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Interior Design Trends 2022: Tips to Transform Your Home

As we look to the year ahead, we’ve been doing some research into the most sought after interior design trends in 2022. We’re taking you back to the 70s with different shades of green, bold burnt orange, and plenty of patterns to match.

But this year is not just about the striking colour palettes on offer; we also have alternative furniture options, ways to become more sustainable, and so much more. Whether you have a small space to consider or a whole house, we have the tips and inspiration to help transform your home.

We’ve carefully selected the best interior design trends and ideas for 2022, and we can’t wait to share them with you below!

Go Bold

This season’s interior design trends will transport you back to the years of the 60s and 70s, when rooms were filled with bold colours and covered in patterns. Think greens of all different shades, burnt orange, mustard yellow, and striking gold made for a vibrant era.

Green, in particular, is a colour of choice in 2022, as people continue to bring the outdoors in and design a more natural-looking space. Opt for muted colours in these shades and accessories with pops of colour using cushions, blankets, and drapes. Spice things up with an accent wall and compliment the palette with plants and succulents to really bring your home to life.


People are not just choosing to go green with their decor but with how they live their lives too. Sustainability is a massive issue and people are looking for lifestyle changes to help the environment. So many designers and people in the construction industry are using eco-friendly materials and installing systems to help with sustainability issues.

Property investment specialists like RWinvest are working with developers to implement technology such as smart thermostats to help reduce the amount of energy that we use. This will result in fewer carbon emissions and huge savings for homeowners and tenants. A big plus, now that energy prices are set to soar! So if you’re looking to move home or install smart features, check out some of their eco-developments for inspiration.

Multifunctional Spaces

Making the most of your space is another trend for 2022. Many people have had to adapt rooms for work spaces and homework stations. It’s all about decluttering rooms and living with less. Rooms can serve more than one purpose and multifunctional furniture can help to cut costs and save on precious real estate. Fold away desks or dining tables that double up as work stations are becoming centre pieces in homes this year.

A Touch of Tradition

When it comes to furniture and household units, people are now opting for a more traditional look. Think simple, with an antique twist. Natural materials like wood and marble will be at the forefront of most houses, with neutral linens to keep the design light and nice to touch. If you’re thinking of remodeling large spaces like the kitchen or bathroom, opt for modern stripped back cabinets and panelling to complete a timeless, neutral look that will be long-lasting. Pops of colour and striking gold hardware can be used to put your own stamp on traditional pieces.

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