5 IKEA Storage Makeover Ideas and DIY Projects for Every Home Owners


Have a passage in your house that is beautifuly wide but isn’t serving any purpose? I’ll repeat that question with the answer if you stick with me. I promise you. Unless the world suddenly collapse in the next few seconds, I’ll make my word.

1. TRONES Headboard Storage

The TRONES unit goes well with a BRIMNES bed. Attaching the TRONES unit to the BRIMNES bed requires a little bit of drilling and tightening bolts. However, before you bolt the TRONES unit, measure up the size of the unit with the bed and attach a hard wood piece for the remaining area onto the head board. This way, the finish will look more elegant and you can have some space on the head board for random storage. With multiple designs from IKEA, you can utilize every single inch of space in your home. An IKEA TRONES cabin can also be used as a side table depending on your convenience. Source

2. Convenient Side Table from IKEA Trones

Install 2 IKEA Trones and lay a poplar board on top to assemble your own side table for your night lamp, phone etc. Source

3. Everything under one mattress with SEKTION Storage Bed

Want more space to move around and more space for storage? This closet free idea from IKEA can help you get rid of all closets and dressers in your bedroom, leaving just your bed. Use IKEA’s SEKTION base cabinets to make an excellent storage space below your bed. You can also opt for a couple of railings from IKEA’s FINTORP series that will be useful for shoes. However, if you can get a hold of the METOD bed from IKEA, then opt for it as it has more neatly tucked in cabins. Source

4. Transform Dead Space into Shoe Storage with Lack Table Shoe Shelves

This is a brilliant hack that lets you take advantage of any corner in your house. For this, you need a LACK table and you need to cut it in half. When cut as a half, it is the perfect for shelving racks. Simple drill them into a wall corner to make for a shelf that can hold your shoes or your indoor plants. Source

5. Entryway colourful storage area

Have a passage in your house that is beautifully wide but isn’t serving any purpose? Opt for a couple of IVAR cabinets and attach them to the wall. You can paint them in vibrant colours giving your house a bohemian feel while the shelves can house miscellaneous objects depending on where they are placed in the house. You can place old newspapers and magazines, tool kits or shoes to utilise this vibrant pathway. Source


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