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12 Kitchen Divider Projects

To Help You Finally Get Rid of That Questionable Tupperware (From Your Sight)

A Luxury Kitchen Divider Project Idea for Cheap

This divider is actually for the bedroom. However, It does not mean you cannot use it for a kitchen. You can simply add some more storage on one side and leave the back as it is for hanging aprons, rags, or even some decorations.

  • Start with cutting the sheet materials to size, sand the rough edges or surfaces, and prime everything.
  • Then, build the frame from a large board and a long rectangular board.
  • Design the shelves layout you want and fix them in the frame.
  • Later, attach a coat rack over the rear side.
  • Next, paint it all and attach the divider to the floor and against the kitchen wall.

A DIY Kitchen Shelf Divider with Wheels

Are you reluctant to build a permanent divider? All you need is a wheel. The wooden shelf unit comes with castor wheels and handles, allowing you to move it around easily. With six shelf boxes, you can display almost anything.

  • After sanding all the sections, form the two middle partitions first and move on to the outer frame.
  • With 16mm screws, install the castor wheels to the base and the handles to both sides.
  • Then, fill the unevenness with food filler.
  • Now, finish it with a clear satin varnish.

How to Build a new Half-Wall Divider for your kitchen

The half-wall divider will act as a mini bar in your kitchen. To get one, measure the length you want because it will determine the number of studs needed to support the divider. The height should be 42 inches tall so the stools’ height will fit perfectly later.

  • First, build the frame and anchor it to the wall and also to the floor.
  • Then, attach the 1/2-inch drywall sheets to the frame.
  • Before sanding the new wall, you have to cover all the seams and the screw holes. Y
  • ou can paint the wall, attach a bar top, and apply some trims to the edges.

A Modular Room Divider Idea

The modular divider gives see-through storage, suitable for storing kitchen utensils or food supplies. Also, the freestanding bench will be the quick-to-go breakfast seat in the morning.

  • Start with making the base frame and the four legs from thick oak and poplar boards.
  • Then build the unit consisting of three parts: the bottom, middle and top case, three boxes each.
  • The bench is freestanding, so you can easily make one, just be sure to match the height to the bottom case.
  • After that, build the drawers for the unit and the bench.
  • Assemble all the parts together using glue and nails.
  • To finish your work, paint it with your desired color.



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