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10 Ideas on How to Make Your Small Closet Feel Double in Size

Closet organizations are challenging, and if you start feeling defeated, we are here offering you several fresh clues you probably haven’t heard before

Organizing your closet can be challenging, especially when finding a solution that works for you. There are many tips on managing your clothes, but one of the most important ones is finding the right place for them.

A large closet doesn’t necessarily mean having more space to store things. It can even be worse than having too little space. When we have many clothes on display, they take up far more room than we would like them to.

It is therefore recommended to use a lot of storage racks and shelves to keep all those clothes under control. This way, you will not have to waste time looking through your daily wardrobe to put something on or take something off.

But what happens once you finish organizing everything? Will the clothing still be where you left it? How do you know where to go back to retrieve something from your closet? We’ve got some helpful tips and tricks you might consider using, so read on to learn more about the best ways to organize your closet.

Tips And Tricks On How To Get Started With Closet Organization Ideas!

If you want to know how to organize your clothes efficiently and effectively, you must get started first. As such, here are some tips to help you out.

1. Find the Right Place for It

The key to organizing your clothes is choosing the perfect area for each type of garment. You can create different areas for different types of garments.

For example, shirts should go into their designated area, while pants and skirts should be kept separate. If possible, hang the items vertically or horizontally so you don’t have to dig around to find them.

There are also many other ways to arrange your clothes and accessories to make this more efficient. For instance, you can set up an entire system for shoes instead of just hanging them on the door (or on top of the dresser).

You can also use dividers to separate the accessories from the main part of the drawer. You won’t have to dig in the middle of the drawer only to find one accessory.

2. Measure Everything You Own

Once you have chosen the right spot for each item of clothing, it’s time to measure everything you own. This is very important, as you may be surprised by the amount of space you have.

When deciding which items to keep in your closet, take into account the following factors:

  • Do you usually wear certain items during the summer months? Keep those in high demand and discard the rest.
  • Are there specific outfits that you wear repeatedly? These can be stored together and placed in the same part of the closet.
  • Do you often wear the same color? Keep these in their designated area. They will be easier to locate, and you won’t need to rummage through the whole closet to find them.
  • Is the material durable enough to withstand frequent wear? If the answer is yes, you shouldn’t worry too much about storing those items in the closet. However, if not, you may need to reconsider keeping them.

3. Use Storage Racks & Shelving Units

Now that you have measured everything, you can begin to think about how to organize it properly. One of the best solutions you can use to store your clothes is storage racks and shelving units.

These are excellent tools for storing multiple items simultaneously and are ideal for closets and drawers. If you are worried about making holes in your walls, you can opt for wall hooks instead.

However, remember that all this takes up quite a bit of space. For that reason, try to keep the number of pieces to a minimum.

How To Organize Your Closet For The Best Results?

So now you know how to organize your clothes, but what about your accessories? What if you have too many bags and purses to store? Or maybe you don’t have a closet but a dresser instead? We’ll show you how to organize your clothes efficiently and effectively no matter where you live.

Here are some additional tips to help you maximize the space you have available:

  • Fold your clothes neatly. This means folding them horizontally and placing them on top of each other. This will save you a lot of space and prevent creases from forming.
  • Hang your clothes, rather than layering them on each other. This method allows you to see what you have to easily identify what you’re looking for.
  • Make sure you label your clothing. This includes everything from the brand name to the size. You can also add a picture or a drawing if you prefer. This will allow you to look at the item later and instantly recognize it.
  • Keep everything organized. If you don’t know where a bag went, you won’t be able to find it.
  • Don’t forget to clean and maintain your closet. Dusting your items will keep them clean and reduce the risk of mildew and mold.

By following these tips, you will be able to increase the efficiency of your wardrobe. Finding the clothes you need in your closet will be easier and faster, and you can spend less time searching for them. With these tips or a few following ideas, you can improve your closet organization skills, allowing you to enjoy your closet for years to come.

10 Ideas on How to Make Your Small Closet Feel Double in Size Video

Organization is one of the most common problems in a closet. What makes it worse is the small size of it. As a result, you tend to toss everything in it carelessly because you have no idea how to organize your clothes well.

Do not let tiny spaces hinder you from organizing your clothes better. You only need to implement some of these 10 ideas to tackle this problem to make your small closet feel double in size. As always, Simphome presents you with the list

10 Ideas on How to Make Your Small Closet Feel Double in Size Poster

10. Give those Unused Items new homes

You keep blaming the small size of your closet when you cannot store your items easily.
Have you ever thought you may have been cramming it with more clothes?
If you want to make your closet feel bigger, you can begin by taking everything out of it. This way, you can start fresh and begin to eliminate unused items.

When sorting out your clothes, you may come across items you bought years ago because of the tempting sale, but you only wore them once or twice. If you find them, these items should go to the “donation” box rather than back to the closet.

You may also find some sentimental items, such as the dress you wore on prom night or your seventeenth birthday party. It is no use to keep those items because you will not wear them after all. Therefore, you had better sell or gave them to other people. Since you have donated, sold, and thrown away unused items, you now have plenty of space in your closet.

9. Add More Shelves and Drawers Thoughtfully

After taking everything out of your closet, you can better see the space and determine what to do next. Then, you begin to realize that your closet has potential that has been lying dormant. Now, it is time to tap into it.

  • First, you can hang the wallpaper of your favorite to make the space look stylish.
  • Then, install something functional, like cubbies, shelves, and drawers.
    Still, you have to be thoughtful when doing it. Think about what you will store in your closet to determine the length and width of each cubby and shelf.
  • Install the cubbies and shelves to the walls, leaving space in the middle for you to stroll.
  • You will also need to leave one section for longer hanging items.

8. Double Your Vertical Space

Some clothes will be damaged when you fold them. Therefore, they need hanging. Unfortunately, hanging clothes may leave inefficient space, making your closet feel smaller. You can tackle this problem by hanging the first rod higher, allowing you more space to hang another rod underneath it. This way, you can hang more clothes while using the space efficiently.

7. Do not underestimate the Corners

When dealing with a small closet, you must be able to see that every nook and cranny is priceless. Therefore, do not overlook the corner of your closet because it can be a perfect spot to house some items.

You only need to install wire shelves in the corner of your closet. Wire shelves are versatile and available in various sizes. Choose one that can fit snugly in this awkward space.
Once you have installed the wire shelves, you can stash away your duvet covers, blankets, bed sheets, and many others.

6. Hang More Clothes with Soda Can Tubs

Are you going to throw a party? Do not forget to serve soda as a refreshment. This way, you can help your friends satisfy their thirst while organizing your closet better.
You might have been astonished knowing a soda can help you organize your closet. Yes! That is right. Soda can tubs can solve your problem. Therefore, ensure you do not throw them away when the party is over.

A soda can tub allows you to hang more clothes in one spot. You only need to slide one of the holes through a hanger. Then, grab another hanger and hang it to the other hole.
This practical hack allows you to hang more clothes, although you do not install more rods. Besides, it is easy to do, especially for those not handy at woodworking.

For those not handy in privacy management,
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5. Turn the Blank Walls into a new gallery

A Container Store Closet Magic

Jewelry is tiny. For this reason, many people prefer storing it in the drawers. However, finding it will be pretty challenging, especially if the pieces are mixed.

Instead of stashing away your jewelry in the drawers, you can try tapping into a blank wall in your closet or the area behind the closet door to display it. If you do this, you will find it easy to find the earrings or necklace you want. Besides, each piece of jewelry comes in unique designs. Thus, they will make a good embellishment for your closet.

4. Do not be Afraid of Forgoing the Closet Doors

The door can determine the closet’s style. However, you will also have to consider access to your closet.

This closet used to have two separate doors that allowed the owner to access the closet. But, there was a wall separating them in the middle, making it hard to reach the clothes stored behind it.
If you also have this kind of closet, you had better rip the wall and forgo the doors. That way, you can access your closet more easily and quickly. More importantly, you can optimize the space in the middle since the wall does not hinder you from doing it anymore.

3. Try Pull-Out Trouser Racks

You can find many arguments about whether you should hang your jeans or fold them and put them on the shelves. Some people believe folding jeans is the best choice because they are durable and will not lose shape when folded.

However, their bulky shape may take up more space on the shelves. For this reason, some prefer hanging them. You must use the bottom rods if you choose to hang your pants and jeans. But, you will have to bow to find the one you will wear. Thus, you need to consider installing these pullout racks.
These racks feature protruding rods that you can use to hang your jeans tidily. The best part is you only need to pull out the racks to grab the jeans more easily without even bowing.

2. Tap into the Area behind the Doors

If space is the issue in your closet, try tapping into the area behind the door. You can install racks or simply hang a shoe organizer on them. You can also make your own racks from 18-gauge aluminum wire, screw eyes, and clothespins. Once the racks are ready, you can hang your gloves, hats, and other items.

Lastly, Number 1. Give Your Belts more air

Where do you usually store your belts? In the drawers? You will have to spend more time straightening them before going to the office. You can save space and time by hanging your belts on a hanger. You only need to screw in some hooks to hold your belts in place.

Getting by with a tiny wardrobe sometimes is no picnic. But it does not mean you cannot do anything with it. If you apply these 10 ideas to make your small closet feel double in size, you will no longer have any problem with clutter.



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