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12 IKEA DIY Ideas for Better Clutter Control

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How To Extend A Pax Wardrobe & Make It Built-In (Even As A Renter!)

In the first option in these IKEA DIY ideas, you will find a combination of Pax wardrobes with a Billy cupboard modified into a modern built-in unit.

In a room measuring 3.4 meters, you can assemble and then combine three IKEA Pax wardrobes with one IKEA Billy cupboard to make one cabinet unit.

  • Before installing the doors on the wardrobe and cupboard, ensure you have extended each entry by adding wood panels according to the size you need and securing them with screws.
  • Once the doors are extended, attach the cladding strips to them using wood glue. Ensure each timber strip is installed with the same space to maintain its aesthetic value.

To emphasize the built-in impression, you must also fill the gap between the wardrobe and the wall using timber and cover it with cladding.

Next, fill all the screw holes with wood filler, then sand all surfaces and edges until smooth and prime everything. After that, you can end this DIY by applying paint or stain and installing brass handles on the doors.


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