5 Clever Ideas How to Organize a Messy Garage: The Solutions that Work

Clever Ideas How to Organize a Messy Garage simphome.com
Clever Ideas How to Organize a Messy Garage simphome.com

There are actually a lot of smart and clever ideas how to organize a messy garage. On the contrary to what people believe, you don’t actually need a fancy working scheme. You don’t even need to spend a fortune to arrange your garage. It only takes containers, time, and also dedication to manage everything.

5. Smart Organizer Management

As it was mentioned before, there are tons of clever ideas how to organize a messy garage. Make sure that each item has its own organizer and container. Building your own shelf of tools will be handy, because you have each container for everything. The tools have their own spots for hanging, and there is still enough space for boxes and clear containers for better management. You can divide each container with different sections and organizers. With the added storage on the top and below, you are basically expanding your storage areas. Source

4. Containers and a Shelf

It’s okay to include an open shelf for your garage. To manage even better organizations, consider including baskets or containers, and then label them. In this example, you can see that gardening tools and sports tools have their own spots and places. This simple arrangement isn’t only good to remove all the mess and clutters, but also for better organizations and arrangements. Source

3. File Cabinet Transformation

In the event that you have an old and unused file cabinet, why not turning it into your gardening tool storage? Instead of using it in the regular vertical mode, why not putting it into a horizontal mode, remove the drawers, and use it to hold the rakes, brooms, and such thing alike. Naturally, you are also free to paint the cabinet, making it more attractive. Reusing items should be included within the clever ideas how to organize a messy garage. You can reuse old stuff and deal with the mess altogether. Source

2. Smart Peg Boards

Peg boards are definitely handy. They can be used in any setting and purposes. The boards can be used inside the kitchen or for your garage. This method may require a little extra work. You can build your own custom shelf with the included peg boards. Use the boards to hang your stuffs. You are free to manage it the way you like it. For instance, one board is for gardening tools while the other one is for your auto tools. Whether you want to include swinging form or others, the peg boards are handy for all of your needs. Source

1. Tool Rack

Whether you are good with wood work or you decide to have it built by others, this tool rack can be handy. Feel free to design it the way you like it, based on your needs and want. This is only an example design where you can place any tool that you want. This tool rack is great to contain all kinds of tools you have, especially the ones that you use the most. These clever ideas how to organize a messy garage is definitely good although there are many more out there. Source