5 Cheap Ideas How to Update your Living Room

Next, you’ll learned 5 cheap ideas how to update your living room and make it more comfortable. These ideas are surely affordable for most of us and you can even make some by yourself. Let’s stop beating around the bush; and start learning the tricks:

1. Clean it thoroughly

To give an update to your living room, you might want to clean it. Sweep the floor; remove the dust off the furniture and TV. You also need to sweep window glass. Opening your window can be an update to your living room as well so that light and air can get inside. Thus, make the room more relaxing. Try this idea and you will feel more relaxed to stay in your usual but cleaned living room. (via maidparadedenver)

simphome clean window

2. Colorful Pillows

Pillows are great accessories for your living room. To make a variation to the pillows, you might want to make your own pillow cover. First, simply cut fabric into 2 sheets with size that will fit the pillow. Then, put them together and sew them. Cut off the corners and iron them to make it neater. Finally, stuff your pillow and it is ready to use. (via dhgate)

simphome colorful pillow

3. Bring Shore to the Living Room

If you like beach and you want it to be near you, you can make them into a living room decoration to update the look of your living room. When you visited beach, you can always pick the shells. Make them into a decoration by putting sand-textured paper as the frame background then glue the shells with hot glue on it. Insert the background to the frame and it is done. (via swinkimorskie)

simphome seashell

4. Big Word

To give bold accent to your living room, you can make big words out of plywood. Simply cut the plywood into shape of a word. When it’s cut, sand the edges to smoothen it. after that, repaint your wood letter and it can be put above a table or just hang on the wall when the paint dried. (via theshabbycreekcottage)

simphome letter

5. Plant Wall Art

Wall arts can be anything; pictures, photos, or paintings. How about a plant wall art? Well, take your unused picture frame and let’s make one. You need moss sheet to make it as the background; just simply cut it into the size of the frame socket and insert it there. Then, take plants of your choice and secure them on the moss by using wire. Cut little pieces of the moss sheet to cover the wire. Garnish it with some decorations and hang it on the wall. (via instructables)

simphome plant wall arts


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