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12 Kitchen Divider Projects

To Help You Finally Get Rid of That Questionable Tupperware (From Your Sight)

How to Turn IKEA Kallax into A Gigantic Room Divider

The versatile Ikea has always been a favorite bare material for DIY-ers. Ikea Kallax, to be specific, can be a gigantic divider with massive storage.

All you need to do is make the lower base and middle support from a steel tube. To match the gloss white finish, you can powder-coat them. Then, screw the Kallax assemblies on top of each steel base. The middle space is suitable for placing your preferred ornament.

An ingenious room and kitchen divider project for a non-conventional room layout

The enormous open space comprises three rooms: an entrance, a kitchen, and a living room. There is also a custom-designed cabinet functioning as a divider to limit the entrance and separate the living room and the kitchen.

The anthracite color that matches the other furniture personalizes the room completely. Its design integrates large storage to put ready-to-go clothing such as coats, hats, raincoats, etc.

The seat bench can be part of the living room where you can read comfortably, not to mention the drawers under the bench where you can hide shoes or boots neatly.

How to Build a Columned Kitchen Divider?

This columned divider will work great in the kitchen too. To start this project, build the base panel on the floor against the wall. Later, stack three identical boxes on top of the base. Then, cover the back and install the face frames.

Next, install the top panel and the molding for the baseboard.
Now, with the shelves ready, move on to the column. Install a wooden block on the top surface of the shelves.

Build one side of the column based on this block, install the upper column at the ceiling, then assemble the rest of the sides. The last step, install the crown molding.

How to build A Multipurpose Kitchen Divider from Scratch?

This multipurpose divider is suitable for a kitchen because it has open shelves and hanging rails or hooks to put on your ladder and spatula.

  • First, make seven identical square cubes with glue, drill, and screw.
  • Wipe off any excess glue and spray paint the cubes with three contrasting colors. You can now assemble the unit. Begin with gluing and screwing three columns.
  • The cubes will support the structure, with three columns in the middle floating between 2 cubes at each top and bottom corner. Those will be the inner support to the outer frames.
  • Then, cover the rear side with some flat panels.
  • Next, fix a hanging rail to one larger open space and hook it to another.

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