen can be designed to suit your needs and style, no matter the size of your home.
Here are some kitchen elements that show you how to get the most out of your space.

1. Wall cabinets and open shelves
2. The corner cabinet
For example, A corner cabinet situated near the sink is a great way to maximize space.
3. The rail
If you’re looking for something different, consider using an old radiator to create a real focal point in your kitchen.
4. Shelves on the bottom
If you don’t want to clutter your kitchen with unnecessary stuff, keep things in their place with shelves on the bottom of each kitchen cabinet, creating easy access and keeping your counter free from clutter.
5. The Fireplace
Fireplaces can be used for more than just heating up a room. They can be part of a kitchen design element that will also help you save space in your kitchen. To achieve this, create a large fireplace on the left side of your kitchen, lining it with the cabinets.
6. The island
For example, use an island to separate the fridge and stove from each other.
7. The Fridge
For instance, take a refrigerator built in the kitchen cabinets and not in a separate room or outside.
8. The island with storage
One example is combining the island with a large desk to provide enough space for all things needed in your small home kitchen.
9. The kitchen island
This time, create a large kitchen island with a combination of a few cabinets. You can also use low drawers to maximize drawer space.
10. The wall units
A two-tone wall unit can be used to store your cookware and other essentials in one place, and it won’t take up too much space when it’s not being used.

6. The Use of Sliding Door

Another idea to deal with the small kitchen is using a sliding door. It will save some space as you open it sideward, not outward. Furthermore, using a sliding door also allows you to keep the practical element. Besides, it also gives your kitchen some sort of style, like a farmhouse or modern look, depending on the material and finish you apply.

How to build a sliding door in a small kitchen?

The sliding door is not only used for closing the cabinet but also for opening it. However, to make your kitchen modern and stylish, it is better to make a panel door. You will also need to decide the number of shelves for each cabinet you will use in your small kitchen. All the shelves should be equal in height or approximately one-third of the height of each shelf. The shelves should be made of solid surfaces to be used as a tray or food container to stand on them while cooking.

5. Be Creative with The Corner

The corner is one of the most awkward spaces that many people fail to tap into. If you are troubled with the corner of your tiny kitchen, try installing a hanging rack right under the corner cabinet.

You can use this hanging rack to hang dry glasses that you have just washed. In addition, it helps you free up the storage space inside the cabinet, allowing you to store other things.

Does your kitchen have enough space to store all the cooking utensils?
  • If you are having trouble deciding where to put your cooking utensils, this project is for you. You can start by buying a cabinet which would be large enough to fit all your cooking equipment.
  • Then remove the drawers, place a shelf at one end of the cabinet and use it per your requirements.
  • If you don’t have much space in your kitchen, try making donut holes of different sizes on the shelves and use these as storage space. You can also use these small sizes as decoration and organize them in ornate patterns to look attractive.

4. Cleaner Palette In Small Kitchen

A clean and light color scheme looks much better in a small kitchen. In addition, it can create a visual effect that makes you think that the kitchen is visually bigger.
Start with the island! Choose the one with seamless drawers and an integrated microwave. Next, locate the built-in wine rack to allow you to grab the bottles when friends come over for dinner.

Incorporate the texture and color with the oak timber laminate cabinets and the white gloss for the rest and concrete-look benchtops. As a result, the entire space is incredibly functional.

– The perfect color for a small kitchen is soft white.
“Soft white” is a term used to refer to the color of light when it appears on an object or surface. When light reflects off a surface, it makes the surface appear “whiter” than if it does not reflect anything. For example, when light hits the white snow on a mountaintop, the sky appears to be falling.
– Green shades are the best color for a small kitchen as they are pleasing to the eye and provide a refreshing atmosphere.

3. Design with Smart Storage Solution

One more idea to deal with your small kitchen is applying a design with smart storage solution. For example, if you find a narrow space between the wall and your fridge, install a pull-out drawer to store canned goods.

You can get it from a home-improvement store. Even better, you can try to make it yourself with some plywood boards, dowels, and casters.

Utilize every nook and cranny to turn even your awkward spaces into a functional storage area.
If you don’t have much space, try making donut holes of different sizes on the shelves and use these as storage space. You can also use these small sizes as decoration and organize them in ornate patterns to look attractive.

2. Double-Duty Counter Space

In today’s minimalist design, it is common to use double-duty counter space. You should give it a try as it provides ample storage space without compromising practicality. To make it happen, try investing in a countertop that functions as a kitchen island and a breakfast nook.

When you don’t have a room for a proper kitchen table, these design ideas can be a perfect option to take into consideration.

What is double-duty counter space?

Double-duty counter space is used for carrying out different tasks. For example, one task could be chopping vegetables and the other task could be preparing the meals. This type of space is usually very useful for small kitchens.

1. Space Expansion with Lighting

Believe it or not, lighting can be ideal for space expansion. Good lighting will serve you safety and a visual impression to change every little thing into a bigger one.

For your small kitchen, consider installing recessed ceiling lighting. You can also try installing the lighting under the base cabinetry to let your kitchen shine down onto the countertop.

Avoid using light fixtures to make your small kitchen look smaller and stay in the dark while working in the small kitchen.
– The bay window is a prevalent choice for adding more natural light to a kitchen.
– If you’re unsure where to put the kitchen, you’ll need to find out how much space you have in your home and try to make lighting/fixtures work in that space.


In short, it wouldn’t be a problem though you may have only a little space in your kitchen. So, if you are just one of the tiny house owners, don’t take so hard to deal with the small kitchen. Get the right tools and kitchen elements to get the best match. Well, it is just practical to transform your tiny cooking area into a pretty stylish zone.



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