IKEA? The company has gradually emerged as one of the top names in the market when it comes to providing household items that embody quality and style. While IKEA has a massive array of products at your disposal, you can implement a bit of creativity in crafting interesting items for decorating your house.

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11. Transformable Coffee Table.
11. Transformable Coffee TableSince the KNUFF magazine file has 2 pieces with one being inside of the other, you can use it to change the shape of the table as per convenience. Secure using a liquid nail and screw your artist stool or a FROSTA stool and SNUDDA Lazy Susan underneath.

12. Double it! Malm console becomes a bigger table.
12 Double it Malm console becomes a bigger table via simphomeA long slim console table can become a larger one accommodating 10 people, if you use the spare legs and desk of the second Malm and join to the legs and desk respectively to the already built up table, by screwing the hinges tightly.

13. Himmeli mobile for the nursery.
13. Himmeli mobile for the nurseryJoin straws to create a 3D hexagonal model, which acts as a mobile for your children’s nursery. This is undoubtedly a little complex, and requires patience. You can spray paint them for a metallic look that is very eye-catching.

14. Double multi-position Tingby Coffee table.
14. Double multi-position Tingby Coffee tableFollow the IKEA instructions carefully and work on the first table before starting on the second. When you open the latter, make sure you take out 3 of the wheels and screw them under each foot. Glue 6 small FIXA protections under the top so the table slides softly without damaging top of the table below.

15.IKEA HACK: Couch Caddy.
15.IKEA HACK: Couch Caddy.The ultimate space for relaxing while watching a movie and sipping a refreshing beverage, or indulging in some quiet reading. A Couch Daddy can be made from a Toga place mat and Njuta slippers!

16.Mid Century Modern Doll Furniture Chair and Coffee Table.
16.Mid Century Modern Doll Furniture Chair and Coffee Table.To make the chair, use the Tolsby picture frame and one Blanda Matt bowl. The other is to be used to create the table, along with chopsticks as legs. Isn’t retro doll furniture adorable to look at?

17.Yarnbombing Station.
Yarnbombing Station Simphome comUse Variera plastic bag dispensers to create a knitting station, by attaching them to the wall of your craft room. Dispensing yarn has never been so easy!

18.Get into the hot seat.
18.Ikea Poang with heated seatingUse the Ikea Poang with heated seating and extend the headrest as per your comfort level. Now you don’t need to feel the cold sensation of leather anymore!

19.Gunnern bathroom cabinet hack.
19.Gunnern bathroom cabinet hackCombine two Gunnern cabinets side by side into a single large storage option. This is an excellent space saver, especially for those with limited room.

20. IKEA Ultralight Backpacking pack.
20. IKEA Ultralight Backpacking packThe idea is simple – to reduce the overall weight of your backpack. The front, back and bottom are all from one piece, giving a smoother seamless looks once finished. The padding of waist belt and shoulder straps were sourced from a SeaWorld wetsuit, wrapped in fabric. Components like webbing, straps, etc. Were then sewed to the IKEA bag. It is waterproof thanks to the rolltop clip system.

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