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12 IKEA DIY Ideas for Better Clutter Control

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A Built-in Library Wall IKEA project Idea with Ladder

Building a library wall in your home is easier than it seems.
You can create what you want with four IKEA Billy Bookcases, four height extension units, and a few extra cabinet doors.

If your room has a baseboard on the wall, it’s better to remove it first. After that, you can build a base frame from 2×4 lumber with the same length as the walls in your room and the same depth as the Billy Bookcase you used.

  • After that, assemble your Billy bookcase and place it on the base frame by giving space between the walls and each unit.
  • Reinforce the position by providing spacers in existing gaps, including the distance between the cabinet and the wall. You can also add L brackets to attach the bookcase to the wall.
  • Next, construct and crosswise attach a ladder rail support made of 2×6 lumber to the top of the Billy bookcase. At the same time, you can assemble and install the height extension units you have and provide spacers to strengthen their position.
  • Next, cover all the gaps with MDF boards, and you can give crown molding on the top of the extension units.
  • After that, sand, prime, and spray paint the unit with the color you want.
  • Finally, install the doors and hardware on the lower shelves and add the ladder rails and the wooden ladder with wheels in the provided area.

Apart from the library wall, you can also use this unit for clothes storage. Add higher doors in white and brass doorknockers as handles to add aesthetic value.

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