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12 IKEA DIY Ideas for Better Clutter Control

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A Storage Bench IKEA hack project for the mudroom

A storage bench is an essential item for any mudroom, allowing you to have a seat in the entryway while keeping daily necessities within reach. This IKEA hack for a storage bench is both practical and enjoyable to create.

Start by assembling the IKEA Besta Frame according to the instructions provided. Install the Hanviken cabinet doors on the frame using hinges. Then, attach four IKEA Kabbarp legs to the lower sides of the cabinet, along with one IKEA Besta support leg in the center, to emphasize that this piece is a bench.

Next, use Gorilla Wood Glue to attach the wood top to the IKEA Besta frame, followed by screwing the brass pulls to the cabinet doors. To create the backrest, construct an upholstered hanging pad from plywood in the desired size, wrap the plywood planks with foam, batting, and an IKEA Ingrun Blanket, and secure everything with staples.

Finally, hang the backrest pad on the wall using leather straps.

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