IKEA Creative makeover or hacking has made our lives easier in several ways, but many different things may also be hack into and make life much simpler, reduce waste and make life more enjoyable. Listed below are 32 creative IKEA Storage and furniture hack which will cause you to need to hit the thrift shop!

FYI, this list is split to 6 different sections and it also comes with a video that will probably speed up your learning process. Find video I refer to under ideas number 1

2. Part 2

11. Warm and colorful Ikea Dressers.
11 Warm and colorful Ikea Dressers via simphomeTo have ikea dressers in warm color, the tarva dressers is one best option you can choose. Stain the sides is one key to have it. Next, choose colors between Queen Anne’s Lace SW 6420, Celery SW 6421, Shagreen SW 6422, Ryegrass SW 6423, and Tansy Green SW 6424. Source!

12. Tarva IKEA dresser to TV Cabinet.
12 Tarva IKEA dresser to TV Cabinets via simphomeIf you want to have a TV cabinet but think that it is too expensive, jut hack IKEA and turn it to be your TV cabinet. It only need inexpensive wood to bulk the top. Read more!

13. Build a Cheap and Easy Ikea Bucket Organizer.
13 Build a Cheap and Easy Ikea Bucket Organizer via simphomeTo build it, you need to prepare many cuts. It includes 2 in 1x 2’’ @ 4 x ¼’’. 4 in 1 x 2’’ @ 14 x ¼’’, and 2 boards @ 5 ¾ x 5’’. After you cut it, you can start to assemble it by using wood glue on every joint then reinforce it with 16 gauge of 1.5’’ nails. More detail!

14. IKEA Expedite $10 shelf doors.
14 Ikea Expedite 10 shelf doors featured at www simphome comFirst, you need to measure 1 inch of the edges on the top of the canvas then screw it in the eye hooks. Repeat it for as many as canvas you prepared then hold it. Last, screw it into bookcase. More information!

15. Suitcases dresser IKEA rast hack.
15 Suitcases dresser IKEA rast hack via simphomeWhat you need to make a cool hack includes leather scraps, upholstery tacks, sharpie, as well as cotton rags. After assembling your drawers, stain it, then paint the drawers front with the one you want. More info!

16. IKEA Rast Hack by Confession of a Serial Diyer.
16 IKEA Rast Hack by Confession of a Serial Diyer via simphomeA cool of rast hack actually only need simple thing. First, add a new top. Then trim it to hide the gap. Add fabric to the drawer fronts then mold the frame out of the drawers. Do it carefully, and voila… a new cool rast is done. Source!

17. IKEA SEKTION Hack: TV Console.
17 IKEA SEKTION makeover TV Console via simphomeTo begin with, get two SEKTONI wall cabinets. Assemble them together. Secure it with fibreboard shelves. Add suspensions rails if you want to have it float on the wall. On the other hand, you can also have the legs if you want to make it looks like a furniture piece. Read more!

18. Pottery Barn Inspired Dresser – IKEA Rast Hack.
18 Pottery Barn Inspired Dresser IKEA makeover via simphomeFor other IKEA rast makeover, you can also give a different touch of Pittsburgh Paints’ new door, trim & furniture paint. One main reason is that it can give you rich and deep finishing. It will still give you the same result even if you apply it on canvas. More detail!

19. IKEA Hacked Garage Storage idea.
19 Ikea makeover as a new Garage Storage idea via simphomeOne hack you can try is by purchasing unfinished lower kitchen cabinets. Then, add a countertop on it. However, this way may cost you a little much money. For other option, you can also have some graph paper then ,arch it out to the garage. More information!

20. $15 Ikea Pax Door Hack.
20 Fifeteen dollar Ikea Pax Door makeover via simphomeTo have this trick, first you need to recreate the panel in the same look. However, if you have difficulties in it, you can also turn it to be foyer door. It does not have much different actually, as it will give you the same function. More info!

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