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How to make a small bedroom smell fresh

A bedroom with a refreshing atmosphere is what most people desire. To achieve it, sometimes more storage boxes are not necessary. Here, we are trying to help you acquire a fresher bedroom without doing anything much with your clutter

How to make a small bedroom smell fresher after leaving the room for days?

  1. Keep windows open: Open the windows to let fresh air circulate. This can help to remove musty smells and bring in a fresh scent.
  2. Use essential oils: Place a few drops of essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus on a cotton ball and place it on a shelf or in a drawer. The natural scent of the oils will help to freshen up the room.
  3. Use baking soda: Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that can help to absorb unwanted smells. Sprinkle some baking soda on a plate and place it on a shelf or in a closet. Leave it for a few hours, and then vacuum it up.
  4. Use a diffuser: Use an essential oil diffuser to fill your room with a pleasant scent. It will help to eliminate unpleasant odors and freshen up the room.
  5. Use a natural air freshener: Make your own natural air freshener by mixing 1 cup of water, 1/2 cup of white vinegar, and a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Place in a spray bottle and spritz around the room.
  6. Vacuum and clean the room regularly: Regular cleaning and vacuuming will help to keep the room smelling fresh and clean.
  7. Use a dehumidifier: High humidity levels can cause musty smells to linger. Use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air and reduce unwanted odors.
  8. Keep plants in the room: Plants are natural air purifiers that can help remove toxins and freshen the air.
  9. Place activated charcoal bags around the room: Activated charcoal is a natural odor absorber that can help to remove unwanted smells. Place a few bags around the room and replace them when the smell returns.
  10. Use scented candles or incense: Light a scented candle or incense to freshen up the room with a pleasant aroma.

Can freshening up my space be that simple?

If you’ve got a small bedroom, it may be difficult to freshen up your space without using an air freshener. That said, your options aren’t entirely limited.

One way to freshen up your room is to set out a few potted plants. Not only does having flowers or plants in your space instantly boost your mood, but they also provide valuable oxygen and nutrients. Your plants will also absorb moisture from the air, helping to reduce humidity levels in your room.
Another simple trick is to add dryer sheets to the floor.

While they contain no essential oils, dryer sheets are still effective at removing various odors.
And then there’s lighting! Lighting plays a major role in determining whether a space feels cozy and welcoming. So if you want to brighten your bedroom, consider setting up nightlights. They’ll ensure that you never feel lost or alone in the dark.

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