5 Ideas How to Reinvent Your Bedroom Decor without Looking Like an Amateur

You sometimes feel lack of confidence to decorate you own bedroom . Well,I am here to help you to cure that feeling.

1. Apply different modern style

Having modern bedroom is quite common these days. However, you can create different look by adding a little bit retro touch. For instance, you can use seductive accent from Marilyn Monroe movie by placing crescent chair in the bedroom. This chair has 60’s design style not only has retro but also elegant look. The upholstery which comes in velvet colour and brass trim on the bottom offers glamorous look that you will never get from common types of chair. (via essentialhome)

13 modern chair

2. Shine the room using hank suspension light

You also can bring mid-century style into the bedroom for more interesting look. One of the ways to do it is by hanging a hank suspension light. This light not only provides organic shape but also create graceful atmosphere to bedroom. This type of lighting becomes a great option if you want to create stylish bedroom. This lamp has a body which made from brass combined with aluminium shade and telescopic tube. For any décor reinvention, this lighting fixture is perfect for any bedroom. (via livingroomideas)

13 delightful light

3. Add wilde mirror on the wall

Whenever you want to add vanity wall mirror in the bedroom, you need to consider wilde mirror. This mirror consists of three panels and comes in unique shape complete with a golden strap which made from plated brass. Besides effective to strengthen the mid-century style, this mirror also gives sign of any improvement in the bedroom. Whether being placed over the sideboard or a console, this mirror will never lose its retro look. (via mydesignagenda)

13 three panel mirrors

4. Add rotating cocktail table

If you have quite large bedroom, placing a cocktail table helps you to create comfortable spot in this room to read a book or shipping a cup of tea. Instead of using common cocktail table, you had better to use miller to go with retro look. It refers to an interesting rotating cocktail table because it features gold plated brass rings. It also uses metal material that looks contrast to the dominant black marble. Its ability to rotate also makes this table stylish and playful. (via ebay)

13 rotating cocktail table

5. Take benefit of sophisticated armchair

There are many seat options that you can put in the bedroom. To support mid-century style in this room, you can use sophisticated armchair with tub shape. For instance, you can use an armchair with polished brass bottom. This design looks contrast with green lustrous upholstery that wrap the chair. This chair design is not only perfect for retro lovers but also fans of contemporary design. (via tumblr)

13 arm chair

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