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10 Wallet-Friendly Kitchen Island Ideas

From the Wallet of a college freshman to a fresh millionaire

The Rolling Kitchen Island Cart Project Idea

Let’s dive into this fantastic kitchen cart that offers ample storage and workspace and sits on casters, so you can roll it around like a supermarket shopping cart!

Step one is to make the legs.
Cut four legs from a 2×2 board like a lumberjack cutting firewood.

Next, onto the upper-end rails.
Cut two of them from 1×3 boards, and then, armed with your trusty pocket-hole jig, drill pocket holes in the rails. It’s like playing with a grown-up version of a puzzle!

Now, let’s create the divider.
Cut it from 3/4″ plywood, set up your pocket-hole jig again, and drill pocket holes in the end panel.
Don’t forget those stopped holes for the shelf pins! Make sure the shelf pin holes in the divider are 3/4″ lower. Precision is key, folks!

Finally, add swivel casters to the bottom of each leg to complete this kitchen cart masterpiece, like attaching roller skates to a toddler. Slip the shelf into place on the shelf pins and check the fit. It’s like trying on a pair of shoes at the store!

Give your cart a good sanding, and then it’s time for the grand finale – paint, stain, or even both!
It’s like giving your cart a fabulous makeover.

So there you have it, a kitchen cart that’s not only practical but also has the added bonus of being mobile. Just imagine the possibilities – it’s a kitchen cart on wheels!

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