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10 Kitchen Drawer Organizations

If you’re like us and struggle to keep your kitchen from looking like a complete mess, these ten kitchen drawer organization systems will be a lifesaver!

Key Points:

  1. Use drawer dividers
    Dividers are probably the best way to organize drawers. They eliminate the need for packing material and can also be used in spaces without shelf or wall space.
  2. Segregate cookware and dishes by category.
    Rather than stacking all of your pots, pans, food storage containers, dishware, etc., on top of each other in one section, try separating them into their respective categories.
  3. Use a faux-drawer organizer to keep your plastic containers in order.
  4. Another drawer divider option is just to use a shower curtain rod. This idea eliminates the need for bulky dividers that can take up space and make it hard to pull out the drawer.
  5. Use Utensil Crocks
    Utensil crocks are a great way to instantly separate utensils and make them immediately usable simultaneously. This idea is a great idea that works well.
  6. Use drawer organizers for spices or other small items you won’t easily access without opening multiple drawers or cabinets at once.
  7. Use a pegboard or magnetic dish drying rack for dishes.
  8. Use a crock with dividers for pots, pans, and cups.
  9. Use a spice rack to hang on the wall above your stove or other easy-access locations. This option is an excellent idea, although you will have to move something off the countertop first.
  10. Use an open wall organization system to store larger kitchen items like cookware, measuring cups and spoons, plates, etc

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Aside from cabinets, drawers also play a crucial role in keeping clutter at bay. They can even help you hide it away in no time. You only need to toss everything into them, and you are good to go.

However, another problem comes when you open your drawer to find a measuring cup. You will have to dive into the messiness, which takes time and energy. It is no picnic, is it?
For this reason, consider these 10 kitchen drawer organizations that you can implement in your cooking space. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

10 Kitchen Drawer Organizations via poster
10 Kitchen Drawer Organizations Poster

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List Entries:

10. Easy and Cheap Drawer Organization Ideas

When it comes to organizing a kitchen drawer, you might come up with investing in drawer dividers or containers. Let me tell you the cheapest and most effective idea you can try right now – decluttering your drawer.

Decluttering your drawer does not require any money. You only have to spare some time and use your elbow grease.

  • First, you need to take everything out to start fresh. You can also use three baskets to sort the items you will keep, donate, or throw away.
  • After deciding which items you will keep, sort them by type.
  • Then, choose the best spot for each group. As a good rule of thumb, storing cooking utensils close to the stove and oven is necessary.
  • Finally, consider containers or drawer dividers to keep things tidy. They do not have to be fancy, though. Unused cardboard will be handy.

9. Insert Multipurpose Bins

As the name suggests, multipurpose bins serve various functions, making them your go-to materials for organizing things.

You might think of purchasing wicker or wire baskets. They are good and can add textural elements to your drawers. However, they are not suitable for storing flaky, dirty, juicy produce.

On the other hand, multipurpose bins are lightweight, stylish, and easy to clean. You can also put on labels to make them look more appealing and know where to store each item.

8. Fold Your Kitchen Towels like Marie Kondo

Play the video to get more details

If you have been storing your kitchen towels by stacking them up, it is time for you to try this new technique.

This technique allows you to store your kitchen towels by making them stand in the drawer rather than stacking them up. Here is how to do it.
1. Fold the kitchen towel in three.
2. Fold it in half.
3. Bring each end to the center while leaving space between the two sides.
4. Fold it again in half with the space as the center. This way, you can make it stand firmly.
5. Store it in the drawer.

Relevant details:

1. Store it upright.
2. Don’t fold two towels at once because one of them would completely cover the other.
3. Don’t stack too many towels at once to avoid wrinkling.
4. Put in only the kitchen towels you need and avoid storing paper towels, as they will just add up and make your drawer messier.
5. Fold dish towels by rolling them up with a rubber band before putting them in your drawer, so they don’t get all crumpled up.
6. When possible, Put Towels in Baskets or Containers
Moving on to another way, you can put kitchen towels inside baskets or containers instead of keeping them standing straight in the drawer like Marie Kondo’s method states above.

7. How to Organize Your Coffee Station Drawer

You probably already know that drawer dividers are must-have items for kitchen organization. They allow you to make partitions inside your drawers so that the contents will stay in place.
Then, take the drawer dividers to the next level by sorting items by colors, just like this coffee station. You can also place clear containers to house tea, sugar, and creamer.

Basic instructions:

Step 1: Gather paint chips and cut them into small squares.
Step 2: Fold the squares to stand upright in the drawer. You can use the dividers to make spaces for each paint chip.
Step 3: Put paint chips and other items inside the clear containers.
Step 4: Label them to add an aesthetic touch.

Relevant details:

How to Organize Coffee Mugs?
Coffee mugs are among your kitchen must-haves that should never miss from your cupboards because a warm cup of coffee is a great way to start your day. However, you might have faced this dilemma: Where do I put my coffee mugs when I stack them after washing? They just don’t fit perfectly into the cabinet! This option is why you need these coffee mug organizers! Choose a few and place them in your dishwasher or cabinet.

Cupboard Under the Sink Organization Tips!
Storing different items under the sink can be messy when you don’t know where to put them. However, we have good news for you: You can get rid of all your clutter under the kitchen sink with two simple strategies.

  • The first one is to store things in small baskets or bins.
  • The other option is for large laundry baskets that house many small items, such as dish towels and cleaning tools.
    You can also store large items in small baskets underneath the sink, then put smaller items in larger laundry baskets beside it.

Tips: Before starting, remove all items from under your sink, as well as from your cabinet above it, so that you have clean surfaces to work with.
Keep like items together when sorting and storing them for maximum effectiveness.

6. Organize Your Plastic Bags

Plastic is still many people’s favorite, although some have begun to reduce its use. Its versatility has been cornering the market for years. No wonder every house has it in its kitchen drawers.

You probably store various plastic bags in your drawer, too. It is normal. Everyone does that. Unfortunately, mixed plastic bags in a drawer is a real eyesore.
You can invest in a zip-lock bag storage organizer to overcome this problem. This organizer consists of several compartments to store different plastic bags.
Each compartment has an opening that allows you to grab the plastic bag easily without even opening the lid.

Relevant instructions:

  • Step 1: Choose the bin with the compartment size you need.
  • Step 2: Fill each compartment with plastic bags.
  • Step 3: Assign a different plastic bag to a compartment according to the size and use. For example, store sandwich bags in one compartment and produce bags in another.
  • Step 4: Close the lid and store it in your drawer or cabinet.

Or get an Over-The-Sink Organization Unit.
This option is yet another brilliant idea that keeps your towels close at hand without taking up much space. Over-the-sink organization units are multipurpose tools that can be installed on your wall or put directly on top of your sink or countertop, depending on how much space you have available for storage.
Put in many plastic bags or storage containers with extra space for up to three drawers. This is a great way to organize your kitchen bags and ensure that all your essentials are within grasp.

Relevant details:

  • Organize Your Dish Towels!
    If you can’t make it to the laundry room every time you finish washing the dishes, consider installing dish towel holders instead. This nifty piece aids in keeping dish towels tidy without compromising on utility.
    Here is how they work:
    You will get four perfect holders for your two cupboards, two in each door. These holders are constructed with a sturdy steel frame and friction-fit rubber clutches.
  • Storing Bulk Bags in a Drawers
    Bulk items, such as flour and sugar, can be stored in the general compartment of your drawer so that it is easy to locate them when needed. However, these bulk items can make your drawer appear messy if you keep them at the same level as all the other stuff. Put them in a basket or container instead of stacking them in one common area.

For example, you can install a plastic basket with dividers or boxes to hold various bulk products.

  • Baskets for Laundry and Dish Cloths
    You can also keep various laundry and dishtowels under your sink. Organizing them can help you use them effectively as they are placed where they will be easily accessible when needed.
  • A Bottle Storage
    It is a must to have somewhere to store your container with water. Install a rack underneath the countertop to keep the water bottles dry and ready for use.
  • Containers for Plates, Cups, and Bowls
    To keep your cups, plates, and bowls organized and within reach, get yourself a convenient storage set of containers, such as storage containers or plastic baskets that you can put anywhere as long as you have enough space to fit them in.
  • A Towel Storage
    Consider installing a towel rack instead if you don’t want to use the kitchen cabinet space to store towels and dishtowels. This idea is a good way to keep them organized without taking up too much space in the kitchen.

5. The Undersink Drawers

Another disaster area is the one under the sink. Since people hardly notice it, you may think it is a quick solution for clutter. Again, you toss everything into it, and you are good to go.
If that is what you are thinking about, you are wrong. Try to open the cabinet under the sink, and you will see how messy this area is.
You can eradicate clutter while organizing the cabinet under the sink by making some drawers.

  • To produce these drawers, you will need a ½” plywood sheet, a router, a 5/16 straight router bit, and some plastic baskets with lips.
  • You will not need to install drawer slides because you will create notches with a router. The notches will allow the lips of the baskets to rest and glide smoothly.

4. A Drawer Organizer idea with Diagonal Sections

Conventional drawers usually feature horizontal or vertical partitions, perfect for silverware, whisks, and spatulas.

What about the roller pin? Where are you going to store it? You can also stash it away in your drawer if you opt for diagonal partitions.
If you store everything diagonally, you will have the chance to stash away more items of various lengths.

Relevant instructions:

  • No 1. Get your drawers.
  • No 2. Determine which items you need to store in the left/top space and place them there.
  • No 3. Do the same for the right/bottom space.
  • No 4. Label the top and bottom partitions to know what each item is for.
  • No 5. Get your roller pins with the caps and unused furniture bolts in a separate container from those with the brass heads.
  • No 6. Use a soft mallet to hammer the furniture bolt into its hole through a tiny hole in the pin’s body (tap three times, tap three times).
  • No 7. Take out your roller pin, and screw it into its corresponding hole/s
  • No 8. To separate the roller pin, gently turn it and pull it out.

Additional idea:

A Drawer Organizer idea for People Who Use Collectible Items
If you are the one who collects various figurines and mugs, then you have to have a proper container for them either in your bedroom or in your kitchen.

Sometimes, it gets hard to keep the collection tidy because of its multitude. You can resolve this problem by storing them in drawers or cabinets suited for collectibles.
Use a cube organizer to keep everything neatly tucked away and easily access them when needed. Here is the bottom drawer with everything stored neatly.

3. A Customizable Drawer Organizer

You can find ready-made drawer dividers in stores easily. However, nothing can beat the satisfaction of creating your own custom partitions. It feels like a big triumph, especially if you can make it from inexpensive – or even free – materials you get from home.

  • You will need Balsa wood or foam core sheets, a straight edge, an X-ACTO knife, and decorative contact paper to make this drawer divider.
  • You need to take everything out from the drawer to determine the inside dimension.
  • Next, cut the boards to length and create a series of slots and notches to assemble each piece. The slots have to be half the height of and at the same width as each piece.
  • Once you have made slots and notches, try to assemble them to see whether each piece fits snugly. You can begin by sliding the notches into the slots. Press gently until the boards create a perfect cross with a 90-degree angle.
  • If each piece fits snugly, you can stop here. Or, if you wish to spice up the divider, by all means. You can stain, paint, or wrap them with decorative paper.

2. Do not Leave any Nook and Cranny

Do you have a small and awkward area next to your fridge or stove? Do not leave it untouched. Try making a vertical drawer in it. Do not forget to install a railing to prevent the contents from falling when you pull the drawer out. Repositioning the refrigerator is a frequent problem that tenants and homeowners face.

You can solve this by using a storage box of the right size. You can place the box under your refrigerator or stove or at its back, depending on what you have in mind.

If your area is not big enough to accommodate necessary items, do not worry and consider making shelves in your cupboard. These shelves can be made from plywood or MDF boards and fitted with handles for easy pulling out.
If you have no space for shelves and need to store cooking utensils, you can opt for a corner shelf.

Relevant instructions:

  • 1. A Padded Corner Shelf for Spices
    If you have no more space for shelves, why not create a corner shelf in your kitchen? It is a great way to add storage without taking up more space.
    All you need is to measure the inside of the corner cupboard. Next, and then mark the position of the shelf with a pencil. Next, drill holes for the screws at the previously marked position. Use spray paint to give a color that coordinates with your kitchen. Ensure that it is strong enough and will not peel off when you clean it frequently. Then mount it in your cupboard’s corner and insert all your spices or other kitchen essentials. You are now experiencing great convenience!
  • 2. Creative Wall Storage for Kitchen Utensils
    If you have a small kitchen, you must treat it with care and love. You should make sure that there is a place for everything in your kitchen. One of those things is, of course, the utensils. The solution would be to save space and make hooks on the walls by applying strong double-sided adhesive tape. Then, fasten your kitchen utensils on the tapes and simply hang them on the wall! This idea will free up more space in your cupboard or drawer because you will not need to pull out all of your utensils if you need only one or two of them!
  • 3. Kitchen Utensils Shelf
    Here is a storage solution if you have some space and do not mind spending time and effort on this project. You can build your kitchen utensil shelf using wood boards of the same thickness and length. It’s very easy to do so.
    You just need to measure the area where you want to put it, cut the boards accordingly and nail or screw them together. The next step is to paint them or leave them as they are. Then fasten them in your kitchen and add some hooks to hang more utensils! Make sure that the shelf will be stable because you will be putting a lot of weight on it!
  • 4. A Double-Decked Cupboard
    This design is perfect for those who want to save more space. You can do it by putting a drawer in front of the drawers already in your kitchen cupboard. You can also consider making the top one larger to hold your plates, bowls, and cups.
    If you want to make a double-decked cupboard, you will need longer rails and spacers since the drawer in front will cover most of the other drawers or even blocks them.
  • 5. A Utensil Organizer for Kitchen Drawers
    You can also choose to organize your kitchen drawers by storing different cooking utensils in separate drawers. All you need is to install some adjustable shelves to get the hang of doing it. You can also use dividers like those described above since they have already been made to divide kitchen drawers into smaller compartments.
    By pestering the local hardware store, you will find what you are looking for without fail. Put them on and allow things to stay this way until they need more space.

Lastly, Number 1. Wooden Drawer Organizers for Metal Kitchen Utensils

Looking at an organized drawer is one of the good things that can make your day. You can take this idea to the next level by focusing on more details, like your materials and the design that appeals to you.

This drawer divider may not leave much space because it has compartments where each kitchen utensil fits snuggly. The combination of metal and wood makes a perfect match for a modern kitchen.

To complete the project, you can also add some decorative touches such as masking tape, paint, and wooden labels to personalize it.

Make a Wooden Drawer Divider

  • 1). Measure the drawer width and height to make sure they fit the space available in your kitchen. For example, an oversized drawer will only occupy half of the available space, so you can only put it halfway into the drawer.
  • 2). Cut two pieces of MDF board to equal sizes. You may want to keep them as close as possible so that they’ll be able to fit perfectly into each other. Then measure the width of your drawer and cut four pieces of plywood at equal lengths. The subject would be the surface of your drawer organizer.
  • 3). Use the plywood pieces and four 2″ screws to make them adhere to the first MDF board. Ensure that there is enough space for the pull-out drawer to fit into. Continue doing this until all of your pieces of plywood have adhered to your MDF boards. Then go on with the following steps.
  • 4). To make this drawer divider functional, you need to cut a piece of MDF board with a length equal to your metal rails and a width of a bit more than half its length.
  • 5). Use your metal rails to make this wooden drawer divider, then place the rails in their appropriate positions. If you want to make the shelf adjustable, you must install hinges on the side of your wooden drawer dividers and let them adhere to the rails.
  • 6). You may want to add a piece of plywood to cover the gap between your metal rail and MDF board at the front of your drawer organizer.
  • 7). Optional: Add hanging baskets or other decorative items on your metal rails.

Additional ideas:

  • 1. A TV Unit Ready to Go in a Kitchen Cupboard Idea
    You can also turn your kitchens into media rooms with TV units! Having an entertainment unit in your kitchen is another great idea to make you and your family happy after a long day’s work. But getting one that fits perfectly can be a little tricky.
    To find out what you will need, measure the available space and work out the size of the TV unit for you and your family. Next, go to any commercial store that sells household appliances and ask for help from the staff. They should be able to help you find something that fits well into place.
  • 2. A Wooden Box for a Utility Cart
    Since there is always a need to have something within reach, a kitchen cart is always a great solution. You can place it against the wall or by the counter and enjoy its convenience.
    However, since you are in this article, we can say that you might want to tweak it with your creativity to achieve something more amazing and convenient! You can simply add more storage boxes under the utility cart! Attach them firmly to the bottom of your basket so that they do not move around when you pull it out from under the cupboard or table.
  • 3. A Kitchen Island to Add More Space and Functionality
    A kitchen island can make your day! Adding this furniture to your kitchen is a good idea if you have the space. It gives you more space to work on your food or other things without feeling cramped. This option is great for those who want to cook but are limited by the number of people who can assist them.

These 10 kitchen drawer organizations are simple yet effective to help you keep organized. You can even implement them right now and see how they can change your life.



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