10 Lazy Ideas to Make Big Change in Your House

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It’s hard to satisfy a craving for change in your home every time it happens, whether it’s due to time, budget, or energy constraints. When the desire for replacing our house strikes, our minds usually turn to big projects like painting or changing every piece of furniture or even handling renovations.

Many small decor changes can transform a home without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank. Applying one or two of these 10 lazy ideas to make a big change in your house can give you the fresh start you are looking for in your space. Let’s check them out! And later continue with the Simphome source link pasted inside the reference.


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10. The Honeycomb Style Wall Paint Project

10. Honeycomb Style Wall Paint by simphome.comReinforce your white walls with some honeycomb patterns. The randomly placed hexagons make a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere to the room.
The basic use the colors that complement the room’s interior. You can try lighter colors for the child’s bedroom and softer ones for the living or dining room. For a quicker solution, get the LED hexagonal Wall lamp.

9. The Watermelon Escape

Watermelon Chair decor via Simphome.pngIf you want to incorporate a tropical feel into your patio, let’s try to create a watermelon design on your chair. You can cover the entire chair in a circle pattern or make things easier by simply painting the packing panels.
This idea will work for strawberries too. You just need to make a twist. You can trim the top of the chair back to create the illusion of the strawberry leaves.

8. A Blue Painted Bookcase for Kids

8. A Blue Painted Bookcase for Kids by simphome.comFurniture painting is one of the most effortless ways to give a new brand day to work. It’s also an excellent way to mix furniture in the room without one piece standing out more than the other.
This blue-painted bookcase, for example, looks fresh again and now matches the prevailing decor in the room. It comes with an excellent shade of blue for a boy’s room and gives a lot of versatility to the room.
If your furniture looks out of place or feels like you don’t have a dedicated space, consider painting it or at least clean it before you throw or donate it.

7. Add A new Door Knocker

7. Add a Door Knocker by simphome.comThe front door is the first thing coming into sight when you leave, and your guests notice when they come to visit, and it’s your first chance to make a significant change.
While repainting your door in a bold color is a good option, it’s easier and quicker to add a new piece of hardware, such as a decorative door knocker.
Whether you choose a bird-shaped knocker or other animals, there are various new and vintage options to spruce up any door.
Just like this one. These birds are not only cute but also give a touch of romance.

6. Line Your Bookcase with Wallpaper

6. Wallpaper your bookcase via .jpg

Using wallpaper to wrap around other things aside from walls is not a new technique. Besides, it entails a slight risk if you only use it on small pieces of furniture, not in a full-fledged room.
Lining the back of a bookcase, dresser drawer, or the inside of a small cupboard, for example, is an excellent technique to give your room a whole new look. If you are bored with your tired bookshelves and cannot afford a new one, you can opt for this DIY version.

5. Add more comfort with Sheepskins

5. Just Add Sheepskin by simphome.comIf some areas in your home feel tough, throwing sheepskin is the best solution. They provide warmth, comfort, and texture while being very affordable and easy to move around your room when your needs and moods change.
Sheepskin not only gives a luxurious look and feel but also helps maintain the value of your chair. Over time, it has proven to be a sturdy solution, long-lasting, and easy to care for.

4. Hang Your Photograph Collection

4. Creative Photo Display Idea via .jpgPhoto galleries are a creative way to cover a blank wall or an unsavory corner. Experiment with frame shapes, sizes, and designs and put anything from old family photos to children’s pictures there.
Creating a gallery wall is a chic way to add personality to a home. It will also tell many stories to your guests, not to mention the good memories you intend to preserve.
However, creating a private gallery is not as simple as hanging the photos on the wall. It would be best if you also considered the layout. Arranging them in straight lines might be a bit dull. Use your creativity to get the best arrangements.

3. Add Greenery or Treat An Indoor Garden

3. Add Greenery by simphome.comPlants breathe life into any space and in an all-white room like the picture above. They add a lovely touch of color and fresher air to your lungs. Not green fingers? Don’t worry! These tips don’t have to pass you by.
Now there are lots of fabulous fakes available, and they look realistic you can take, such as blooming artificial flowers, foliage, or trees.
It is also recommended that you have some greeneries in your kitchen or dining area, whether hanging potted plants or potted herbs or succulents. If space is your challenge, you can also try to grow a hanging or floating herb garden in the kitchen or a window sill to add a touch of life that you could consume later.

2. Experiment with Washi Tapes Too

2. Creative Line of Wallpaper via .jpgWell, washi tape is more than just a writing tool in your arts and crafts box. It has several additional features you can use too. One of them is wall decoration and furniture. Take some colorful washi tape and be creative!
For example, make a pattern on your wall, or stick it along the furniture’s edge to make it pop up instantly.2. Washi tape creative usage via .png It is a simple and non-destructive lazy decor idea you can exploit to jazz up your house.

Lastly, Number 1, Opt for The Removable Wallpaper

1. Opt for Removable Wallpaper by simphome.comWhat does somebody notice the first time they walk into a house? It is the wall, isn’t it?. Generally, landlords will provide you a home with boring white walls, or even worse, an old and ugly coating of red or grey.
It can turn out to be emotional distress unconsciously if you have to stare at that blank wall for any length of time. To heal it, give character to your walls by experimenting with removable wallpaper. Don’t have to be expensive though, as long as it fits with the room owner’s character and atmosphere, you can execute the action plan.
And, because it is detachable, you can explore different designs until you find the perfect one! Please don’t do it too often anyway; once in a year is enough.

So, You can do several things to transform your home effortlessly. These 10 lazy ideas to make a big change in your house are the only example, and you can come up with your own idea by mix and matching everything you have learned in the video. With a bit of luck, failures, and creativity, you’re sure to come up with your version.
Furthermore, you can acknowledge and explore your artistic side from this process. If you have any more tips for small, impactful design changes, return to the link provided inside the description.


9. Watermelon with Ants Painted Wooden Chair Directions
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