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How to make a small bedroom smell fresh

A bedroom with a refreshing atmosphere is what most people desire. To achieve it, sometimes more storage boxes are not necessary. Here, we are trying to help you acquire a fresher bedroom without doing anything much with your clutter

How to create a fresh scent in a small bedroom?

All of the above methods will help you freshen up your space. But what about if you cannot add plants or air fresheners due to space constraints?

To avoid the unpleasant smell of your existing furniture, use masking tape to cover up splotches of discoloration or stains. Then, sprinkle baking soda on them to neutralize the odor.

For lingering odors, consider getting rid of them permanently. Plenty of natural cleaners can help get rid of pet urine and mold. And since vinegar is commonly used as a disinfectant, it may also eliminate odors caused by bacteria.

Finally, if you’d rather stick to a natural remedy, you can also consider planting mint near your bed. Mint has an amazing ability to repel molds, making it a great addition to your bedroom.

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