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10 Clever ideas On How to Keep your Kitchen Reliable and Clean

Keeping your kitchen clean and the cooking area organized may seem daunting, but it’s not as difficult as you think. The following ten tips will inspire you to contain your cooking area so that cooking becomes more enjoyable rather than frustrating

Key Points:

  • Keep the kitchen counter clear – When preparing food for a meal, you should ensure that everything is on the surface of the counter or another nearby surface. This little trick will provide you with more room to cook and clean up after a meal.
  • Organize your spices and herbs – You can purchase several containers or bowls to hold your spices and herbs. Label the containers or bowls and store them in a cupboard to quickly locate the spices you are looking for when cooking.
  • Keep peeling vegetables in one area – If you are going to peel several vegetables, then it is helpful to have a designated space where you can keep them all. This trick will help avoid confusion when looking for a vegetable that needs to be peeled next.
  • Keep measuring cups and spoons ready – When cooking, it is helpful to have everything right at your fingertips.
  • Clean as you go – This tip is crucial for the kitchen because it will help to ensure that your kitchen remains clean. If you are cooking, you may want to pause long enough to rinse the dishes and clean them as soon as you are finished using them.
  • Use a wet sponge or cloth to wipe up spills – When spills occur, cleaning them can be done more quickly when damp. If a spill is left alone until it dries, cleaning it can be more difficult.
  • Store your pots and pans in a cupboard – Having them stacked on top of each other or lying around on the counter will only make your kitchen look messy.
  • Set out everything you need before starting – You will likely save a great deal of time when you only have to grab what you need rather than search for it.
  • Store everything where it belongs after using it – Whether this means placing food in the refrigerator or returning an item to its storage space, orderly storing of items will help your kitchen look cleaner.
  • Create a designated cooking area – If you do not have the space to spare in your kitchen, use another countertop or tabletop as your cooking area. This step will ensure that cooking doesn’t take over other necessary kitchen areas.

The kitchen is a vital area of the house. It is where you can cook meals for your family. High-quality food is not merely about the excellent ingredients but also the hygiene of the cooking area.
Thus, managing your kitchen to support your cooking activity is essential. Therefore, we present you with these ten clever ideas for keeping your kitchen reliable and clean.
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10. Separate the kitchen waste

The kitchen might produce pretty many amounts and various garbages. For example, you probably will have milk boxes, pickle cans, plastic bottles, plastic sachets, leftover food, etc.

Paying attention to waste management could be one of the essential things to achieving a clean and tidy kitchen. So, make sure to take this idea into your consideration.
Imagine if you throw all those types of waste in one container. That would not be very pleasant. Thus, it would be better to sort the waste into some categories.

The easiest one is, categorizing the waste into two types: organic and non-organic, or three types: organic, plastic, and paper/ tin.
Provide more than one bin and place them in the accessible area. This way, your garbages wouldn’t be easy to pile up, and it will be easier to recycle it.

Relevant details on how to turn your kitchen more organized:

  1. The basic idea of managing your kitchen waste is separating the trash into categories.
  2. Make sure to provide adequate containers for the separated waste.
  3. You may consider putting some posters or stickers around your kitchen, so it will be easier to remember to separate the waste into different categories.
  4. To make it easier for you to remember, you may place some signs in the kitchen so you don’t need to open your eyes to see what type of waste has been separated.
    As a reminder, this is one of the most important ways how to keep your kitchen reliable and clean.
  5. Store your cooking accessories properly
    Perhaps you will have noticed that usually, there is a pile of cooking accessories at the backside of your kitchen. When these tools are not needed for use, do not keep them there anymore. Instead, put them in some containers and store them away from the way.
    Remember that having unused tools is not good for anyone’s health or comfort.

9. Start and end up with a clean kitchen

A clean kitchen can result in a good mood and a healthy environment. When you finish cooking, clean the cooking area and any utensils you’ve used as soon as possible since delaying will probably make you too lazy to do it. Moreover, when it comes to the next cooking time, you can’t directly start cooking because you need to eliminate the messiness of your previous cooking.

In addition, you can also internalize the concept of cleaning as you go., meaning you should clean up during your cooking. For instance, if you spill something, you had better wipe it right away or put ingredients back when you’re no longer need to use them.

8. Create a schedule for doing things and stick to it

The long list of the idea to keep your kitchen clean might make some of you feel overwhelmed. However, instead of making it such a never-end to-do list, try to jot down the task and create a timeline of when to do each task. That way, it won’t just reduce your overwhelmingness but also help you be closer to your goal: the lean kitchen.

For example, you can categorize the task daily, weekly, and monthly. You can write about taking out the garbage and mopping the floor daily, and so on.

7. Sort your edibles

Take out the rotten veggies or fruits, or perhaps the leftover foods, since they can be the source of bacteria and odor. Furthermore, it’s really recommended to deep clean your refrigerator religiously.
For the canned foods, please check the label and make sure they’re not expired. Then you should arrange them thoroughly by placing the most frequently-used ingredients on the most accessible spot.

Relevant details:

  1. Having a clean and proper refrigerator will help you to keep your food fresh, safe, and yummy. Thus, it is important to pay attention regularly to the organization of your refrigerator. It is also recommended that you check the expiry date of the foods before using them.
  2. The second most important thing about having a clean refrigerator is that you can easily control its temperature. The ideal temperature for storing vegetables is between 0-10 degrees centigrade.
    For example, if you want to preserve fresh apples, it’s better to keep them separately as they tend to rot easily.
  3. Also, if you think some foods in the fridge may have gone bad, don’t hesitate to throw them away.
  4. People often put stuff in the refrigerator willy-nilly, but this is not recommended. You shall place the items alphabetically in their respective categories to easily find what you want faster.
  5. When keeping fruits and vegetables properly, make sure to put them back in their original plastic packaging after use since they’re easier to clean this way, and it prevents them from going bad easily. However, it depends on how you store them too.
  6. It’s best to put things with a high moisture content like milk and milk products in the bottom of the fridge, on the sides near the door, and in a separate compartment.
  7. Also, you should keep your refrigerated foods away from the water so that the water will leak onto them, potentially causing bacteria to grow.
  8. Never store your fruits and vegetables in plastic bags as it can cause damage to their cells when they come into contact with oxygen caused by holes in the bag. Moreover, it is also possible for oxygen to penetrate through tiny pin-sized holes blocked by air or liquid due to the rotation of said bags during storage.
  9. If you wish to avoid spoilage, keep your containers tightly sealed and place them in the refrigerator.
  10. You should also check expiration dates and throw away any food past its date. In addition, always make sure that your fridge has enough cool air circulation because too much heat can give rise to bacterial growths in your fridge.
  11. However, this doesn’t mean the foods will rot there immediately when you do not consume them- even if they’ve gone off their expiry date. If they haven’t been opened or attacked by bacteria or fungus, consuming them within a couple of days after the purchase is recommended.

6. Declutter regularly and keep it minimal

Decorating your kitchens is one of the things you should consider. Do not overwhelm the interior, though. Otherwise, you will end up having an overcrowded kitchen.

A minimalist kitchen would be much better because it is not only stylish but also practical.
With a minimalistic kitchen, you can store everything you need and keep the remaining space for additional appliances, like a kitchen island or additional storage space.

If you love to cook, you should wisely use those few small spaces by putting your best cooking tools there. In this way, they will be ready at any time so that you do not have to get up from your seat to find a utensil that is missing. Using this kind of storage system will appear as though your kitchen is much bigger than it is.
Apart from the shape and size of what is in your kitchen, you must consider the items on display.

5. Make it into an always-empty sink

Trying to keep the kitchen sink empty is a simple and brilliant idea. A pile of dirty plates, spoons, and forks is really an eyesore. Thus, it would be best if you eliminated them as soon as possible.

You can try to make your family engage in this activity. For example, you are in charge of washing the kitchen utensils, while your children help you by washing their own eating set. Everything will be easier if done together. Besides, it is an excellent way to teach your kids about responsibility.
After doing the dishes, don’t forget to disinfect the sink. That would help you maintain its hygiene.

Other benefits of this custom:

  • No 1. You have clean dishes to use every day.
    Nobody would like to eat from dirty plates if it’s possible to eat from clean ones. This condition could lead to a lot of health problems. That’s why you need to make it a habit of cleaning up the kitchen sink regularly.
    For example, you can do the cleaning procedure immediately after each meal or when you and your family are about to sleep for the night. With this habit, you won’t have any trouble doing the dishes in the morning.
  • No 2. You will have fewer dishes to wash.
    Clean dishes are pleasant to look at and easy to use. If there are fewer dishes, you can manage the kitchen better with less running around.
    Let’s say you want to buy more food and cook more meals, but there is no extra space in the kitchen. It would be smart to use bowls instead of plates when cooking pasta or rice meals in this case.
    It is also possible to make your primary courses in smaller portions with utensils used for eating fish or other protein-rich foods. This way, you can save some space in your fridge while saving money on household expenses.
  • No 3. You will have fewer spots on the countertops and in the cabinets.
    Dirty dishes are often left on kitchen surfaces that are exposed to germs. Having a dirty kitchen sponge can be a breeding place for germs if you add to this. Thus, you need to keep your kitchen immaculate, or better still, think of incorporating a dishwasher into your dwelling.
  • No 4. You will protect your health and the health of your family members when doing the dishes.
    Think of all the diseases transmitted through contact with contaminated food and utensils: hepatitis A, E, B, salmonella, and others. Clean dishes are the secret to a healthy family. That’s why you need to keep them clean.
  • No 5. You will have a kitchen that looks more organized and friendly.
    A tidy, clean kitchen is more attractive to look at and pleasant to use. It also positively affects your mood, increasing your performance at work or in school.
    The more positive your emotional state is, the more positive you feel about yourself, your life, and others around you.

4. Labelling System for your fridge and pantry

As “the owner” of the area, you exactly know what goes where. For instance, you can easily differentiate between flour and corn starch and precisely know in which storage you keep them. What about everyone else in your home?

They have no idea. Thus, giving a label on each container in your pantry and refrigerator would be helpful.

It is also a great idea to help you organize the kitchen. You can arrange the placement based on the frequency. If you often use the ingredients, place them near you, and vice versa.
It will be better to write down the expired date to prevent consuming expired ingredients that could harm you and your family.

3. Start composting

The next recommended step is composting if you have sorted the organic and non-organic waste. Instead of letting the organic waste pile up and producing undesirable smells, it is better to turn them into compost.

Sure, that will be more beneficial. Later, you can use it to fulfill the nutrients needed by your plants, which also means that you can save more money. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Furthermore, making compost is not difficult. You can put all the organic waste into a composting container, such as carrot peel, potatoes, other vegetables, leftover food, eggshells, or even tea bags. Don’t forget to add a card box, dry leaves, and soil. Mix them all evenly. Wait for several days, and it is ready to use.

Detail instructions:

1. Start composting by laying down an 8-10″ bin in diameter with holes in the bottom. Use a drill or hammer and nail.
2. Add a layer of dry leaves, then cover that with 2 inches of dirt.
3. Layer the compost into the bin every time you add organic waste for about three weeks before it gets hot enough to cook (this may take longer if you live in a cold climate). After two or three weeks, check your compost heap to see how it is doing. It should be hot enough that if you put your hand inside a small hole on the side of the pile, it will be too hot to hold there for more than five seconds. 4. Add new materials to your pile, and “cook” the pile at least one more week, turning it several times a week.
5. Sort out finished compost from rotten fruit and other unsuitable materials, remove the rotting parts and mix with soil in a garden bed.
6. Start a new heap as you did in step 1: laying down an old box or wooden bin and covering it with dry leaves to start this one off before adding food scraps, etc.
7. Add other organic matter such as grass clippings or animal manure occasionally so that your compost continues to be rich and well-balanced with micro-organisms helpful to plants.
8. After the compost has finished, move to a third heap.
9. Spread the compost out and ensure it is not too wet or dry before adding new organic materials each time you make it or after your first year of making a heap.
10. When you have used up all the dry leaves in your area, add some straw and cover with a plastic bag or something similar to keep out rainwater so that it doesn’t get too wet
11. All of these things together will help ensure that you will have a garden free from pests and diseases, resulting in beautiful gardening experiences and high-quality vegetables that taste awesome!

2. Cleaning needs in one storage

Various cleaning activities are indeed essential. However, how can you do those cleanings if the tools are not ready? It will make you need extra time to do some preparation. Or, even worse, you will probably skip the activity.

Creating storage for your cleaning supplies and making them reachable is a good idea. For instance, you can put them in the cabinet under your sink or in a basket.
If you already have the specific place, make sure to make it organized so you can easily grab them whenever you need them.

Lastly, Number 1. Get rid of the smelly kitchen

Sometimes an unpleasant smell might come after cooking particular ingredients, like fish, roasted chicken, bacon, etc. Thus, to neutralize it, you can try to open your windows, boil lemons, leave a bowl of baking soda or vinegar out overnight, or use coffee grounds.

Relevant details on how to get rid of bad smell in your kitchen and more:

  • No 1. Get rid of the smelly kitchen
    Another day, another unpleasant smell in the kitchen. Sometimes an unpleasant smell might come after cooking particular ingredients, like fish, roasted chicken, bacon, etc. Thus, to neutralize it, you can try to open your windows, boil lemons, leave a bowl of baking soda or vinegar out overnight, or use coffee grounds.
  • No 2. Keep food fresh in your refrigerator
    Some recipes call for food to be kept in the fridge for up to three days without losing flavor or texture. How do you keep food fresh in the refrigerator? Store leftovers on sides that are not visible from the front so that light does not reach them and thus encourage spoilage. Store foods with light-colored bottoms on the bottom of a clear plastic container. Keep food in original containers, not in bags. Throw away expired food or expired rolls of paper towels.
  • No 3. Don’t contaminate your kitchen by bringing home pets (including fish): Breeders, pet stores, and other places that typically sell pets will often have a “no pets” policy. Why? Pets carry parasites, bacteria, and viruses that spread to humans in the same environment. You don’t want to contaminate your kitchen by bringing home pets (including fish).
  • No 4. Clean your dishes immediately after you’re done eating
    Leftover food is the culprit behind bad smells in your dishware and silverware. To avoid this, clean your dishes immediately after you’re done eating. Otherwise, food will stick to them overnight. Also, you can use leftover water as future fertilizers for plants (just make sure it’s cool first).
  • No 5. Wow, your guests with “The Neat Method”:
    The Neat Method, also called The Paper Towel Method, is a great way to dry dishes. It’s easier than the conventional and more effective method. To do this, put a paper towel along your counter and put another one on top. Then place the dish in the middle of the two towels (make sure there’s no water being left on it). Now fold over one towel and then fold over the other one. After that, you’ll have a clean crystal dish without putting in any effort or time!
  • No 6. Clean your kitchen appliances with a simple vinegar solution
    Kitchen appliances like to accumulate the smell of the food you’ve prepared. The same goes for your pots and frying pans. For both, there is a simple vinegar solution that can help get rid of bad smells and clean them quickly and effectively. Combine two parts white vinegar with one part water, fill it into your pot until it is half full, let it sit overnight, and rinse in the morning. It’s been proven to be an effective cleaning agent that works well on stovetops, ovens, and microwaves.
  • No 7. Use a dishwasher
    If you don’t have the time to do the dishes by hand, use a dishwasher. It is efficient and less time-consuming, but it is also more effective when compared to doing it yourself manually. Your kitchen will always be spotless when you succeed after running a load of dishes.
  • No 8. Go green
    You’ve seen them in blog posts and magazines, but do you know what “going green” means? It means doing something that will help preserve the environment for future generations. You can do this by using reusable grocery bags or using paint that has low VOC (volatile organic compounds).

Conclusion: This is the end of “10 Clever ideas on how to keep your kitchen reliable and clean”. Hopefully, they inspire you. If you are falling in love with what you have found in the list, share your thought using the comment area under the post



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