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10 Wallet-Friendly Kitchen Island Ideas

From the Wallet of a college freshman to a fresh millionaire

How to enrich your island with a functional microwave

Alright, listen up, people!

We’ll learn how to enrich your kitchen island with a functional microwave! And who better to teach us than the one and only DIY guru who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, Sarah from Thriftydecorchick!

First things first, we need to add some supports for our shelf. Don’t worry; just some scrap 1×2 will do the trick. Ensure they’re level and marked where they’ll hang towards the front. And if you’re wondering why they don’t go all the way to the back, it’s because we need to allow some airflow.

No one wants a hot island, trust me.
Now, we’ll place the shelf on top and pre-drill those holes for the screws, people! We don’t want to split that wood; that would be annoying. And we’re not here to be annoyed but to add a functional microwave to our island!

Once you’ve got your shelf in place, add some trim to the front to make it look all pretty. And don’t forget to paint it in your favorite color, like Sarah’s go-to shade, Peppercorn. Now, slide that Samsung microwave in and prepare for some quick heating action!

And don’t worry; we’ve done our research on this, folks. We’ve seen regular microwaves installed on islands a million times, and Sarah’s friends have done it too. No problems at all! Just add ventilation or do what she did and make a shorter shelf. Safety first, people!

And let’s not forget about the kiddos, folks. Ensure the microwave has a lock feature, or else you’ll have a little one reheating their toy cars instead of their mac and cheese.
Not ideal.

Alright, there you have it!

You’ve added a functional microwave to your island, and now you can put hot items right on there without burning your fingers off. Plus, it’s not the focal point of your kitchen anymore, which is great because who wants to stare at a microwave all day?

Now, go forth and enrich your island!
And make your cooking partners or eaters proud while you’re at it.

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