5 Ways How to Optimize a Small Living Room Interior Decor

To tell the truth, even shelves on the wall occupies some spaces. Then the best way to claim the space back is to install the invisible shelves. The secret is to use the L-brackets as supports. More on that later.

1. Custom Candle

Set the atmosphere in your room with one of the most traditional means: candle. You can do better than only lighting it: do it in style. What describe classic vibe the most? It’s a simple jut twine or probably natural rocky sand. Twirl the jut on the lower part of the candle, covering one fifth of the whole candle. Using rock won’t be any different. You only need to attach the stone to the candle by using glue. Let the stones cover half of the candle. (via uncommondesignsonline)

custom candle

2. A Pet Crate

Dog owner probably share similar experience on how the pet rules the sofa in the living room. Even when the guests come, it sometimes refuses to move from its comfort spot. Make your own pet crate to give them special place to nap. Clean the used milk crate and remove the board in one side. Attach caster on the bottom so you could move it anytime. Repaint the wood with danish oil. Lay dog’s cushion on its new bed. (via home-frosting)

pet crate

3. Corner Shelves

Since you need extra place to display things, don’t let the corner wall slipped. By using pine board, you could make a fancy shelf. Don’t forget to coat it with wood color or any tone to your favor. Lock the color with coat spray. Follow the structure of your corner wall: alternate between the short and long board. Mount them to the wall with L brackets. The arrangement should go in every other line, so there would be long board in between the short ones.(via ahomewest)

corner shelves

4.Invisible Shelves

To tell the truth, even shelves on the wall occupies some spaces. Then the best way to claim the space back is to install the invisible shelves. The secret is to use the L-brackets as supports. It takes far less space compared to a shelf. For each bracket you need around three to five screws. Drill the screws to your wall and make sure the bracket is even. Then you can start stacking your books, starting from the biggest to the smallest. (via maydecemberhome)

invisible shelves

5. Heart Strings

This is a project you could do in your spare time with minimum complexity. Line up a white painted hardwood, nails, hammer, and red thread. Don’t forget to cut heart shaped paper for nail tracing. Put the heart paper in the middle of the wood use it as guidance for hammering the nails. Tie the thread from the bottom nails, and take zig zag route to fill the heart. Do the dead knot on the top nails to end the project. (via girlinthegarage)

heart string

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