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10 Ideas How to Spark up your Entryway

If you’re like us, you’ve probably seen a million staging ideas on Pinterest and thought to yourself, “I could do that!” But what about your entryway? It’s the first space guests see when they walk in the door. Is it making a good impression?

Don’t worry — we found ten surprisingly easy ways to spruce up your entryway space!
Bring a pop of welcome color into the space with a bright runner.

Your entryway is the first area your guest will see when they enter your house. Indeed, it will create a particular impression in their mind.
You definitely do not want to let them have such a wrong impression, do you? Thus, it’s crucial to make it gorgeous and welcoming.

Don’t be too overwhelmed. Here we have a list of 10 ideas on how to spark up your entryway. Take a look and glance at our video description to find the Simphome link.
You already know what to do next.

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10. Warm Word to Welcome Your Guest

Since it’s the first area of your house, adding a welcoming sign should not be missed. An option you can try is through displaying a motivational quote.
You can get a frame with an inspirational message and hang it on the wall in your entryway.

Another more straightforward and convenient option is by using a wall art sticker.
If you have spare time, try to DIY it. It is pretty simple and easy. You just need a blank canvas, then write down the message. You had better sketch out your ideas beforehand to know what it looks like. Once you think you have found the design you love, transfer it to the canvas. Then, you can frame and hang it.

Another quick option is to get an inspirational quote from Pinterest. Then, print it out on a piece of paper. After that, put it inside the photo frame. However, if you are unsure about DIYing the wall art, you can always just purchase it.

Relevant ideas:

  • No 1. To Make a Guestbook
    You are a fashion designer, so why not add the element of fashion design into your entryway? You can do it by making a guestbook. This will be the ideal place to leave your guests’ signatures and comments.
    This is indeed a quick project, but you need to choose the suitable material and decoration, so it will necessarily look reputable. Paint or varnish the wood furniture in your favorite color, then add legs and wheels on each corner of the bottom part.
  • No 2. Make Your Entryway Available with Storage
    As an interior designer, you are very familiar with the furniture pieces in your house. You can use them to store items or display decorations.
    So, why don’t you use a fitted wardrobe for books to make it double as a storage space for your entryway?
    The wardrobe will provide usable space and add beauty to your entryway. Meanwhile, books can be a good decoration and entertainment at the same time.
  • No 3. Hang the Family Photos
    It’s time to show your family who’s boss is! It sounds funny, but family photos are both functional and decorative when it comes to interior design.
    You can place family photos in your entryway or living room. They will serve as a reminder for you and your guest of the purpose of your hard work nowadays. You can place family photos on the wall or hang them on the wall.
  • No 4. Present a Personalized Little Library
    You can turn your favorite books into little libraries by hanging them on the wall. The best option is to DIY it by using wood or bookshelves. You can also create a personalized style by inlaying your favorite quotes.
  • No 5. Keep Track of Your Guest’s Name with a Book Ends
    It sounds like an old-school nursery rhyme, but it’s called bookends, and they are highly functional pieces of furniture. You can use them to display books at the entryway.
    You can also make a personalized bookend with your guests’ names inside. You can then store your guests’ names in the bookend. The name could also be the first thing they see upon entering the house.
  • No 6. Decorate with a Picture Frame
    You can use picture frames to display some of your favorite photos. You can also use them to decorate the entryway. If you use different shapes and sizes, it will look more exciting and distinctive.
  • No 7. Display Your Favorite Quote with a Marble Board
    You can DIY a marble board using wood or plaque and a glass border.
  • No 8. Make a Luxurious Mirror
    Mirrors are traditionally placed in a corner and are instrumental in your everyday life. We usually use it to check whether we have food stains on our clothes or help us comb our hair.
  • No 9. Hang Key Hooks
    It’s time to take off your shoes and coat; then, you can place them on the hook. It will do as long as it can be used for hanging shoes and coats, no matter what the design. You can use any material to make the hook, including wood, glass, or metal.
  • No 10. Use Your Home’s Remodeling as an Entryway Decoration
    A remodel of your home can be a new decorating style. For example, you can change the seating arrangements by adding a non-common element to your entryway. Besides, you can also use the new space to create more storage for guests. If you add more storage, the guest will think about the interior designer in advance and start admiring it.

9. Craft and Present A New Galery Wall

Welcoming your guests by offering a pleasing sight is another thing you should try to beef up your entryway. Thus, creating a gallery wall is worth the try.
Creating a gallery wall gives you the chance to show your interests. You can do this by filling the space with the family portrait. Somehow it is like you invite your guests to your family, creating a warm atmosphere that comforts them.

To build it, get at least three same-size square frames. Then, put the printed photos inside the frames. Last, arrange them in a symmetrical pattern.
If you are a real avid painter, you can try hanging your masterpiece instead of your family photos and let your guests admire it. Who knows, you might get a compliment for your hard work.

Relevant alternatives:

  • No 1. Give your entryway a new paint
    In this way, you can give a new paint job to your whole house. Then you make it fresher and milder. Place the picture of the kid’s bike on your entryway or perhaps your favorite painting, which gives you a breath of fresh air. However
    If the kids are already young, there won’t be any problem putting up the art in their room. Then they’ll enjoy viewing it every day.
  • No 2. Add a new piece
    The next thing you can do is add a new piece to the entryway. Make sure this one matches your theme perfectly. One of the most straightforward approaches is simply placing a vase filled with fresh flowers. For example, if you love flowery scented candles, then this is a good idea as well:
  • No 3. Ensure everything looks bright and shiny by using mirror decor
    The next idea you can try is adding a mirror decoration to your entryway. This will give your entryway an illusion of being bigger and brighter than it is. For example, here’s how you can do it: Start with placing a mirror on top of the entryway, then decorate it afterward. For example, you can use a round mirror as ornamentation.
  • No 4. Set up different plant pots
    If your entryway is too monotonous and bland, you can try a new approach by setting up different pot plants. Adding colorful pot plants will make the whole space more lively. Take a look at this idea: Start by locating some pots with bright and attractive colors. Also, make sure that these do not get too big for the space (around 1-2 inches). Then, continue placing colorful plants inside these containers and placing them on the floor to top up its unity.
  • No 5. Take the kitchen table
    The last thing that you can try is to take out your kitchen table, which can be pretty tempting. You do not want to bring something that looks embarrassing instead of proud. Thus, try not to get the old and broken furniture with you. Instead, try to choose one made of wood or even metal, which looks sturdy and beautiful at the same time.
  • No 6. Use a small decorative font
    Do not be afraid to add some decorative font in your entryway either! It is another good idea that you can try too, especially if you are short of space. Just make sure that it matches your house’s theme perfectly!
  • No 7. Use large artworks
    If you have an extensive collection of artworks, why not display them on your entryway? This will undoubtedly make your entryway look more eclectic and exciting. One of the ways that you can go about it is through a gallery wall. All you need to do is hang all of your pieces on the wall; then, paint each one individually a different color.
  • No 8. Play with texture and pattern
    The last thing that you should underline is texture and pattern. The first one is a great idea to add. If you have an old and worn-out table, then you may want to get rid of it. But instead, you may want to start decorating it with new thin-merge paint. This idea will give your entryway a fresh look.
    Moreover, if you have an old dresser that’s covered with dust, then consider getting rid of it altogether. Instead, start painting the piece in a unique pattern to become more attractive.
  • No 9. Use contrast
    The next thing that you can try is to use contrast. The contrast will turn your entryway look more vibrant and exciting too! For example, you may want to show a contrasting color to accent your wall and paint the rest of your space in a muted tone.
  • No 10. Use new light set-up
    Light plays a significant role in any room’s aesthetics, especially the entryway. Therefore, it’s super important that you pay attention to this aspect if you plan to add more light to your house decoration plan. To do this, you can simply install skylights on top of your house’s walls or even curtains over them.
  • No 11. Use rustic style
    The last idea that you should try is to use the rustic style. In this way, you can give your entryway a more traditional and antique look in no time! First and foremost, all you need to do is to repaint the whole piece with a fresh coat of paint; then, try styling it with some new decors, such as framed pictures of flowers. This style is an excellent idea if you go for a traditional and romantic look.

8. Hang A Mirror to Your Front Entry

Hanging a mirror is also a great addition to your entryway. It reflects light and makes the space look larger. Moreover, it can be your checkpoint to ensure that your makeup or hair-do is ready before going outside the house.

Whether round or square, they will still work like a charm. Choose one which fits your style. But, pay attention to the size. If you put it on a table, make sure the table is wider than the mirror. If it’s mounted on the wall, you can find a long enough space.
Remember to keep it at least three feet away from the wall to ensure your space doesn’t look too small.

Also, if you are the owner of a small apartment, hanging a mirror can solve the problem. This trick works by reflecting light and making it seem bigger. The reflective surface will also help produce an illusion of depth in your space.

Alternatively, if you like to keep your entryway empty and clean, choose a mirror with light or LED to make your space more spacious.

You can Put Some Plants on Your Foyer’s Table to enrich it.
Having plants on the table will make your home look alive and fresh. Also, they can function as a decoration piece which will be great for entryway decorating ideas. If you place it near the mirror, this combination will reflect a beautiful image of greenery and the nature of the plants. At the same time, you can feel their lovely aroma at home too! Just by adding such little things, your entryway design can be all that much more fabulous!
The most suitable option would be air plants or cactus.

7. Decorate The Entryway Table

You can put a table by your front door. Any style of table is welcomed. You only need to choose the right size. It should not be too big since it will affect you and your guest’s mobility.
Once you have placed the table in your entryway, you can decorate it. Adding some potted plants would be nice. After that, place a vase, a framed photo, a table lamp, and a few knick-knacks or a stack of books to complete the look. However, you should arrange them beautifully. Don’t put much stuff on it if you want the simple look of a minimalist design.

Other decoration ideas to upgrade your entryway table are:

1. Wall art
Choose wall art that fits the theme of your house and makes you and your guests feel at home.
2. Decoration
You can add small vases with flowers or a fake candle on the table. Just make sure that they don’t block the door.
3. Candleholders
You can also use candle holders to decorate your entryway table as well as your coffee table. Candles are ideal for outdoor settings as they add a warm atmosphere to the room. They are perfect in wintertime, especially on an entryway table or a sideboard (think some pine trees).
4. Potted plants, Flowerpot, and vases
View indoor plants you can select, such as a fern or a potted orchid for your entryway.
Plants give guests the feeling of being at home and are easy to look after.
5. Personal items
Place some personal items on the table to make it homier. Blankets, pillows, candles, vases, bowls of flowers, and piles of magazines can be placed on the table to create an impression of comfort and tranquility. Don’t forget to remove any items that may get dirty during the whole time you’re gone if you have pets!
6. Curtains
Tips: choose a curtain that goes well with your house design, color, and style. To install it, make sure it is attached enough to the front door to block outside light, and you can choose a gold frame curtain to make it looks expensive.
7. Side table
The side table is also a great decoration to place in your entryway. It makes the flow of walking feel more smooth, and it can give some function too such as put umbrella, keys, etc.
8. Wall hooks
You can hang those small wall hooks to place your umbrella or key in it when you enter the home so that it looks tidier and cleaner and makes an excellent first impression for your guests who just arrived at your house and want to take off their shoes (leave their dirty outdoor shoes in the hallway).
9. Entryway Bench
Tips: choose an entryway bench that goes well with your house design, color, and style.
10. Entryway Table Lamp
Tip: Consider the table lamp’s size and make sure it doesn’t put off a glare on your guests’ eyes as they enter your home.
11. Wall Decorations
Tip: use wall decorations to fit your entire house style and theme, such as garden or fairy tale decor for the kid’s room or adventure-themed decors for the family room, and so on.
12. Table lamps and wall lights
13. Bookshelf
14. Lumber rack
For a small entryway, choose a lumber rack with a folded changing bench. You can place it in front of the front door, and it will be a great storage place for your shoes.
15. A Traveling Bag Stand
16. Console Tables
Console Tables are also essential parts in an entryway to store your guest’s/your belongings before entering your house. Whether it’s a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes worn outside or simply items such as an umbrella and keys that need to be placed in an area that won’t get wet if there’s the possibility of rain or snow when the guest returns home.
17. Wall shelves
18. Postbox for keys and other small items
19. Floor lamp
Choose a floor lamp with a slim base, so you can quickly move it to another location such as the hallway, living room, guest bedroom(s)
20. Front door decoration (a photo)
Note: Consider placing a bookend on the front door to make it tidier.
21. Hanging plants or potted palms
22 . Wall clock
23 . Rug
24 . A Chalkboard

6. The Seasonal Entryway

The same style of entryway you use year-round might be boring. Thus, decorating it based on the season is a good option. You can add some leaves or pine cones for autumn, for instance. During Independence Day, you can touse the same theme of stars, red and yellow.

Nearing new year’s eve, you can decorate your entryway with white poinsettias and other white flowers, or even with a The Balsam Fir Tree, The Fraser Fir Tree, The Canaan Fir Tree, The Douglas Fir Tree, The Grand Fir Tree, The Noble Fir Tree or The Concolor Fir
By keeping your entryway in sync with the season, you can create a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

Mirrors are ideal if you want to boost the size of your entryway and make it look more spacious. If you like minimalist design, using a full-length mirror will do the work perfectly; besides, it can be used as a dressing room to hang more clothing and accessories!

5. Load in sitting bench

If your entryway is spacious, you can have a bench. It will add some style to the space and help you put on your shoes. Just choose the right size that fits in with your entryway.
Any style is acceptable. But consider getting a drawer storage bench. This way, you can get rid of clutter instantly.

To complement the idea, you can:

  • 1. Continue with a light fixture
    The light fixture is the most crucial part of your entryway. You need to pick it with care as that’s the first thing you will see when you enter your room. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. These farmhouse pendant lights are helpful and just perky enough.
    This light has a delicate iron finish, which means it won’t make a loud statement in your room. It also comes with an off-white shade, thus adding a soft touch to its overall look.
  • 2. Precede the idea with an accent wall
    It doesn’t matter what kind of room you have; if you have a wall with some space, go ahead and fill that space up with something pretty! Picking the right accent wall will not only act as a divider between rooms but also spark up your entryway!
  • 3. Add a new color combo
    It’s not a good idea to have a dull entryway, right? Have you ever heard that people also tend to choose their houses based on the colors of their closets?
    Choose a colorful entryway rug and paint the walls white or beige. Or why not put in a beautiful brass lantern? It will create a stunning impression.
  • 4. Use your table surface wisely
    Bean bags are something you may have used for years now. But try adding some metallic accents to them to make your entryway more glamorous! Another favorite is adding some small mirrors.
  • 5. Give the wall a fresh coat of paint
    If you love color, go ahead and paint the walls with a pleasant but muted color. You do not have to worry much about the ceiling as it doesn’t matter if it is cream or white. This color will allow your entryway to stand out.
  • 6. Use an accent color for window treatments
    Don’t you just want to hate those ugly shades your windows have right now? Cover them with some pretty curtains or roman blinds with the same color scheme as your walls! It will instantly add more life to the entryway!
  • 7. Use a pretty archway
    If you want to go with the rustic look, you can use a wooden archway and add some antique-looking trinkets on the sides. This will make your entryway look more elegant!
  • 8. Add some sparkle
    This will go to the entrance, not your body! Make that place all about you by adding glittering chandeliers and light fixtures around it. This sparkle will also give your space an extra touch of glamour!

4. The DIY Entryway Wall Hooks

If your entryway is not too spacious for a table and bench. Don’t be disappointed. You can still turn a tiny space behind the door into functional
You can make this idea tangible by DIYing wooden entry wall hooks. Pick any wooden board. Then, cut the board into the preferred size. Then sand it to smoothen the surface. Next, drill some holes for the hooks. Last, attach the board to the wall.
You can use the hooks to house your hats, coats, jackets, keys, or any decoration you like.

3. Living Green Entryway

Adding some potted plants in your entryway could be fascinating too. It will create such a fresh atmosphere in your room. Moreover, if you are a plant lover, you should not miss it.
There are many types of indoor plants you can choose from.

Some of them are snake plants, philodendrons, pothos, and cactus. They are typically easy to care for. So, even if you are a total novice, don’t hesitate to try this idea.

Here are some essential tips:

  • Water the plants regularly, but make sure you are not overdoing it.
  • Pluck out the yellowish leaf.
  • Then, add some fertilizer once in a while.
  • For arrangement, there is no specific rule. You can vary the plant size and put them on a table or a plant stand. It is up to you.

To complement the idea, you can:

1. Throw some natural materials and other things you find in your garden
2. Make a colorful but simple arrangement of fresh plants
3. Add some fun, quirky accessories to liven up the room
4. Take up outdoor nature’s spirit by using woodcut prints as wall art
5. Decorate your entrance with natural shaped plants and hanging pieces
6. Switch the plant with something more fashionable or with household items
7. Create a focal point with some seating and lamps
8. Create an antique wall decor with plant prints
9. Add a little touch of glamor with something colorful and unique
10. Choose indoor plants in pink, purple, or red
11. Applied some boho, Scandinavian, or rustic touch
12. Use the space to your advantage by making it an intimate seating area
13. Apply ethnic theme in your entryway

2. The Floating Rack

Another idea for a small entryway area is a floating rack. It’s easy to build by yourself. You only need some wooden boards. Then attach them to the wall firmly.
Finally, you can style the rack to spruce it up. You can put photos, small plants, miniature, and so on.

View alternative ideas to replace or to complement the floating rack:

  • No 1. The Floating Rack
    The Floating Rack is a small floating cabinet. On top of it, you can put all kinds of stuff like trinkets, a vase, and even a plant. The best part is that it’s easy to build by yourself.
  • No 2. The Hobby Bench
    A toy bench is one of the most valuable pieces of furniture in your entryway area. It allows you to display or store things that are too large to be placed on the floor in your living room, such as wreaths and decorative scarves for the spring and autumn seasons.
    If you’re looking for storage for various things (hats, scarves, etc.) that you don’t have space for in your living room, a toy or hobby bench is the perfect option. It’s also an ideal place to display various items related to your hobbies or interests.
  • No 3. The Entryway Organizer
    If your entryway is too narrow for you to install standard wall-mounted cabinets, there are still many ways to organize the space effectively. An entryway organizer can help make the most of limited space and provide simple solutions for storing small items like keys, mail, and small boxes.
  • No 4. Hanging Wall Outlet
    A hanging wall outlet is a great way to create more floor space and put your electrical appliances in a more convenient location. Given its low profile, the unit provides a clean look while also allowing you to create a streamlined arrangement that’s aesthetically appealing.
  • No 5. Folding Charging Station Organizer
    This is an ideal option if you want to organize electrical outlets in your entryway quickly and beautifully. It’s not only easy to set up, but also it allows you to store small items like chargers, cords, and cell phones easily.
  • No 6. Shelving Unit in an Entryway
    Consider getting a simple shelving unit if you’re looking for storage solutions to organize your entryway quickly and beautifully. You can use various storage baskets in different shapes, colors, and sizes to store small items like keys, gloves, scarves, and hats.
  • No 7. Add Towel Rack Holder if possible
    A towel rack holder is an essential element of modern bath decoration. You can use it to hang bath towels or even hand towels on the wall. It’s not only super functional, but also it provides a unique aesthetic appeal for your entryway area.
  • No 8. Small Cabinet Display
    A small cabinet display is perfect for displaying small, decorative items like Christmas ornaments, wreaths, and small gifts. Just make sure that it serves its purpose well and looks appropriate in the modern urban decor style.
  • No 9. Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer
    For those who love accessories jewelry, a wall hanging jewelry organizer is a helpful storage solution for displaying them neatly on your walls with minimal effort completing their installation process.
  • No 10. The Floor Box
    The Floor Box is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture. You can use it to store all kinds of things such as keys, mail, boots, and so on. If you’re looking for an entryway storage option that’s more interesting than an ordinary cabinet, this floor box is a great choice.

Lastly, Number 1. The Stunning Wallpaper

It isn’t always about decorative stuff or furniture. You can also have an eye-catching entryway using wallpaper. It’s an ultimate way if you aren’t sure which stuff to load in.
In addition, there are various designs of wallpaper. Pick one that truly expresses your personal style and preference. You will not need other decorations once you have already applied the wallpaper. However, you can still put some if you want to. Still, it should be simple.

Relevant details:

  • No 1. Stunning Modern Wallpaper Design
    With the wallpapers coming in various designs, you can find one that easily suits your taste and preference. It would not have to be a plain one in any way. You can choose one with a touch of modernity too.
    You don’t have to use wallpaper only for your entryway. Put it on the staircases, garage door as well! If there’s enough space for it, even you could use it to cover entire walls at home!
  • No 2. Wood Pattern Wallpaper
    It’s naturally an attractive way to decorate your entryway. How about giving it a modern touch with the wood pattern wallpaper? It’s a simple yet classic choice.
    You’ll see another wood pattern wallpaper below to make it more inspiring. Moreover, it comes in black color too, which is stunning! Also, look at the fabrics used to cover the bench and chair. They are covered with similar patterns, which produce beautiful accents.
    Here’s another example of wood pattern wallpaper but with a white tone instead of the black one above. As mentioned before, simply put it on the walls, and voila! You will have an entirely new entryway for your house instantly!
  • No 3. A Rustic Wallpaper Idea
    You can see this wallpaper if you have a rustic or country theme. It’s aimed at rustic or traditional interiors in a nutshell. Its pattern is simple yet classy too!
    In any case, it makes an ideal choice for your entryway if that’s your taste and preference. The bench beside the entrance door will look more beautiful as well! Just place this wallpaper to make it more stunning!
  • No 4. Floral Pattern Wallpaper Design
    There are various patterns of floral wallpaper in the market to match different themes and styles. You have many choices to consider. Look at the example above. It’s kept simple with black color.
    And although it’s merely a pattern, you won’t have any problems with matching in your interiors if that’s your preference as well! You can use unique elements to make this wallpaper pop out in your entryway as well!
  • No 5. A Shabby Chic Wallpaper
    It’s another pattern kind of wallpaper. It’s gorgeous with a white color tone, and it looks charming in any entryway. Its design is simple yet classic, as expected from its name. Simply put it on the walls, and voila! You will have an entirely new entryway for your home instantly!
  • No 6. A Furniture Wallpaper Design Idea
    When you’re up for a bold yet modern wallpaper pattern. Despite its simple pattern, it gives a solid impression when paired with furniture! You can even place it to make your entire wall stunning!
  • No 7. A Cottage Wallpaper Design
    It’s another beautiful pattern of wallpaper that suits cottage interiors in a nutshell. It has a rustic touch which is why the combination would be perfect! Plus, you can easily create an informal feel with it at home if that’s your preference as well!
  • No 8. A Texture Wallpaper Idea
    If you love the texture of the wallpaper, this is what you’re looking for. It’s truly amazing to look at and makes an ideal choice for your entryway! You should consider it if you’re up for something different from the usual wallpaper styles.
  • No 9. A Chevron Pattern Wallpaper Design Idea
    This style is one of the most popular wallpaper patterns in the market. It’s in a chevron shape. Despite its simplicity, it can be incredibly stunning when paired with the right furniture and accessories.
    Furthermore, you can put this wallpaper in any doorway to enhance its beauty! It will create an entirely new sight that’s yet modern and gorgeous!
  • No 10. A Floral Pattern of Wallpaper with a Scheme
    It’s another gorgeous pattern kind of wallpaper that suits cottage interiors in a nutshell. It has a rustic touch which is why the combination would be perfect! Plus, you can easily create an informal feel with it at home if that’s your preference as well!

The Final Thought

There are various other ideas on how to make your entranceway stunningly beautiful. The list above is merely to keep you inspired. You can always find other stuff that suits your personal preference. Just try hard to match it all in one place!
It will be awesome if you share with us what beautiful entryway you’ve created at home via the comment area below this post.

It’s the end of a long list of 10 ideas on how to spark up your entryway. Before deciding which one you will copy, please consider your budget first. A makeover project should make your home look striking without draining your bank account.



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