5 Ideas How to Reinvent Your Bedroom Decorating Technique

Whenever you want to add a new look in your bedroom, you need to reinvent your bedroom. Next, enjoy this idea and check relevant links under the post for more creative decorating ideas.

1. Pile on The Bedding

pile on bed
Have you ever seen some hotel’s bedroom? You may think about what does make it look comfortable? Actually, the trick is really simple. You just need to create pile on the bedding. Yes, add layers of bedding will create comfortable look in your bedroom. As we know that a bedroom should look comfortable because it will be the place for sleeping and rest. You can cover your bedroom with down comforter. It can create pile on the bedding. (via pinterest)

2. Add Some Mood Lighting

mood lighting
Actually, lighting can make your mood better. Whenever you think that your bedroom looks dull and old, you can upgrade your bedroom lightings. Today, you can find so many types of bedroom lightings. You can choose lighting based on your bedroom condition. For example if you have a small bedroom, you can set lightings in every bedroom corner. Add other lighting if you have seating area in your bedroom. Table lamp is recommended to support your activity while sitting on seating area. (via mydomaine)

3. Make It Personal

make it personal
Bedroom relates to privacy. To make your bedroom comfortable for you, make sure you make it more personal. How to make a bedroom looks personal? You can hang artworks on the wall. Today, you can create DIY artwork from things around you. You can also frame your family photos and hang it on your bedroom wall. By doing that, your bedroom will look more personal than before. Finally, you will feel comfortable in your bedroom. (via architectureartdesigns)

4. Update the Color

update the color
Bedroom color is important to consider. You can paint your bedroom wall using your favorite color. But for your recommendation, you should choose color that will make you feel calm and relax in your bedroom, such as cream, white, beige, soft brown, and other neutral color. For you who want to add accent, you can add bold color as accent. Choosing bedroom furniture set which has pattern is also recommended. It can add accent in your bedroom, so your bedroom will look unique. (via designlisticle)

5. Cover It Up

Cover it up via SIMPHOME.COM

When you need to reinvent your bedroom, don’t forget about covering your windows with beautiful curtain. Actually, curtain can give exotic look in your bedroom. Today, curtains with motive are available. Make sure you choose curtain that matches with your bedroom color. For example, your bedroom looks rigid because of white color and white furniture. You can choose curtain with motive to add accent in your bedroom.

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