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12 IKEA DIY Ideas for Better Clutter Control

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The IKEA Foldable Desk Hack Idea

An IKEA PS 14 Secretary already helps you hide clutter in your workspace. However, you can still update and add more functionality to this foldable desk with additional materials.

First, modify the permanent top and face panels so they can be flapped open by sawing about 2cm on the ceiling panel. Then attach gas hinges on both sides of the face panel so they stay up when used.

Next, install rails on the left side of the desk and attach a small wooden board to it using hinges. This section is an extended shelf that you can tuck in when the foldable desk is closed and sufficient to accommodate your IPAD.

You can also mount your computer monitor on the back panel using the VESA arm and attach the speakers to the monitor using Black command strips. It is beneficial to save space on your desk.
Lastly, to make your laptop easier to reach, create a cubby on the side of the desk and give it wooden horizontal support to prevent your laptop from falling.

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