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IKEA Creative makeover or hacking has made our lives easier in several ways, but many different things may also be hack into and make life much simpler, reduce waste and make life more enjoyable. Listed below are 32 creative IKEA Storage and furniture hack which will cause you to need to hit the thrift shop!

FYI, this list is split to 6 different sections and it also comes with a video that will probably speed up your learning process. Find video I refer to under ideas number 1


1. Part 1

1. Ikea Rast Hack by 2beesinapod.
1 Ikea Rast Hack by 2beesinapod featured at simphome
To have this hack, first you need to prepare the PPG paint color. Dark gray is one best option you can use. You can also use the interior flat latex. Then trim the edges of the four sides. Paint the drawer eith Mod Podge then drill tiny holes to add the bronze castors . Source!

2.DIY Bench with Storage Compartments- IKEA Nornas look alike.
2 DIY Bench with Storage Compartments IKEA Nornas look alike via simphomeFirst, cut the first 1 x 12 into 2 pieces of 4 foot for the bottom and cut it into 5 15’’ pieces. Then cut the 2 x 2 and drill the pocket holes on every piece. Build the eggs and paint it. Finally, attach the H into the 4 pieces. Read more!

3.IKEA Rast Hack: Industrial Nightstand by Serendipityrefined.
3 Rast Hack Industrial Nightstand by Serendipityrefined via simphomeFirst, turn the dresser upside down then use scrap piece of 1 x 6 to fill the toe kick space. Built the frame in 2 x 4 set 3/8 inch. Paint it with gel paint and attaché the screen molding when it dried. More detail!

Wait, if you almost give up already and If you can’t take more words and images, this little video is ready to help you. Play and you’ll hear nice voice over that will transfer raw knowledge of this post in your brain.

4. Patriotic Dresser Rast Hack.
4 Patriotic Dresser Rast makeover via simphomeStart the work by making American shield and measure it on the drawers. You can mimic the gate by making a corner template and route it around. Trace the stars onto the shield. Some paints you may need are gold, black, red, blue, and white. More information!

5. A nice built in shelves from 3 IKEA Brimnes Dressers.
5 A nice built in shelves from 3 IKEA Brimnes Dressers via simphomeRegarding the 3 IKEA brimnes dressers, it has frosted glass on the top. To have it well placed with your wallpaper, you might need to draw lines to be used as the guide. It is also important to avoid overlaps between your wallpaper as well as any other furniture. Source!

6. IKEA Moppe Hack Apothecary Cabinet.
6 IKEA Moppe Hack Apothecary Cabinet via simphomeTo makeover it, first, you need to add plywood for the top and base. The size is about 13’’ x 8 ½ ‘’. Give the mop some legs then continue by painting it. Label the drawers then for the last, decoupage the top. Read more!

7. DIY Twin Storage Bed from two IKEA TROFAST 37 x 17 storage shelves.
7 DIY Twin Storage Bed from two IKEA TROFAST 37 x 17 storage shelves via simphomeTo make it, first, you should build the IKEA trofast shelves by following the instruction given. After that, sand the edges of the plywood pieces. Continue by painting it, only in the inside and one outer side. Next, lay the pieces and drill 3 pocket holes and arrange the pieces layered. More detail!

8. IKEA Rast Farmhouse Dresser makeover.
8 IKEA Rast Farmhouse Dresser makeover via simphomeIf you wonder to give a brand new look dresser by hacking it, paint is the key. For a recommendation, you can use glossy oil paint in Charcoal Gray. This paint will give you a metal like finishing. More information!

9. IKEA Cubbies into a Rustic Apothecary.
9 Ikea Cubbies into a Rustic Apothecary simphomeFirst, make the base and trim it out. Add the corner with trim pieces. Next, add the top then make the doors.attach the doors and give stain for the finishing. More info!

10. IKEA Cubby Hack.
10 Ikea Cubby Hack featured at www simphome comFirst, cut plywood in 1/4’’. If you want to make 1’’ lip on each shelf, you need to make the base board in 3’’ tall while the rest is 2’’ tall. For the paint, the Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Point will be the best choice. Source!


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