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10 Wallet-Friendly Kitchen Island Ideas

From the Wallet of a college freshman to a fresh millionaire

The Ikea DIY Kitchen Island with Thrifted Counter Top!

This DIY Kitchen Island is made from two 30-inch IKEA Sektion base cabinets.
These cabinets have four drawers each, known as Maximera, and Grimslov fronts in off-white.
They can store an astonishing amount of stuff – it’s like having clown cars in the kitchen!

So, the DIY island is fantastic, but there’s one minor issue: the flat-packed cabinets have to be assembled. It’s not the end of the world, but those wordless IKEA instructions… it’s like they think pictures are the universal language!

Moving on to the island’s shiplap sides and back, inspired by the design in The Cottage Journal.
Rob, her resident handyman (and hubby), worked out a plan, and with a trip to Lowe’s, they used shiplap boards and trim for a finished look.

Now, let’s talk hardware.
The Borghamn handles, also from IKEA, really tie in the modern farmhouse look.
Although they had to exchange the longer ones for a smaller size, they might still use the longer ones elsewhere in the kitchen – because why not?

To install the handles like a pro, Rob used a handy tool that made the process a breeze.
However, it’s important to note that the Kreg jig hardware tool wouldn’t work for these oversized, 6.25-inch handles.

Finally, the drawers – whoever designed them deserves a prize!
They pull out fully, holding an incredible amount of stuff.

If you’re dreaming of an organized kitchen, IKEA is your fairy godmother, making it a reality!
In the end, when shopping for cabinets and drawers, choose the ones that pull out all the way.
Luckily, an IKEA employee from kitchen planning helped them get the right ones, or else they might’ve ended up with the less convenient option.

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