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10 Wallet-Friendly Kitchen Island Ideas

From the Wallet of a college freshman to a fresh millionaire

A DIY Rolling Work Table with a Fancy Quartz countertop

In the comedic spirit of Simpson, let’s explore this built-to-last worktable that Mr. TIDBITS and his partner, Kevin, will guide you through. It’s like watching a DIY reality show episode, but you can build something!

This worktable is perfect for your kitchen, craft room, or any space where creativity flows.
Feel free to adjust the sizes to suit your needs. It’s like custom tailoring for your furniture!

Now, about the fantastic Quartz countertop.
It’s like choosing the perfect hat to complete an outfit!
Teaming up with Hanstone Quartz, they’ve selected a beautiful, marble-like Quartz for the table’s surface.
With 6 times the strength and durability of granite, it’s the superhero of countertops!

Choosing a countertop can be daunting.
But fear not; Hanstone can send you samples, like a tasting menu for your eyes.
Their Boutique Collection features creamy white bases and subtle grey veining – pure elegance!

Once the base is built, the Quartz is sent to a local fabricator (Bedrock Quartz, in this case) for cutting, polishing, and delivery. It’s like ordering a pizza but for countertops! The process is smooth, and the results are stunning.

Selecting the finish for the base was a tough decision.
After testing various methods, they opted for a white-washed lighter wood using creme wax from the craft store. It lightens and seals the wood while letting the grain shine.

Talk about a two-in-one solution!

To ensure the table is square, measure the diagonal distance between the legs at the bottom (they may not be perfectly straight). Use tie-down straps to square the table, and once the diagonal lengths are equal, drill a pilot hole and glue the joint.

So there you have it: a beautiful, functional, and durable worktable that’s ready for anything you throw at it – literally!

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