5 Tips How to Organize Your Refrigerator

The quality of your food depends on how clean and how organized your refrigerator is. We often forget what products that we put there until they become rotten and because our refrigerator is too messy. You need to keep it organized to minimize any wasted product.

1. Classify the Types of Food

Classifying the types of food, you have in the refrigerator is important to make you easier whenever you want to take or consume some particular food. Classifying them will also help you in organizing the placement inside your refrigerator, so it will look tidy whenever you open the door. Use either basket or plastic in classifying the food; it all depends on how big your refrigerator is. Place your food in the basket if you have enough space in your fridge. Prepare some plastics if you think you do not have enogh space in the fridge. Source

2. Store Seasonal Greens in Jars

Keep your salads stay fresh by storing them in jars. Not only keeping them fresh, it will also make your door looks organized. It is also better to store your salad or any other vegetables in jars than plastics. It will give them more space for the vegetables. Do not forget to add a little water to keep them alive. Store the jars in the side door the fridge and also do not forget to change the water a few times a week. Make a schedule about the watering to ease you organizing attempt. Source

3. Use Egg Holders

Although most of modern refrigerators already have egg holders, it is still proper to remind you about it since some people do not use the egg holders properly. Putting eggs not in the place where it should be will make your refrigerator looks messy. Simply add another egg holder to keep them safe from another food or product. Arrange the egg holders properly to avoid the eggs from being cracked if you have a lot of products inside the fridge. Source

4. Defrost the Fridge

One thing you always need to remember is monitoring the freezer inside your fridge. Do not wait until there is an ice buildup inside the freezer. Defrosting the fridge need to be done on a regular basis to prevent any ice buildup in the freezer. Unplug the fridge to avoid any problems while defrosting. Do it regularly to keep your freezer clean. Source

5. Use Binder Clips for Bagged Foods

When you consume any food product but sees you cannot finish eating it, it is 100% sure that you will put the food in refrigerator. It will make food stay longer once the bag is opened. This tip allows you to maximize the function of your binder clips. Apply the binder clips on the dead space. Keep the bag closed so the food will last longer. Maximize the down side of the shelves using the binder clips. Source