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Ideas For Cozy Bedrooms That Will Make You Want To Stay In Bed All Day

The place where we start and end our day, our bedrooms, are where we feel the most comfortable and can be our true authentic selves. It is no less than a personal sanctuary where you can do whatever you like, whenever you want. So isn’t it fair that your room should represent you or, at the very least, be a cozy yet chic place? Here are a few easy suggestions to make your room so snug that you won’t want to leave it.

1. Add Wood Accents

Adding wood to your bedroom is ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere, regardless of how big or little it is. It could be as basic as a cladding board or as complex as limed oak panels. You can also find brilliant wallpapers that resemble wood paneling if using natural wood is not an option. In areas where paneling or wallpaper cannot be added, wood items and furnishings can also be an excellent addition.

2. Leveraging Lighting To Enhance Ambiance

Lighting plays an essential part in setting the mood and theme. However, that doesn’t mean that you can add any light fixtures and expect your room to magically feel cozy. Because nothing’s a bigger buzzkill than having a strong ceiling down-light shine on your face while trying to relax. After dark, switch off some of the overhead lights and use dim lights. The secret to creating a comfy atmosphere is to use various ambient lights, such as soothing bedside lamps with dramatically placed ceiling lights. Of course, the most acceptable light source will always be natural light.

3. Add Loads Of Cushions

Pillows are a surefire way to give your bedroom that comfy oomph factor. There can never be too many pillows. Have a variety of options, including small bolsters, large, incredibly soft feather cushions, and everything in between. Those incredibly soft types will become your closest companions after an exhausting work day.

4. Complement Some Style To The Bed’s Foot

Keeping a well-made, custom-made bench at the foot of your bed would assist you in maintaining bed linens more neatly and give you an additional seating area, immediately making your room seem bigger. Get your own cushioned chest or bench right away to make your room look nice and snug.

5. Place A Modern Rug

After getting up in the morning, a person really should place their first foot on a soft surface. A soft area rug adds additional texture and provides good warmth. To enhance comfort, layer different floor coverings or place tiny shag rugs on the edges of the bed. Just go to a modern rug store to find one you can put right in the center of your room so that it may exude a nice and cozy ambiance.

6. Cover Your Windows With Some Curtains

One of the main reasons a bedroom seems uninviting is bare, frigid windows. Don’t scrimp on window coverings if you want to achieve that warmth. Another suggestion to remember if you have big windows is to avoid using drapes with a bold pattern. Once designed, they shouldn’t be the center of attention or unbalance the space.

7. Use Natural Materials And Calming Colors

Think calming, neutral and pleasant when it comes to textures and tones rather than bold color pops. Bold visual designs may not provide you with that warm and comforting feeling that you may want in your bedrooms. Prefer rich, sensual textures while concentrating on more compact, intimate designs that coordinate. Comfortable yarns in neutral colors, faux-fur wraps, and quilted pillowcases are all excellent places to start. For a relaxed setting, scatter these pieces across the room.

8. Use Flowers For Color

Remember that we’re not attempting to distract ourselves with busy patterns and harsh accents. Flowers and plants are the ideal way to give a dash of color that will leave your room feeling full of life without seeming overpowering.

To Sum Up

Nothing is better than coming home from a long day and getting all cozied up in your bedroom. This is why you need to transform it into a place where you get excited to come home and just relax. You don’t need to spend a fortune or go to extreme lengths to enhance your room’s ambiance or aesthetic. Little additions like flowers, soft rugs, cushions, and so on will do the trick.

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