simphome cheap bathroom ideas

There are actually more than dozens cheap ideas how to update your bathroom that you can choose, but not all of them work well on your personal cleaning space. It counts on the uniqueness, fanciness, and practicality. All would be better if the project costs you as minimum as possible. If you can’t pay more for the commercial decoration, at least you could invest your time to create one by yourself.

1. Hidden Organizer

The normal function of a curtain trail is to hang the long flowing curtain. Do you know that you could turn it into items hanger, too? Since transforming the current curtain trail is not possible, you need to install the trail above the bathtub. To replace the curtain trail, you could install unused towel handle, too. Buy a set of hook to hang your item such as shampoo, shower cap, clothes, etc. Cut your preparation time with this trick! You can finish showering and putting on clothes at the same time. (via anexerciseinfrugality)

hidden organizer

2. Stone Mat

Need something fancy under your feet? Create your very own and unique stone bath mat. It could help you with relaxation, for both nerves and eyes. You simply need outdoor mat, glue, and ocean stones. Make sure that the mat has holes for water escape. Otherwise, your pretty mat will turn green within days. Flip the m at: the bottom is facing upwards, then apply glue on the stone and press it to the mat. Repeat the process until the mat is fully covered. (via tattooedmartha)

stone mat

3. Fancy Tray

Enjoy your spa relaxation bath by reading book and enjoying hot tea. Set a place for you to put the tea glass and rest your arm while reading the book. This DIY fancy tray would look great on your tub! Cut a used board to the length of your tub. Cut two smaller boards and attach them on the bottom, to prevent the tray from falling. Now you need to sand the wood on the surface and edges. Next, you need to the coating: three layers for maximum coverage. Let it dry and use it! (via elliottwave)


4. Color Mirror

Take a look at your sink and find the odds on it. Yes, your mirror need an upgrade. Especially in the sink area, the mirror will serve as the focal point after painting. Take it off the wall and start wiping it clean. Then put a tape on the mirror and on the back side to minimize the paint mark. Choose a color that is two tone darker than your wall color. If you go with white for your wall, then you can practically pick any bold color. (via ourhumbleabodeblog)


5. Copper Organizer

If you love the idea of hanging pictures on the wall, then another line of organizer won’t be too much. You could make it on your own by using milk can or purchase one in the store for a reasonable price. You also need leather thread, board, drill, and paint. Paint your board with your color and let it dry. Mark the sides of the can, so you know where to make holes. Tie the can to the board and let the knot hidden on the back of the board. (via abeautifulmess)


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